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God expostulates with the Jews for their ingratitude and infidelity.

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21And the word of the Lord came to me, saying:et factum est verbum Domini ad me dicens
22Go, and cry in the ears of Jerusalem, saying: Thus saith the Lord: I have remembered thee, pitying thy youth, and the love of thy espousals, when thou followedst me in the desert, in a land that is not sown.vade et clama in auribus Hierusalem dicens haec dicit Dominus recordatus sum tui miserans adulescentiam tuam et caritatem disponsationis tuae quando secuta me es in deserto in terra quae non seminatur
23Israel is holy to the Lord, the firstfruits of his increase: all they that devour him offend: evils shall come upon them, saith the Lord.sanctus Israhel Domino primitiae frugum eius omnes qui devorant eum delinquunt mala venient super eos dicit Dominus
24Hear ye the word of the Lord, O house of Jacob, and all ye families of the house of Israel:audite verbum Domini domus Iacob et omnes cognationes domus Israhel
25Thus saith the Lord: What iniquity have your fathers found in me, that they are gone far from me, and have walked after vanity, and are become vain?haec dicit Dominus quid invenerunt patres vestri in me iniquitatis quia elongaverunt a me et ambulaverunt post vanitatem et vani facti sunt
26And they have not said: Where is the Lord, that made us come up out of the land of Egypt? that led us through the desert, through a land uninhabited and unpassable, through a land of drought, and the image of death, through a land wherein no man walked, nor any man dwelt?et non dixerunt ubi est Dominus qui ascendere nos fecit de terra Aegypti qui transduxit nos per desertum per terram inhabitabilem et inviam per terram sitis et imaginem mortis per terram in qua non ambulavit vir neque habitavit homo
27And I brought you into the land of Carmel, to eat the fruit thereof, and the best things thereof: and when ye entered in, you defiled my land and made my inheritance an abomination.et induxi vos in terram Carmeli ut comederetis fructum eius et optima illius et ingressi contaminastis terram meam et hereditatem meam posuistis in abominationem
28The priests did not say: Where is the Lord? and they that held the law knew me not, and the pastors transgressed against me: and the prophets prophesied in Baal, and followed idols.sacerdotes non dixerunt ubi est Dominus et tenentes legem nescierunt me et pastores praevaricati sunt in me et prophetae prophetaverunt in Baal et idola secuti sunt
29Therefore will I yet contend in judgment with you, saith the Lord, and I will plead with your children.propterea adhuc iudicio contendam vobiscum ait Dominus et cum filiis vestris disceptabo
210Pass over to the isles of Cethim, and see: and send into Cedar, and consider diligently: and see if there hath been done any thing like this.transite ad insulas Cetthim et videte et in Cedar mittite et considerate vehementer et videte si factum est huiuscemodi
211If a nation hath changed their gods, and indeed they are not gods: but my people have changed their glory into an idol.si mutavit gens deos et certe ipsi non sunt dii populus vero meus mutavit Gloriam suam in idolum
212Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and ye gates thereof, be very desolate, saith the Lord.obstupescite caeli super hoc et portae eius desolamini vehementer dicit Dominus
213For my people have done two evils. They have forsaken me, the fountain of living water, and have digged to themselves cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.duo enim mala fecit populus meus me dereliquerunt fontem aquae vivae ut foderent sibi cisternas cisternas dissipatas quae continere non valent aquas
214Is Israel a bondman, or a homeborn slave? why then is he become a prey?numquid servus est Israhel aut vernaculus quare ergo est factus in praedam
215The lions have roared upon him, and have made a noise, they have made his land a wilderness: his cities are burnt down, and there is none to dwell in them.super eum rugierunt leones et dederunt vocem suam posuerunt terram eius in solitudinem civitates eius exustae sunt et non est qui habitet in eis
216The children also of Memphis, and of Taphnes have defloured thee, even to the crown of the head.filii quoque Memfeos et Tafnes constupraverunt te usque ad verticem
217Hath not this been done to thee, because thou hast forsaken the Lord thy God at that time, when he led thee by the way?numquid non istud factum est tibi quia dereliquisti Dominum Deum tuum eo tempore quo ducebat te per viam
218And now what hast thou to do in the way of Egypt, to drink the troubled water? And what hast thou to do with the way of the Assyrians, to drink the water of the river?et nunc quid tibi vis in via Aegypti ut bibas aquam turbidam et quid tibi cum via Assyriorum ut bibas aquam Fluminis
219Thy own wickedness shall reprove thee, and thy apostasy shall rebuke thee. Know thou, and see that it is an evil and a bitter thing for thee, to have left the Lord thy God, and that my fear is not with thee, saith the Lord the God of hosts.arguet te malitia tua et aversio tua increpabit te scito et vide quia malum et amarum est reliquisse te Dominum Deum tuum et non esse timorem mei apud te dicit Dominus Deus exercituum
