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Alexander Bales sets himself up for king: both he and Demetrius seek to make Jonathan their friend. Alexander kills Demetrius in battle, and honours Jonathan. His victory over Apollonius.

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101Now in the hundred and sixtieth year, Alexander, the son of Antiochus, surnamed the Illustrious, came up and took Ptolemais, and they received him, and he reigned there.et anno centesimo sexagesimo ascendit Alexander Antiochi filius qui cognominatus est Nobilis et occupavit Ptolomaidam et receperunt eum et regnavit illic
102And king Demetrius heard of it, and gathered together an exceeding great army, and went forth against him to fight.et audivit Demetrius rex et congregavit exercitum valde copiosum et exivit obviam illi in proelium
103And Demetrius sent a letter to Jonathan, with peaceable words, to magnify him.et misit Demetrius ad Ionathan epistulam verbis pacificis ut magnificaret eum
104For he said: Let us first make a peace with him, before he make one with Alexander against us.dixit enim anticipemus pacem facere cum eo priusquam faciat cum Alexandro adversus nos
105For he will remember all the evils that we have done against him, and against his brother, and against his nation.recordabitur enim omnium quae fecimus in eum et in fratrem eius et in gentem eius
106And he gave him authority to gather together a army, and to make arms, and that he should be his confederate: and the hostages that were in the castle, he commanded to be delivered to him.et dedit ei potestatem congregandi exercitum et fabricare arma et esse ipsum socium eius et obsides qui erant in arce iussit tradi ei
107And Jonathan came to Jerusalem, and read the letters in the hearing of all the people, and of them that were in the castle.et venit Ionathas in Hierusalem et legit epistulas in auditu omnis populi et eorum qui in arce erant
108And they were struck with great fear, because they heard that the king had given him authority to gather together an army.et timuerunt timore magno quoniam audierunt quod dedit ei rex in potestatem congregandi exercitum
109And the hostages were delivered to Jonathan, and he restored them to their parents.et traditi sunt Ionathae obsides et reddidit eos parentibus suis
1010And Jonathan dwelt in Jerusalem, and began to build, and to repair the city.et habitavit Ionathas in Hierusalem et coepit aedificare et innovare civitatem
1011And he ordered workmen to build the walls, and mount Sion round about with square stones for fortification: and so they did.et dixit facientibus opera ut struerent muros et montem Sion in circuitu lapidibus quadratis ad munitionem et ita fecerunt
1012Then the strangers that were in the strong holds, which Bacchides had built, fled away.et fugerunt alienigenae qui erant in munitionibus quas aedificaverat Bacchides
1013And every man left his place, and departed into his own country:et reliquit unusquisque locum suum et abiit in terram suam
1014Only in Bethsura there remained some of them, that had forsaken the law, and the commandments of God: for this was a place of refuge for them.tantum in Bethsuram remanserant aliqui ex his qui reliquerant legem et praecepta Dei erat enim haec eis ad refugium
1015And king Alexander heard of the promises that Demetrius had made Jonathan: and they told him of the battles, and the worthy acts that he and his brethren had done, and the labours that they had endured.et audivit Alexander rex promissa quae promisit Demetrius Ionathae et narraverunt ei proelia et virtutes quas ipse fecit et fratres eius et labores quos laboraverunt
1016And he said: Shall we find such another man? now, therefore, we will make him our friend and our confederate.et ait numquid inveniemus aliquem virum talem et nunc faciemus eum amicum et socium nostrum
1017So he wrote a letter, and sent it to him according to these words, saying:et scripsit epistulam et misit ei secundum haec verba dicens
1018King Alexander to his brother, Jonathan, greetings.rex Alexander fratri Ionathae salutem
1019We have heard of thee, that thou art a man of great power, and fit to be our friend:audivimus de te quod vir potens viribus et aptus es ut sis amicus noster
1020Now therefore, we make thee this day high priest of thy nation, and that thou be called the king's friend, (and he sent him a purple robe, and a crown of gold) and that thou be of one mind with us in our affairs, and keep friendship with us.et nunc constituimus te hodie summum sacerdotem gentis tuae et ut amicus regis voceris et misit ei purpuram et coronam auream ut quae nostra sunt sentias et conserves amicitias ad nos
