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The people are blamed for their confidence in Egypt. God's mercies towards his church. The punishment of sinners.

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301Woe to you, apostate children, saith the Lord, that you would take counsel, and not of me: and would begin a web, and not by my spirit, that you might add sin upon sin:vae filii desertores dicit Dominus ut faceretis consilium et non ex me et ordiremini telam et non per spiritum meum ut adderetur peccatum super peccatum
302Who walk to go down into Egypt, and have not asked at my mouth, hoping for help in the strength of Pharao, and trusting in the shadow of Egypt.qui ambulatis ut descendatis in Aegyptum et os meum non interrogastis sperantes auxilium in fortitudine Pharao et habentes fiduciam in umbra Aegypti
303And the strength of Pharao shall be to your confusion, and the confidence of the shadow of Egypt to your shame.et erit vobis fortitudo Pharaonis in confusionem et fiducia umbrae Aegypti in ignominiam
304For thy princes were in Tanis, and thy messengers came even to Hanes.erant enim in Tanis principes tui et nuntii tui usque ad Anes pervenerunt
305They were all confounded at a people that could not profit them: they were no help, nor to any profit, but to confusion and to reproach.omnes confusi sunt super populo qui eis prodesse non potuit non fuerunt in auxilium et in aliquam utilitatem sed in confusionem et obprobrium
306The burden of the beasts of the south. In a land of trouble and distress, from whence come the lioness, and the lion, the viper and the flying basilisk, they carry their riches upon the shoulders of beasts, and their treasures upon the bunches of camels to a people that shall not be able to profit them.onus iumentorum austri in terra tribulationis et angustiae leaena et leo ex eis vipera et regulus volans portantes super umeros iumentorum divitias suas et super gibbum camelorum thesauros suos ad populum qui eis prodesse non poterit
307For Egypt shall help in vain, and to no purpose: therefore have I cried concerning this: It is pride only, sit still.Aegyptus enim frustra et vane auxiliabitur ideo clamavi super hoc superbia tantum est quiesce
308Now therefore go in and write for them upon box, and note it diligently in a book, and it shall be in the latter days for a testimony for ever.nunc ingressus scribe eis super buxum et in libro diligenter exara illud et erit in die novissimo in testimonium usque ad aeternum
309For it is a people that provoketh to wrath, and lying children that will not hear the law of God.populus enim ad iracundiam provocans est et filii mendaces filii nolentes audire legem Domini
3010Who say to the seers: See not: and to them that behold: Behold not for us those things that are right: speak unto us pleasant things, see errors for us.qui dicunt videntibus nolite videre et aspicientibus nolite aspicere nobis ea quae recta sunt loquimini nobis placentia videte nobis errores
3011Take away from me the way, turn away the path from me, let the Holy One of Israel cease from before us.auferte a me viam declinate a me semitam cesset a facie nostra Sanctus Israhel
3012Therefore thus saith the Holy One of Israel: Because you have rejected this word, and have trusted in oppression and tumult, and have leaned upon it:propterea haec dicit Sanctus Israhel pro eo quod reprobastis verbum hoc et sperastis in calumniam et tumultum et innixi estis super eo
3013Therefore shall this iniquity be to you as a breach that falleth, and is found wanting in a high wall, for the destruction thereof shall come on a sudden, when it is not looked for.propterea erit vobis iniquitas haec sicut interruptio cadens et requisita in muro excelso quoniam subito dum non speratur veniet contritio eius
3014And it shall be broken small, as the potter's vessel is broken all to pieces with mighty breaking, and there shall not a sherd be found of the pieces thereof, wherein a little fire may be carried from the hearth, or a little water be drawn out of the pit.et comminuetur sicut conteritur lagoena figuli contritione pervalida et non invenietur de fragmentis eius testa in qua portetur igniculus de incendio aut hauriatur parum aquae de fovea
3015For thus saith the Lord God the Holy One of Israel: If you return and be quiet, you shall be saved: in silence and in hope shall your strength be. And you would not:quia haec dicit Dominus Deus Sanctus Israhel si revertamini et quiescatis salvi eritis in silentio et in spe erit fortitudo vestra et noluistis