220Of old time thou hast broken my yoke, thou hast burst my bands, and thou saidst: I will not serve. For on every high hill, and under every green tree thou didst prostitute thyself.a saeculo confregisti iugum meum rupisti vincula mea et dixisti non serviam in omni enim colle sublimi et sub omni ligno frondoso tu prosternebaris meretrix
221Yet, I planted thee a chosen vineyard, all true seed: how then art thou turned unto me into that which is good for nothing, O strange vineyard?ego autem plantavi te vineam electam omne semen verum quomodo ergo conversa es in pravum vinea aliena
222Though thou wash thyself with nitre, and multiply to thyself the herb borith, thou art stained in thy iniquity before me, saith the Lord God.si laveris te nitro et multiplicaveris tibi herbam borith maculata es in iniquitate tua coram me dicit Dominus Deus
223How canst thou say: I am not polluted, I have not walked after Baalim? see thy ways in the valley, know what thou hast done: as a swift runner pursuing his course.quomodo dicis non sum polluta post Baalim non ambulavi vide vias tuas in convalle scito quid feceris cursor levis explicans vias tuas
224A wild ass accustomed to the wilderness in the desire of his heart, snuffed up the wind of his love: none shall turn her away: all that seek her shall not fail: in her monthly filth they shall find her.onager adsuetus in solitudine in desiderio animae suae adtraxit ventum amoris sui nullus avertet eam omnes qui quaerunt eam non deficient in menstruis eius invenient eam
225Keep thy foot from being bare, and thy throat from thirst. But thou saidst: I have lost all hope, I will not do it: for I have loved strangers, and I will walk after them.prohibe pedem tuum a nuditate et guttur tuum a siti et dixisti desperavi nequaquam faciam adamavi quippe alienos et post eos ambulabo
226As the thief is confounded when he is taken, so is the house of Israel confounded, they and their kings, their princes and their priests, and their prophets.quomodo confunditur fur quando deprehenditur sic confusi sunt domus Israhel ipsi et reges eorum principes et sacerdotes et prophetae eorum
227Saying to a stock: Thou art my father: and to a stone: Thou hast begotten me: they have turned their back to me, and not their face: and in the time of their affliction they will say: Arise, and deliver us.dicentes ligno pater meus es tu et lapidi tu me genuisti verterunt ad me tergum et non faciem et in tempore adflictionis suae dicent surge et libera nos
228Where are the gods, whom thou hast made thee? let them arise and deliver thee in the time of thy affliction: for according to the number of thy cities were thy gods, O Juda.ubi sunt dii tui quos fecisti tibi surgant et liberent te in tempore adflictionis tuae secundum numerum quippe civitatum tuarum erant dii tui Iuda
229Why will you contend with me in judgment? you have all forsaken me, saith the Lord.quid vultis mecum iudicio contendere omnes dereliquistis me dicit Dominus
230In vain have I struck your children, they have not received correction: your sword hath devoured your prophets, your generation is like a ravaging lion.frustra percussi filios vestros disciplinam non receperunt devoravit gladius vester prophetas vestros quasi leo vastator
231See ye the word of the Lord: Am I become a wilderness to Israel, or a lateward springing land? why then have my people said: We are revolted, we will come to thee no more?generatio vestra videte verbum Domini numquid solitudo factus sum Israheli aut terra serotina quare ergo dixit populus meus recessimus non veniemus ultra ad te
232Will a virgin forget her ornament, or a bride her stomacher? but my people hath forgotten me days without number.numquid obliviscitur virgo ornamenti sui sponsa fasciae pectoralis suae populus vero meus oblitus est mei diebus innumeris
233Why dost thou endeavour to shew thy way good to seek my love, thou who hast also taught thy malices to be thy ways,quid niteris bonam ostendere viam tuam ad quaerendam dilectionem quae insuper et malitias tuas docuisti vias tuas
234And in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor and innocent? not in ditches have I found them, but in all places, which I mentioned before.et in alis tuis inventus est sanguis animarum pauperum et innocentium non in fossis inveni eos sed in omnibus quae supra memoravi
235And thou hast said: I am without sin and am innocent: and therefore let thy anger be turned away from me. Behold, I will contend with thee in judgment, because thou hast said: I have not sinned.et dixisti absque peccato et innocens ego sum et propterea avertatur furor tuus a me ecce ego iudicio contendam tecum eo quod dixeris non peccavi
236How exceeding base art thou become, going the same ways over again! and thou shalt be ashamed of Egypt, as thou wast ashamed of Assyria.quam vilis es facta nimis iterans vias tuas et ab Aegypto confunderis sicut confusa es ab Assur
237For from thence thou shalt go, and thy hand shall be upon thy head: for the Lord hath destroyed thy trust, and thou shalt have nothing prosperous therein.nam et ab ista egredieris et manus tuae erunt super caput tuum quoniam obtrivit Dominus confidentiam tuam et nihil habebis prosperum
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