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A description of the temple, and of all the parts of it.

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411And he brought me into the temple, and he measured the fronts six cubits broad on this side, and six cubits on that side, the breadth of the tabernacle.et introduxit me in templum et mensus est frontes sex cubitos latitudinis hinc et sex cubitos latitudinis inde latitudinem tabernaculi
412And the breadth of the gate was ten cubits: and the sides of the gate five cubits on this side, and five cubits on that side: and he measured the length thereof forty cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits.et latitudo portae decem cubitorum erat et latera portae quinque cubitis hinc et quinque cubitis inde et mensus est longitudinem eius quadraginta cubitorum et latitudinem viginti cubitorum
413Then going inward he measured the front of the gate two cubits: and the gate six cubits, and the breadth of the gate seven cubits.et introgressus intrinsecus mensus est in fronte portae duos cubitos et portam sex cubitorum et latitudinem portae septem cubitorum
414And he measured the length thereof twenty cubits, and the breadth twenty cubits, before the face of the temple: and he said to me: This is the holy of holies.et mensus est longitudinem eius viginti cubitorum et latitudinem viginti cubitorum ante faciem templi et dixit ad me hoc est sanctum sanctorum
415And he measured the wall of the house six cubits: and the breadth of every side chamber four cubits round about the house on every side.et mensus est parietem domus sex cubitorum et latitudinem lateris quattuor cubitorum undique per circuitum domus
416And the side chambers one by another, were twice thirty-three: and they bore outwards, that they might enter in through the wall of the house in the sides round about, to hold in, and not to touch the wall of the temple.latera autem latus ad latus bis triginta tria et erant eminentia quae ingrederentur per parietem domus in lateribus per circuitum ut continerent et non adtingerent parietem templi
417And there was a broad passage round about, going up by winding stairs, and it led into the upper loft of the temple all round: therefore was the temple broader in the higher parts: and so from the lower parts they went to the higher by the midst.et platea erat in rotundum ascendens sursum per cocleam et in cenaculum templi deferebat per gyrum idcirco latius erat templum in superioribus et sic de inferioribus ascendebatur ad superiora in medium
418And I saw in the house the height round about, the foundations of the side chambers which were the measure of a reed the space of six cubits:et vidi in domo altitudinem per circuitum fundata latera ad mensuram calami sex cubitorum spatio
419And the thickness of the wall for the side chamber without, which was five cubits: and the inner house was within the side chambers of the house,et latitudinem per parietem lateris forinsecus quinque cubitorum et interior domus in lateribus domus
4110And between the chambers was the breadth of twenty cubits round about the house on every side.et inter gazofilacia latitudinem viginti cubitorum in circuitu domus undique
4111And the door of the side chambers was turned towards the place of prayer: one door was toward the north, and another door was toward the south: and the breadth of the place for prayer, was five cubits round about.et ostium lateris ad orationem ostium unum ad viam aquilonis et ostium unum ad viam australem et latitudinem loci ad orationem quinque cubitorum in circuitu
4112And the building that was separate, and turned to the way that looked toward the sea, was seventy cubits broad and the wall of the building, five cubits thick round about: and ninety cubits long.et aedificium quod erat separatum versumque ad viam respicientem ad mare latitudinis septuaginta cubitorum paries autem aedificii quinque cubitorum latitudinis per circuitum et longitudo eius nonaginta cubitorum
4113And he measured the length of the house, a hundred cubits: and the separate building, and the walls thereof, a hundred cubits in length.et mensus est domus longitudinem centum cubitorum et quod separatum erat aedificium et parietes eius longitudinis centum cubitorum
4114And the breadth before the face of the house, and of the separate place toward the east, a hundred cubits.latitudo autem ante faciem domus et eius quod erat separatum contra orientem centum cubitorum
4115And he measured the length of the building over against it, which was separated at the back of it: and the galleries on both sides a hundred cubits: and the inner temple, and the porches of the court.et mensus est longitudinem aedificii contra faciem eius quod erat separatum ad dorsum ekthetas ex utraque parte centum cubitorum et templum interius et vestibula atrii
4116The thresholds, and the oblique windows, and the galleries round about on three sides, over against the threshold of every one, and floored with wood all round about: and the ground was up to the windows, and the windows were shut over the doors.limina et fenestras obliquas et ekthetas in circuitu per tres partes contra uniuscuiusque limen stratumque ligno per gyrum in circuitu terra autem usque ad fenestras et fenestrae clausae super ostia
4117And even to the inner house, and without all the wall round about within and without, by measure.et usque ad domum interiorem et forinsecus per omnem parietem in circuitu intrinsecus et forinsecus ad mensuram
4118And there were cherubims and palm trees wrought, so that a palm tree was between a cherub and a cherub, and every cherub had two faces.et fabrefacta cherubin et palmae et palma inter cherub et cherub duasque facies habebat cherub
4119The face of a man was toward the palm tree on one side, and the face of a lion was toward the palm tree on the other side: set forth through all the house round about.faciem hominis iuxta palmam ex hac parte et faciem leonis iuxta palmam ex alia parte expressam per omnem domum in circuitu
4120From the ground even to the upper parts of the gate, were cherubims and palm trees wrought in the wall of the temple.de terra usque ad superiora portae cherubin et palmae celatae erant in pariete templi
4121The threshold was foursquare, and the face of the sanctuary sight to sight.limen quadrangulum et facies sanctuarii aspectus contra aspectum
4122The altar of wood was three cubits high: and the length thereof was two cubits: and the corners thereof, aid the length thereof, and the walls thereof, were of wood. And he said to me: This is the table before the Lord.altaris lignei trium cubitorum altitudo et longitudo eius duo cubitorum et anguli eius et longitudo eius et parietes eius lignei et locutus est ad me haec est mensa coram Domino
4123And there were two doors in the temple, and in the sanctuary.et duo ostia erant in templo et in sanctuario
4124And in the two doors on both sides were two little doors, which were folded within each other: for there were two wickets on both sides of the doors.et in duobus ostiis ex utraque parte bina erant ostiola quae in se invicem plicabantur bina enim ostia erant ex utraque parte ostiorum
4125And there were cherubims also wrought in the doors of the temple, and the figures of palm trees, like as were made on the walls: for which cause also the planks were thicker in the front of the porch without.et celata erant in ipsis ostiis templi cherubin et scalptura palmarum sicut in parietibus quoque expressa erat quam ob rem erant et grossiora ligna in vestibuli fronte forinsecus
4126Upon which were the oblique windows, and the representation of palm trees on this side, and on that side in the sides of the porch, according to the sides of the house, and the breadth of the walls.super quae fenestrae obliquae et similitudo palmarum hinc atque inde in umerulis vestibuli secundum latera domus latitudinemque parietum
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