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The like desolation of Ammon, of Idumea, of the Syrians, of the Agarenes, and of the Elamites.

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491Against the children of Ammon. Thus saith the Lord: Hath Israel no sons? or hath he no heir? Why then hath Melchom inherited Gad: and his people dwelt in his cities?ad filios Ammon haec dicit Dominus numquid filii non sunt Israhel aut heres non est ei cur igitur hereditate possedit Melchom Gad et populus eius in urbibus eius habitavit
492Therefore behold the days come, saith the Lord, and I will cause the noise of war to be heard in Rabbath of the children of Ammon, and it shall be destroyed into a heap, and her daughters shall be burnt with fire, and Israel shall possess them that have possessed him, saith the Lord.ideo ecce dies veniunt dicit Dominus et auditum faciam super Rabbath filiorum Ammon fremitum proelii et erit in tumulum dissipata filiaeque eius igni succendentur et possidebit Israhel possessores suos dicit Dominus
493Howl, O Hesebon, for Hai is wasted. Cry, ye daughters of Rabbath, gird yourselves with haircloth: mourn and go about by the hedges: for Melchom shall be carried into captivity, his priests, and his princes together.ulula Esebon quoniam vastata est Ahi clamate filiae Rabbath accingite vos ciliciis plangite et circuite per sepes quia Melchom in transmigratione ducetur sacerdotes eius et principes eius simul
494Why gloriest thou in the valleys? thy valley hath flowed away, O delicate daughter, that hast trusted in thy treasures, and hast said: Who shall come to me?quid gloriaris in vallibus defluxit vallis tua filia delicata quae confidebas in thesauris tuis et dicebas quis veniet ad me
495Behold I will bring a fear upon thee, saith the Lord God of hosts, from all that are round about thee: and you shall be scattered every one out of one another's sight, neither shall there be any to gather together them that flee.ecce ego inducam super te terrorem ait Dominus Deus exercituum ab omnibus qui sunt in circuitu tuo et dispergemini singuli a conspectu vestro nec erit qui congreget fugientem
496And afterwards I will cause the captives of the children of Ammon to return, saith the Lord.et post haec reverti faciam captivos filiorum Ammon ait Dominus
497Against Edom. Thus saith the Lord of hosts: Is wisdom no more in Theman? counsel is perished from her children: their wisdom is become unprofitable.ad Idumeam haec dicit Dominus exercituum numquid non est ultra sapientia in Theman periit consilium a filiis inutilis facta est sapientia eorum
498Flee and turn your backs, go down into the deep hole, ye inhabitants of Dedan: for I have brought the destruction of Esau upon him, the time of his visitation.fugite terga vertite descendite in voragine habitatores Dedan quoniam perditionem Esau adduxi super eum tempus visitationis eius
499If grapegatherers had come to thee, would they not have left a bunch? if thieves in the night, they would have taken what was enough for them.si vindemiatores venissent super te non reliquissent racemum si fures in nocte rapuissent quod sufficeret sibi
4910But I have made Esau bare, I have revealed his secrets, and he cannot be hid: his seed is laid waste, and his brethren, and his neighbours, and he shall not be.ego vero discoperui Esau revelavi abscondita eius et celari non poterit vastatum est semen eius et fratres eius et vicini eius et non erit
4911Leave thy fatherless children: I will make them live: and thy widows shall hope in me.relinque pupillos tuos ego eos faciam vivere et viduae tuae in me sperabunt
4912For thus saith the Lord: Behold they whose judgment was not to drink of the cup, shall certainly drink: and shalt thou come off as innocent? thou shalt not come off as innocent, but drinking thou shalt drink.quia haec dicit Dominus ecce quibus non erat iudicium ut biberent calicem bibentes bibent et tu quasi innocens relinqueris non eris innocens sed bibens bibes
4913For I have sworn by myself, saith the Lord, that Bosra shall become a desolation, and a reproach, and a desert, and a curse: and all her cities shall be everlasting wastes.quia per memet ipsum iuravi dicit Dominus quod in solitudinem et in obprobrium et in desertum et in maledictionem erit Bosra et omnes civitates eius erunt in solitudines sempiternas
4914I have heard a rumour from the Lord, and an ambassador is sent to the nations: Gather yourselves together, and come against her, and let us rise up to battle.auditum audivi a Domino et legatus ad gentes missus est congregamini et venite contra eam et consurgamus in proelium
4915For behold I have made thee a little one among the nations, despicable among men.ecce enim parvulum dedi te in gentibus contemptibilem inter homines
4916Thy arrogancy hath deceived thee, and the pride of thy heart: O thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, and endeavourest to lay hold on the height of the hill: but though thou shouldst make thy nest as high as an eagle, I will bring thee down from thence, saith the Lord.arrogantia tua decepit te et superbia cordis tui qui habitas in cavernis petrae et adprehendere niteris altitudinem collis cum exaltaveris quasi aquila nidum tuum inde detraham te dicit Dominus
4917And Edom shall be desolate: every one that shall pass by it, shall be astonished, and shall hiss at all its plagues.et erit Idumea deserta omnis qui transibit per eam stupebit et sibilabit super omnes plagas eius
4918As Sodom was overthrown and Gomorrha, and the neighbours thereof, saith the Lord: there shall not a man dwell there, and there shall no son of man inhabit it.sicuti subversa est Sodoma et Gomorra et vicinae eius ait Dominus non habitabit ibi vir et non incolet eam filius hominis