1021Then Jonathan put on the holy vestment in the seventh month, in the year one hundred and threescore, at the feast day of the tabernacles: and he gathered together an army, and made a great number of arms.et induit se Ionathas stolam sanctam septimo mense anno centesimo sexagesimo in die sollemni scenophegiae et congregavit exercitum et fecit arma copiosa
1022And Demetrius heard these words, and was exceeding sorry, and said:et audivit Demetrius verba ista et contristatus est et ait
1023What is this that we have done, that Alexander hath prevented us to gain the friendship of the Jews to strengthen himself?quid hoc fecimus quod praeoccupavit nos Alexander adprehendere amicitiam Iudaeorum ad munimen sui
1024I also will write to them words of request, and offer dignities, and gifts: that they may be with me to aid me.scribam et ego illi verba deprecatoria et dignitates et dona ut sit mecum in adiutorio
1025And he wrote to them in these words: King Demetrius to the nation of the Jews, greeting.et scripsit in haec verba rex Demetrius genti Iudaeorum salutem
1026Whereas you have kept covenant with us, and have continued in our friendship, and have not joined with our enemies, we have heard of it, and are glad.quoniam servastis ad nos pactum et mansistis in amicitia nostra et non accessistis ad inimicos nostros audivimus et gavisi sumus
1027Wherefore now continue still to keep fidelity towards us, and we will reward you with good things, for what you have done in our behalf.et nunc perseverate adhuc conservare ad nos fidem et retribuemus vobis bona pro his quae fecistis nobiscum
1028And we will remit to you many charges, and will give you gifts.et remittemus vobis praestationes multas et dabimus vobis donationes
1029And now I free you, and all the Jews, from tributes, and I release you from the customs of salt, and remit the crowns, and the thirds of the seed:et nunc absolvo vos et omnes Iudaeos a tributis et pretia salis indulgeo et coronas remitto et tertias seminis
1030And the half of the fruit of trees, which is my share, I leave to you from this day forward, so that it shall not be taken of the land of Juda, and of the three cities that are added thereto out of Samaria and Galilee, from this day forth, and for ever:et dimidiam partem fructus ligni quod est portionis meae relinquo vobis ex hodierno et deinceps ne accipiatur a terra Iuda et a tribus civitatibus quae additae sunt illi ex Samaria et Galilea ex hodierna die et in totum tempus
1031And let Jerusalem be holy and free, with the borders thereof: and let the tenths, and tributes be for itself.et Hierusalem sit sancta et libera cum finibus suis et decimae et tributa ipsius sint
1032I yield up also the power of the castle that is in Jerusalem, and I give it to the high priest, to place therein such men as he shall choose, to keep it.remitto etiam potestatem arcis quae est in Hierusalem et do eam summo sacerdoti et constituat in ea viros quoscumque ipse elegerit qui custodiant eam
1033And every soul of the Jews that hath been carried captive from the land of Juda in all my kingdom, I set at liberty freely, that all be discharged from tributes, even of their cattle.et omnem animam Iudaeorum quae captiva est a terra Iuda in omni regno meo relinquo liberam gratis ut omnes a tributis resolvantur etiam pecorum suorum
1034And I will that all the feasts, and the sabbaths, and the new moons, and the days appointed, and three days before the solemn day, and three days after the solemn day, be all days of immunity and freedom, for all the Jews that are in my kingdom:et omnes dies sollemnes et sabbata et neomeniae et dies decreti et tres dies ante diem sollemnem et tres post diem sollemnem sint omnes inmunitatis et remissionis omnibus Iudaeis qui sunt in regno meo
1035And no man shall have power to do any thing against them, or to molest any of them, in any cause.et nemo potestatem agere aliquid habeat et movere negotii adversus aliquem eorum in omni causa
1036And let there be enrolled in the king's army to the number of thirty thousand of the Jews: and allowance shall be made them, as is due to all the king's forces and certain of them shall be appointed to be in the fortresses of the great king:et ut adscribantur ex Iudaeis in exercitu regis ad triginta milia virorum et dabuntur illis copiae ut oportet omnibus exercitibus regis et ex ipsis ordinabuntur qui sint in munitionibus regis magni
