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Solomon by means of his wives falleth into idolatry: God raiseth him adversaries, Adad, Razon, and Jeroboam: Solomon dieth.

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111And king Solomon loved many strange women, besides the daughter of Pharao, and women of Moab, and of Ammon, and of Edom, and of Sidon, and of the Hethites:rex autem Salomon amavit mulieres alienigenas multas filiam quoque Pharaonis et Moabitidas et Ammanitidas Idumeas et Sidonias et Chettheas
112Of the nations concerning which the Lord said to the children of Israel: You shall not go in unto them, neither shall any of them come into yours: for they will most certainly turn away your hearts to follow their gods. And to these was Solomon joined with a most ardent love.de gentibus super quibus dixit Dominus filiis Israhel non ingrediemini ad eas neque de illis ingredientur ad vestras certissimo enim avertent corda vestra ut sequamini deos earum his itaque copulatus est Salomon ardentissimo amore
113And he had seven hundred wives as queens, and three hundred concubines: and the women turned away his heart.fueruntque ei uxores quasi reginae septingentae et concubinae trecentae et averterunt mulieres cor eius
114And when he was now old, his heart was turned away by women to follow strange gods: and his heart was not perfect with the Lord his God, as was the heart of David, his father.cumque iam esset senex depravatum est per mulieres cor eius ut sequeretur deos alienos nec erat cor eius perfectum cum Domino Deo suo sicut cor David patris eius
115But Solomon worshipped Astarthe, the goddess of the Sidonians, and Moloch, the idol of the Ammonites.sed colebat Salomon Astharthen deam Sidoniorum et Moloch idolum Ammanitarum
116And Solomon did that which was not pleasing before the Lord, and did not fully follow the Lord, as David, his father.fecitque Salomon quod non placuerat coram Domino et non adimplevit ut sequeretur Dominum sicut pater eius
117Then Solomon built a temple for Chamos, the idol of Moab, on the hill that is over against Jerusalem, and for Moloch, the idol of the children of Ammon.tunc aedificavit Salomon fanum Chamos idolo Moab in monte qui est contra Hierusalem et Moloch idolo filiorum Ammon
118And he did in this manner for all his wives that were strangers, who burnt incense, and offered sacrifice to their gods.atque in hunc modum fecit universis uxoribus suis alienigenis quae adolebant tura et immolabant diis suis
119And the Lord was angry with Solomon, because his mind was turned away from the Lord, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice;igitur iratus est Dominus Salomoni quod aversa esset mens eius a Domino Deo Israhel qui apparuerat ei secundo
1110And had commanded him concerning this thing, that he should not follow strange gods: but he kept not the things which the Lord commanded him.et praeceperat de verbo hoc ne sequeretur deos alienos et non custodivit quae mandavit ei Dominus
1111The Lord therefore said to Solomon: Because thou hast done this, and hast not kept my covenant, and my precepts, which I have commanded thee, I will divide and rend thy kingdom, and will give it to thy servant.dixit itaque Dominus Salomoni quia habuisti hoc apud te et non custodisti pactum meum et praecepta mea quae mandavi tibi disrumpens scindam regnum tuum et dabo illud servo tuo
1112Nevertheless, in thy days I will not do it, for David thy father's sake: but I will rend it out of the hand of thy son.verumtamen in diebus tuis non faciam propter David patrem tuum de manu filii tui scindam illud
1113Neither will I take away the whole kingdom; but I will give one tribe to thy son, for the sake of David, my servant, and Jerusalem, which I have chosen.nec totum regnum auferam sed tribum unam dabo filio tuo propter David servum meum et Hierusalem quam elegi
1114And the Lord raised up an adversary to Solomon, Adad, the Edomite, of the king's seed, in Edom.suscitavit autem Dominus adversarium Salomoni Adad Idumeum de semine regio qui erat in Edom
1115For when David was in Edom, and Joab, the general of the army, was gone up to bury them that were slain, and had killed every male in Edom,cum enim esset David in Idumea et ascendisset Ioab princeps militiae ad sepeliendos eos qui fuerant interfecti et occidisset omne masculinum in Idumea