4919Behold one shall come up as a lion from the swelling of the Jordan, against the strong and beautiful: for I will make him run suddenly upon her: and who shall be the chosen one whom I may appoint over her? for who is like to me? and who shall abide me? and who is that shepherd that can withstand my countenance?ecce quasi leo ascendet de superbia Iordanis ad pulchritudinem robustam quia subito currere eum faciam ad illam et quis erit electus quem praeponam ei quis enim similis mei et quis sustinebit me et quis est iste pastor qui resistat vultui meo
4920Therefore hear ye the counsel of the Lord, which he hath taken concerning Edom: and his thoughts which he hath thought concerning the inhabitants of Theman: surely the little ones of the flock shall cast them down, of a truth they shall destroy them with their habitation.propterea audite consilium Domini quod iniit de Edom et cogitationes eius quas cogitavit de habitatoribus Theman si non deiecerint eos parvuli gregis nisi dissipaverint cum eis habitaculum eorum
4921The earth is moved at the noise of their fall: the cry of their voice is heard in the Red Sea.a voce ruinae eorum commota est terra clamor in mari Rubro auditus est vocis eius
4922Behold he shall come up as an eagle, and fly: and he shall spread his wings over Bosra: and in that day the heart of the valiant ones of Edom shall be as the heart of a woman in labour.ecce quasi aquila ascendet et evolabit et expandet alas suas super Bosram et erit cor fortium Idumeae in die illa quasi cor mulieris parturientis
4923Against Damascus. Emath is confounded and Arphad: for they have heard very bad tidings, they are troubled as in the sea: through care they could not rest.ad Damascum confusa est Emath et Arfad quia auditum pessimum audierunt turbati sunt in mari sollicitudine quiescere non potuit
4924Damascus is undone, she is put to flight, trembling hath seized on her: anguish and sorrows have taken her as a woman in labour.dissoluta est Damascus versa in fugam tremor adprehendit eam angustia et dolores tenuerunt eam quasi parturientem
4925How have they forsaken the city of renown, the city of joy!quomodo dereliquerunt civitatem laudabilem urbem laetitiae
4926Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets: and all the men of war shall be silent in that day, saith the Lord of hosts.ideo cadent iuvenes eius in plateis eius et omnes viri proelii conticescent in die illa ait Dominus exercituum
4927And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall devour the strong holds of Benadad.et succendam ignem in muro Damasci et devorabit moenia Benadad
4928Against Cedar and against the kingdoms of Asor, which Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon destroyed. Thus saith the Lord: Arise, and go ye up to Cedar, and waste the children of the east.ad Cedar et ad regna Asor quae percussit Nabuchodonosor rex Babylonis haec dicit Dominus surgite ascendite ad Cedar et vastate filios orientis
4929They shall take their tents, and their flocks: and shall carry off for themselves their curtains, and all their vessels, and their camels: and they shall call fear upon them round about.tabernacula eorum et greges eorum capient pelles eorum et omnia vasa eorum et camelos eorum tollent sibi et vocabunt super eos formidinem in circuitu
4930Flee ye, get away speedily, sit in deep holes, you that inhabit Asor, saith the Lord: for Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon hath taken counsel against you, and hath conceived designs against you.fugite abite vehementer in voraginibus sedete qui habitatis Asor ait Dominus iniit enim contra vos Nabuchodonosor rex Babylonis consilium et cogitavit adversum vos cogitationes
4931Arise, and go up to a nation that is at ease, and that dwelleth securely, saith the Lord: they have neither gates, nor bars: they dwell alone.consurgite et ascendite ad gentem quietam et habitantem confidenter ait Dominus non ostia non vectes ei soli habitant
4932And their camels shall be for a spoil and the multitude of their cattle for a booty, and I will scatter into every wind them that have their hair cut round, and I will bring destruction upon them from all their confines, saith the Lord.et erunt cameli eorum in direptionem et multitudo iumentorum in praedam et dispergam eos in omnem ventum qui sunt adtonsi in comam et ex omni confinio eorum adducam interitum super eos ait Dominus
4933And Asor shall be a habitation for dragons, desolate for ever: no man shall abide there, nor son of man inhabit it.et erit Asor in habitaculum draconum deserta usque in aeternum non manebit ibi vir nec incolet eam filius hominis
4934The word of the Lord that came to Jeremias the prophet against Elam, in the beginning of the reign of Sedecias king of Juda, saying:quod factum est verbum Domini ad Hieremiam prophetam adversus Aelam in principio regni Sedeciae regis Iuda dicens
4935Thus saith the Lord of hosts: Behold I will break the bow of Elam, and their chief strength.haec dicit Dominus exercituum ecce ego confringam arcum Aelam summam fortitudinem eorum
4936And I will bring upon Elam the four winds from the four quarters of heaven: and I will scatter them into all these winds: and there shall be no nation, to which the fugitives of Elam shall not come.et inducam super Aelam quattuor ventos a quattuor plagis caeli et ventilabo eos in omnes ventos istos et non erit gens ad quam non perveniant profugi Aelam
4937And I will cause Elam to be afraid before their enemies, and in the sight of them that seek their life: and I will bring evil upon them, my fierce wrath, saith the Lord: and I will send the sword after them, till I consume them.et pavere faciam Aelam coram inimicis suis et in conspectu quaerentium animam eorum et adducam super eos malum iram furoris mei dicit Dominus et emittam post eos gladium donec consumam eos
4938And I will set my throne in Elam, and destroy kings and princes from thence, saith the Lord.et ponam solium meum in Aelam et perdam inde reges et principes ait Dominus
4939But in the latter days I will cause the captives of Elam, to return, saith the Lord.in novissimis autem diebus reverti faciam captivos Aelam dicit Dominus
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52



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