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The people fall again into idolatry and are afflicted by the Philistines. An angel foretelleth the birth of Samson.

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131And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the Lord: and he delivered them into the hands of the Philistines forty years.rursumque filii Israhel fecerunt malum in conspectu Domini qui tradidit eos in manus Philisthinorum quadraginta annis
132Now there was a certain man of Saraa, and of the race of Dan, whose name was Manue, and his wife was barren.erat autem vir quidam de Saraa et de stirpe Dan nomine Manue habens uxorem sterilem
133And an angel of the Lord appeared to her, and said: Thou art barren and without children: but thou shalt conceive and bear a son.cui apparuit angelus Domini et dixit ad eam sterilis es et absque liberis sed concipies et paries filium
134Now therefore beware, and drink no wine nor strong drink, and eat not any unclean thing.cave ergo ne vinum bibas ac siceram ne inmundum quicquam comedas
135Because thou shalt conceive, and bear a son, and no razor shall touch his head: for he shall be a Nazarite of God, from his infancy, and from his mother's womb, and he shall begin to deliver Israel from the hands of the Philistines.quia concipies et paries filium cuius non tanget caput novacula erit enim nazareus Dei ab infantia sua et ex matris utero et ipse incipiet liberare Israhel de manu Philisthinorum
136And when she was come to her husband, she said to him: A man of God came to me, having the countenance of an angel, very awful. And when I asked him whence he came, and by what name he was called, he would not tell me:quae cum venisset ad maritum dixit ei vir Dei venit ad me habens vultum angelicum terribilis nimis quem cum interrogassem quis esset et unde venisset et quo nomine vocaretur noluit mihi dicere
137But he answered thus: Behold thou shalt conceive and bear a son: beware thou drink no wine, nor strong drink, nor eat any unclean thing: for the child shall be a Nazarite of God from his infancy, from his mother's womb until the day of his death.sed hoc respondit ecce concipies et paries filium cave ne vinum bibas et siceram et ne aliquo vescaris inmundo erit enim puer nazareus Dei ab infantia sua et ex utero matris usque ad diem mortis suae
138Then Manue prayed to the Lord, and said: I beseech thee, O Lord, that the man of God, whom thou didst send, may come again, and teach us what we ought to do concerning the child, that shall be born.oravit itaque Manue Deum et ait obsecro Domine ut vir Dei quem misisti veniat iterum et doceat nos quid debeamus facere de puero qui nasciturus est
139And the Lord heard the prayer of Manue, and the angel of the Lord appeared again to his wife, as she was sitting in the field. But Manue her husband was not with her. And when she saw the angel,exaudivitque Dominus precantem Manue et apparuit rursum angelus Domini uxori eius sedenti in agro Manue autem maritus eius non erat cum ea quae cum vidisset angelum
1310She made haste, and ran to her husband: and told him, saying: Behold the man hath appeared to me, whom I saw before.festinavit et cucurrit ad virum suum nuntiavitque ei dicens ecce apparuit mihi vir quem ante videram
1311He rose up, and followed his wife: and coming to the man, said to him: Art thou he that spoke to the woman? And he answered: I am.qui surrexit et secutus est uxorem suam veniensque ad virum dixit ei tu es qui locutus es mulieri et ille respondit ego sum
1312And Manue said to him: When thy word shall come to pass, what wilt thou that the child should do? or from what shall he keep himself?cui Manue quando inquit sermo tuus fuerit expletus quid vis ut faciat puer aut a quo se observare debebit
1313And the angel of the Lord said to Manue: From all the things I have spoken of to thy wife, let her refrain herself:dixitque angelus Domini ad Manue ab omnibus quae locutus sum uxori tuae abstineat se
1314And let her eat nothing that cometh of the vine, neither let her drink wine or strong drink, nor eat any unclean thing: and whatsoever I have commanded her, let her fulfil and observe.et quicquid ex vinea nascitur non comedat vinum et siceram non bibat nullo vescatur inmundo et quod ei praecepi impleat atque custodiat
1315And Manue said to the angel of the Lord: I beseech thee to consent to my request, and let us dress a kid for thee.dixitque Manue ad angelum Domini obsecro te ut adquiescas precibus meis et faciamus tibi hedum de capris
1316And the angel answered him: If thou press me I will not eat of thy bread: but if thou wilt offer a holocaust, offer it to the Lord. And Manue knew not it was the angel of the Lord.cui respondit angelus si me cogis non comedam panes tuos sin autem vis holocaustum facere offer illud Domino et nesciebat Manue quod angelus Dei esset
1317And he said to him: What is thy name, that, if thy word shall come to pass, we may honour thee?dixitque ad eum quod est tibi nomen ut si sermo tuus fuerit expletus honoremus te
1318And he answered him: Why askest thou my name, which is wonderful?cui ille respondit cur quaeris nomen meum quod est mirabile
1319Then Manue took a kid of the flocks, and the libations, and put them upon a rock, offering to the Lord, who doth wonderful things: and he and his wife looked on.tulit itaque Manue hedum de capris et libamenta et posuit super petram offerens Domino qui facit mirabilia ipse autem et uxor eius intuebantur
1320And when the flame from the altar went up towards heaven, the angel of the Lord ascended also in the same. And when Manue and his wife saw this, they fell flat on the ground;cumque ascenderet flamma altaris in caelum angelus Domini in flamma pariter ascendit quod cum vidisset Manue et uxor eius proni ceciderunt in terram
1321And the angel of the Lord appeared to them no more. And forthwith Manue understood that it was an angel of the Lord,et ultra non eis apparuit angelus Domini statimque intellexit Manue angelum esse Domini
1322And he said to his wife: We shall certainly die, because we have seen God.et dixit ad uxorem suam morte moriemur quia vidimus Deum
1323And his wife answered him: If the Lord had a mind to kill us, he would not have received a holocaust and libations at our hands; neither would he have shewed us all these things, nor have told us the things that are to come.cui respondit mulier si Dominus nos vellet occidere de manibus nostris holocaustum et libamenta non suscepisset nec ostendisset nobis haec omnia neque ea quae sunt ventura dixisset
1324And she bore a son, and called his name Samson. And the child grew, and the Lord blessed him.peperit itaque filium et vocavit nomen eius Samson crevitque puer et benedixit ei Dominus
1325And the Spirit of the Lord began to be with him in the camp of Dan, between Saraa and Esthaol.coepitque spiritus Domini esse cum eo in castris Dan inter Saraa et Esthaol
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