1037And some of them shall be set over the affairs of the kingdom, that are of trust, and let the governors be taken from among themselves, and let them walk in their own laws, as the king hath commanded in the land of Juda.et ex his constituentur supra negotia regni quae aguntur ex fide et principes sint ex eis et ambulent legibus suis sicut praecepit rex in terra Iuda
1038And the three cities that are added to Judea, out of the country of Samaria, let them be accounted with Judea: that they may be under one, and obey no other authority but that of the high priest:et tres civitates quae additae sunt Iudaeae ex regione Samariae cum Iudaea reputentur ut sint sub uno et non oboediant aliae potestati nisi summi sacerdotis
1039Ptolemais and the confines thereof, I give as a free gift to the holy places that are in Jerusalem, for the necessary charges of the holy things.Ptolomaidam et confines eius quas dedi donum sanctis qui sunt in Hierusalem ad necessarios sumptus sanctorum
1040And I give every year fifteen thousand sickles of silver out of the king's accounts, of what belongs to me:et ego singulis annis dabo quindecim milia siclorum argenti de rationibus regis quae me contingunt
1041And all that is above, which they that were over the affairs the years before, had not paid, from this time they shall give it to the works of the house.et omne quod reliquum fuit quod non reddiderant qui super negotia erant annis prioribus ex hoc dabunt in opera domus
1042Moreover, the five thousand sickles of silver, which they received from the account of the holy places, every year, shall also belong to the priests that execute the ministry.et super haec quinque milia siclorum argenti quae accipiebant de sanctorum ratione per singulos annos et haec ad sacerdotes pertineant qui ministerio funguntur
1043And whosoever shall flee into the temple that is in Jerusalem, and in all the borders thereof, being indebted to the king for any matter, let them be set at liberty, and all that they have in my kingdom, let them have it free.et quicumque fugerint in templum quod est in Hierosolymis et in omnibus finibus eius obnoxios regi in omni negotio dimittatis et universa quae sunt eis in regno meo libera habeant
1044For the building also, or repairing the works of the holy places, the charges shall be given out of the king's revenues:et ad aedificanda vel restauranda opera sanctorum sumptus dabuntur de ratione regis
1045For the building also of the walls of Jerusalem, and the fortifying thereof round about, the charges shall be given out of the king's account, as also for the building of the walls in Judea.et ad extruendos muros Hierusalem et communiendos in circuitu sumptus dabuntur de ratione regis et ad construendos muros in Iudaea
1046Now when Jonathan and the people heard these words, they gave no credit to them, nor received them because they remembered the great evil that he had done in Israel, for he had afflicted them exceedingly.ut audivit autem Ionathas et populus sermones istos non crediderunt eis nec receperunt eos quia recordati sunt malitiae magnae quam fecerat in Israhel et tribulaverat eos valde
1047And their inclinations were towards Alexander, because he had been the chief promoter of peace in their regard, and him they always helped.et conplacuit eis in Alexandrum quia ipse fuerat eis princeps sermonum pacis et ipsi auxilium ferebant omnibus diebus
1048And king Alexander gathered together a great army, and moved his camp near to Demetrius.et congregavit Alexander rex exercitum magnum et admovit castra ad Demetrium
1049And the two kings joined battle, and the army of Demetrius fled away, and Alexander pursued after him, and pressed them close.et commiserunt proelium reges et fugit exercitus Alexandri et insecutus est eum Demetrius et incubuit super eos
1050And the battle was hard fought, till the sun went down: and Demetrius was slain that day.et invaluit proelium nimis donec occidit sol et cecidit Demetrius in illa die
1051And Alexander sent ambassadors to Ptolemee king of Egypt, with words to this effect, saying:et misit Alexander ad Ptolomeum regem Aegypti legatos secundum haec verba dicens
1052Forasmuch as I am returned into my kingdom and am set in the throne of my ancestors, and have gotten the dominion, and have overthrown Demetrius and possessed our country,quoniam ingressus sum in regnum meum et sedi in sede patrum meorum et obtinui principatum et contrivi Demetrium et possedi regionem nostram
1053And have joined battle with him, and both he and his army have been destroyed by us, and we are placed in the throne of his kingdom:et commisi cum eo pugnam et contritus est ipse et castra eius a nobis et sedimus in sede regni eius