1116(For Joab remained there six months with all Israel, till he had slain every male in Edom,)sex enim mensibus ibi moratus est Ioab et omnis Israhel donec interimerent omne masculinum in Idumea
1117Then Adad fled, he and certain Edomites of his father's servants, with him, to go into Egypt: and Adad was then a little boy.fugit Adad ipse et viri idumei de servis patris eius cum eo ut ingrederetur Aegyptum erat autem Adad puer parvulus
1118And they arose out of Madian, and came into Pharan, and they took men with them from Pharan, and went into Egypt, to Pharao, the king of Egypt: who gave him a house, and appointed him victuals, and assigned him land.cumque surrexissent de Madian venerunt in Pharan tuleruntque secum viros de Pharan et introierunt Aegyptum ad Pharaonem regem Aegypti qui dedit ei domum et cibos constituit et terram delegavit
1119And Adad found great favour before Pharao, insomuch that he gave him to wife the own sister of his wife, Taphnes, the queen.et invenit Adad gratiam coram Pharao valde in tantum ut daret ei uxorem sororem uxoris suae germanam Tafnes reginae
1120And the sister of Taphnes bore him his son, Genubath; and Taphnes brought him up in the house of Pharao: and Genubath dwelt with Pharao among his children.genuitque ei soror Tafnes Genebath filium et nutrivit eum Tafnes in domo Pharaonis eratque Genebath habitans apud Pharaonem cum filiis eius
1121And when Adad heard in Egypt that David slept with his fathers, and that Joab, the general of the army, was dead, he said to Pharao: Let me depart, that I may go to my own country.cumque audisset Adad in Aegypto dormisse David cum patribus suis et mortuum esse Ioab principem militiae dixit Pharaoni dimitte me ut vadam in terram meam
1122And Pharao said to him: Why, what is wanting to thee with me, that thou seekest to go to thy own country? But he answered: Nothing; yet I beseech thee to let me go.dixitque ei Pharao qua enim re apud me indiges ut quaeras ire ad terram tuam at ille respondit nulla sed obsecro ut dimittas me
1123God also raised up against him an adversary, Razon, the son of Eliada, who had fled from his master, Adarezer, the king of Soba.suscitavit quoque ei Deus adversarium Razon filium Heliada qui fugerat Adadezer regem Soba dominum suum
1124And he gathered men against him, and he became a captain of robbers, when David slew them of Soba: and they went to Damascus, and dwelt there, and they made him king in Damascus.et congregavit contra eum viros et factus est princeps latronum cum interficeret eos David abieruntque Damascum et habitaverunt ibi et constituerunt eum regem in Damasco
1125And he was an adversary to Israel all the days of Solomon: and this is the evil of Adad, and his hatred against Israel; and he reigned in Syria.eratque adversarius Israhel cunctis diebus Salomonis et hoc est malum Adad et odium contra Israhel regnavitque in Syria
1126Jeroboam also, the son of Nabat, an Ephrathite, of Sareda, a servant of Solomon, whose mother was named Sarua, a widow woman, lifted up his hand against the king.Hieroboam quoque filius Nabath Ephratheus de Sareda cuius mater erat nomine Sarva mulier vidua servus Salomonis levavit manum contra regem
1127And this is the cause of his rebellion against him; for Solomon built Mello, and filled up the breach of the city of David, his father.et haec causa rebellionis adversus eum quia Salomon aedificavit Mello et coaequavit voraginem civitatis David patris sui
1128And Jeroboam was a valiant and mighty man: and Solomon seeing him a young man ingenious and industrious, made him chief over the tributes of all the house of Joseph.erat autem Hieroboam vir fortis et potens vidensque Salomon adulescentem bonae indolis et industrium constituerat eum praefectum super tributa universae domus Ioseph
1129So it came to pass at that time, that Jeroboam went out of Jerusalem, and the prophet Ahias, the Silonite, clad with a new garment, found him in the way: and they two were alone in the field.factum est igitur in tempore illo ut Hieroboam egrederetur de Hierusalem et inveniret eum Ahias Silonites propheta in via opertus pallio novo erant autem duo tantum in agro
1130And Ahias taking his new garment, wherewith he was clad, divided it into twelve parts:adprehendensque Ahia pallium suum novum quo opertus erat scidit in duodecim partes
1131And he said to Jeroboam: Take to thee ten pieces: for thus saith the Lord, the God of Israel: Behold, I will rend the kingdom out of the hand of Solomon, and will give thee ten tribes.et ait ad Hieroboam tolle tibi decem scissuras haec enim dicit Dominus Deus Israhel ecce ego scindam regnum de manu Salomonis et dabo tibi decem tribus
1132But one tribe shall remain to him for the sake of my servant, David, and Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel:porro una tribus remanebit ei propter servum meum David et Hierusalem civitatem quam elegi ex omnibus tribubus Israhel
1133Because he hath forsaken me, and hath adored Astarthe, the goddess of the Sidonians, and Chamos, the god of Moab, and Moloch, the god of the children of Ammon: and hath not walked in my ways, to do justice before me, and to keep my precepts, and judgments, as did David, his father.eo quod dereliquerint me et adoraverint Astharoth deam Sidoniorum et Chamos deum Moab et Melchom deum filiorum Ammon et non ambulaverint in viis meis ut facerent iustitiam coram me et praecepta mea et iudicia sicut David pater eius
1134Yet I will not take away all the kingdom out of his hand, but I will make him prince all the days of his life, for David my servant's sake, whom I chose, who kept my commandments, and my precepts.nec auferam omne regnum de manu eius sed ducem ponam eum cunctis diebus vitae suae propter David servum meum quem elegi qui custodivit mandata mea et praecepta mea
1135But I will take away the kingdom out of his son's hand, and will give thee ten tribes:auferam autem regnum de manu filii eius et dabo tibi decem tribus
1136And to his son I will give one tribe, that there may remain a lamp for my servant, David, before me always in Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen, that my name might be there.filio autem eius dabo tribum unam ut remaneat lucerna David servo meo cunctis diebus coram me in Hierusalem civitatem quam elegi ut esset nomen meum ibi
1137And I will take thee, and thou shalt reign over all that thy soul desireth, and thou shalt be king over Israel.te autem adsumam et regnabis super omnia quae desiderat anima tua erisque rex super Israhel
1138If then thou wilt hearken to all that I shall command thee, and wilt walk in my ways, and do what is right before me, keeping my commandments and my precepts, as David, my servant, did: I will be with thee, and will build thee up a faithful house, as I built a house for David, and I will deliver Israel to thee:si igitur audieris omnia quae praecepero tibi et ambulaveris in viis meis et feceris quod rectum est coram me custodiens mandata mea et praecepta mea sicut fecit David servus meus ero tecum et aedificabo tibi domum fidelem quomodo aedificavi David et tradam tibi Israhel
1139And I will for this afflict the seed of David, but yet not for ever.et adfligam semen David super hoc verumtamen non cunctis diebus
1140Solomon, therefore, sought to kill Jeroboam: but he arose, and fled into Egypt, to Sesac, the king of Egypt, and was in Egypt till the death of Solomon.voluit ergo Salomon interficere Hieroboam qui surrexit et aufugit in Aegyptum ad Susac regem Aegypti et fuit in Aegypto usque ad mortem Salomonis
1141And the rest of the words of Solomon, and all that he did and his wisdom: behold they are all written in the book of the words of the days of Solomon.reliquum autem verborum Salomonis et omnia quae fecit et sapientia eius ecce universa scripta sunt in libro verborum Salomonis
1142And the days that Solomon reigned in Jerusalem, over all Israel, were forty years.dies autem quos regnavit Salomon in Hierusalem super omnem Israhel quadraginta anni sunt
1143And Solomon slept with his fathers, and was buried in the city of David, his father; and Roboam, his son, reigned in his stead.dormivitque Salomon cum patribus suis et sepultus est in civitate David patris sui regnavitque Roboam filius eius pro eo
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