1054Now, therefore, let us make friendship one with another: and give me now thy daughter to wife, and I will be thy son in law, and I will give both thee and her gifts worthy of thee.et nunc statuamus ad invicem amicitiam et da mihi filiam tuam uxorem et ero gener tuus et ipsi dignitatem
1055And king Ptolomee answered, saying: Happy is the day wherein thou didst return to the land of thy fathers, and sattest in the throne of their kingdom.et respondit Ptolomeus rex dicens felix dies in qua reversus es ad terram patrum tuorum et sedisti in sede regni eorum
1056And now I will do to thee as thou hast written but meet me at Ptolemais, that we may see one another, and I may give her to thee as thou hast said.et nunc faciam tibi quae scripsisti sed occurre Ptolomaidae ut videamus nos invicem et spondeam tibi sicut dixisti
1057So Ptolemee went out of Egypt, with Cleopatra his daughter, and he came to Ptolemais, in the hundred and sixty-second year.et exiit Ptolomeus de Aegypto ipse et Cleopatra filia eius et venit Ptolomaidae anno centesimo sexagesimo secundo
1058And king Alexander met him, and he gave him his daughter, Cleopatra: and he celebrated her marriage at Ptolemais with great glory, after the manner of kings.et occurrit ei Alexander rex et dedit ei Cleopatram filiam suam et fecit nuptias eius Ptolomaidae sicut reges in magna gloria
1059And king Alexander wrote to Jonathan, that he should come and meet him.et scripsit rex Alexander Ionathae ut veniret obviam sibi
1060And he went honourably to Ptolemais, and he met there the two kings, and he gave them much silver, and gold, and presents: and he found favour in their sight.et abiit cum gloria Ptolomaidem et occurrit ibi duobus regibus et dedit illis argentum multum et aurum et dona et invenit gratiam in conspectu eorum
1061And some pestilent men of Israel, men of a wicked life, assembled themselves against him, to accuse him: and the king gave no heed to them.et convenerunt adversus eum viri pestilentes ex Israhel viri iniqui interpellantes adversus eum et non intendit ad eos rex
1062And he commanded that Jonathan's garments should be taken off, and that he should be clothed with purple: and they did so. And the king made him sit by himself.et iussit expoliari Ionathan vestimentis suis et induit eum purpura et ita fecerunt et conlocavit eum rex sedere secum
1063And he said to his princes: Go out with him into the midst of the city, and make proclamation, that no man complain against him of any matter, and that no man trouble him for any manner of cause.dixitque principibus exite cum eo in medio civitatis et praedicate ut nemo interpellet adversus eum de ullo negotio nec quisquam ei molestus sit de ulla ratione
1064So when his accusers saw his glory proclaimed, and him clothed with purple, they all fled away.et factum est ut viderunt qui interpellabant gloriam eius quae praedicabatur et opertum eum purpura fugerunt omnes
1065And the king magnified him, and enrolled him amongst his chief friends, and made him governor, and partaker of his dominion.et magnificavit eum rex et scripsit eum inter primos amicos et posuit eum ducem et participem principatus
1066And Jonathan returned into Jerusalem with peace and joy.et reversus est Ionathan in Hierusalem cum pace et laetitia
1067In the year one hundred and sixty-five, Demetrius, the son of Demetrius, came from Crete into the land of his fathers.in anno centesimo sexagesimo quinto venit Demetrius filius Demetrii a Creta in terram patrum suorum
1068And king Alexander heard of it, and was much troubled, and returned to Antioch.et audivit Alexander rex et contristatus est valde et reversus est Antiochiam
1069And king Demetrius made Apollonius his general, who was governor of Celesyria: and he gathered together a great army, and came to Jamnia: and he sent to Jonathan, the high priest,et constituit Demetrius Apollonium qui praeerat Coelesyriae et congregavit exercitum magnum et accessit ad Iamniam et misit ad Ionathan summum sacerdotem
1070Saying: Thou alone standest against us, and I am laughed at and reproached, because thou shewest thy power against us in the mountains.dicens tu solus resistis nobis ego autem factus sum in derisum et in obprobrium propterea quia tu potestatem exerces in montibus
1071Now, therefore, if thou trustest in thy forces, come down to us into the plain, and there let us try one another: for with me is the strength of war.nunc ergo si confidis in virtutibus tuis descende ad nos in campum et conparemus illic invicem quia mecum est virtus bellorum
1072Ask, and learn who I am, and the rest that help me, who also say that your foot cannot stand before our face, for thy fathers have twice been put to flight in their own land:interroga et disce qui sim ego et ceteri qui auxilio sunt mihi qui et dicunt quia non potest stare pes vester ante faciem nostram quia bis in fugam conversi sunt patres tui in terra sua
1073And now how wilt thou be able to abide the horsemen, and so great an army in the plain, where there is no stone, nor rock, nor place to flee to?et nunc quomodo poteris sustinere equitatum exercitum tantum in campo ubi non est lapis neque saxum neque locus fugiendi
1074Now when Jonathan heard the words of Apollonius, he was moved in his mind: and he chose ten thousand men, and went out of Jerusalem, and Simon, his brother, met him to help him.ut audivit autem Ionathas sermones Apollonii motus est animo et elegit decem milia virorum et exiit ab Hierusalem et concurrit ei Simon frater eius in adiutorium
1075And they pitched their tents near Joppe, but they shut him out of the city: because a garrison of Apollonius was in Joppe, and he laid siege to it.et adplicuerunt castra in Ioppen et exclusit eum a civitate quia custodia Apollonii Ioppe erat et obpugnavit eam
1076And they that were in the city being affrighted, opened the gates to him: so Jonathan took Joppe.et exterriti qui erant intra civitatem aperuerunt ei et obtinuit Ionathas Ioppen
1077And Apollonius heard of it, and he took three thousand horsemen, and a great army.et audivit Apollonius et admovit tria milia equitum et exercitum multum
1078And he went to Azotus, as one that was making a journey, and immediately he went forth into the plain: because he had a great number of horsemen, and he trusted in them. And Jonathan followed after him to Azotus, and they joined battle.et abiit Azotum tamquam iter faciens et statim exiit in campum eo quod haberet multitudinem equitum et confideret in eis et insecutus est eum Ionathas in Azotum et proelium commiserunt
1079And Apollonius left privately in the camp a thousand horsemen behind them.et reliquit Apollonius in castris mille equites post eos occulte
1080And Jonathan knew that there was an ambush behind him, and they surrounded his army, and cast darts at the people from morning till evening.et cognovit Ionathas quoniam sunt insidiae post se et circuierunt castra eius a mane usque ad vesperam
1081But the people stood still, as Jonathan had commanded them: and so their horses were fatigued.populus autem stabat sicut praecepit Ionathas et laboraverunt equi eorum
1082Then Simon drew forth his army, and attacked the legion: for the horsemen were wearied: and they were discomfited by him, and fled.et eiecit Simon exercitum suum et commisit contra legionem equites enim fatigati erant et contriti sunt ab eo et fugerunt
1083And they that were scattered about the plain fled into Azotus, and went into Bethdagon, their idol's temple, there to save themselves.et qui dispersi sunt in campum fugerunt in Azotum et intraverunt in Bethdagon idolum suum ut se liberarent
1084But Jonathan set fire to Azotus, and the cities that were round about it, and took the spoils of them and the temple of Dagon: and all them that were fled into it, he burnt with fire.et succendit Ionathas Azotum et civitates quae erant in circuitu eius et accepit spolia eorum et templum Dagon et eos qui fugerunt in illud succendit igni
1085So they that were slain by the sword, with them that were burnt, were almost eight thousand men.et fuerunt qui ceciderunt gladio cum his qui succensi sunt fere octo milia virorum
1086And Jonathan, removed his army from thence and camped against Ascalon: and they went out of the city to meet him with great honour.et movit inde Ionathas castra et adplicuit ea Ascalona et exierunt de civitate obviam illi in magna gloria
1087And Jonathan returned into Jerusalem with his people, having many spoils.et reversus est Ionathas in Hierusalem cum suis habentibus spolia multa
1088And it came to pass, when Alexander, the king heard these words, that he honoured Jonathan yet more.et factum est ut audivit Alexander rex sermones istos addidit adhuc glorificare Ionathan
1089And he sent him a buckle of gold, as the custom is, to be given to such as are of the royal blood. And he gave him Accaron, and all the borders thereof, in possession.et misit ei fibulam auream sicuti est consuetudo dari cognatis regum et dedit ei Accaron et omnes fines eius in possessionem
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