3016But have said: No, but we will flee to horses: therefore shall you flee. And we will mount upon swift ones: therefore shall they be swifter that shall pursue after you.et dixistis nequaquam sed ad equos fugiemus ideo fugietis et super veloces ascendemus ideo veloces erunt qui persequentur vos
3017A thousand men shall flee for fear of one: and for fear of five shall you flee, till you be left as the mast of ship on the top of a mountain, and as an ensign upon a hill.mille homines a facie terroris unius et a facie terroris quinque fugietis donec relinquamini quasi malus navis in vertice montis et quasi signum super collem
3018Therefore the Lord waiteth that he may have mercy on you: and therefore shall he be exalted sparing you: because the Lord is the God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for him.propterea expectat Dominus ut misereatur vestri et ideo exaltabitur parcens vobis quia Deus iudicii Dominus beati omnes qui expectant eum
3019For the people of Sion shall dwell in Jerusalem: weeping thou shalt not weep, he will surely have pity on thee: at the voice of thy cry, as soon as he shall hear, he will answer thee.populus enim Sion habitabit in Hierusalem plorans nequaquam plorabis miserans miserebitur tui ad vocem clamoris tui statim ut audierit respondebit tibi
3020And the Lord will give you spare bread, and short water: and will not cause thy teacher to flee away from thee any more, and thy eyes shall see thy teacher.et dabit vobis Dominus panem artum et aquam brevem et non faciet avolare a te ultra doctorem tuum et erunt oculi tui videntes praeceptorem tuum
3021And thy ears shall hear the word of one admonishing thee behind thy back: This is the way, walk ye in it: and go not aside neither to the right hand, nor to the left.et aures tuae audient verbum post tergum monentis haec via ambulate in ea neque ad dexteram neque ad sinistram
3022And thou shalt defile the plates of thy graven things of silver, and the garment of thy molten things of gold, and shalt cast them away as the uncleanness of a menstruous woman. Thou shalt say to it: Get thee hence.et contaminabis lamminas sculptilium argenti tui et vestimentum conflatilis auri tui et disperges ea sicut inmunditiam menstruatae egredere dices ei
3023And rain shall be given to thy seed, wheresoever thou shalt sow in the land: and the bread of the corn of the land shall be most plentiful, and fat. The lamb in that day shall feed at large in thy possession:et dabitur pluvia semini tuo ubicumque seminaveris in terra et panis frugum terrae erit uberrimus et pinguis pascetur in possessione tua in die illo agnus spatiose
3024And thy oxen, and the ass colts that till the ground, shall eat mingled provender as it was winnowed in the floor.et tauri tui et pulli asinorum qui operantur terram commixtum migma comedent sic in area ut ventilatum est
3025And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every elevated hill rivers of running waters in the day of the slaughter of many, when the tower shall fall.et erunt super omnem montem excelsum et super omnem collem elevatum rivi currentium aquarum in die interfectionis multorum cum ceciderint turres
3026And the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days: in the day when the Lord shall bind up the wound of his people, and shall heal the stroke of their wound.et erit lux lunae sicut lux solis et lux solis erit septempliciter sicut lux septem dierum in die qua alligaverit Dominus vulnus populi sui et percussuram plagae eius sanaverit
3027Behold the name of the Lord cometh from afar, his wrath burneth, and is heavy to bear: his lips are filled with indignation, and his tongue as a devouring fire.ecce nomen Domini venit de longinquo ardens furor eius et gravis ad portandum labia eius repleta sunt indignatione et lingua eius quasi ignis devorans
3028His breath as a torrent overflowing even to the midst of the neck, to destroy the nations unto nothing, and the bridle of error that was in the jaws of the people.spiritus eius velut torrens inundans usque ad medium colli ad perdendas gentes in nihilum et frenum erroris quod erat in maxillis populorum
3029You shall have a song as in the night of the sanctified solemnity, and joy of heart, as where one goeth with a pipe, to come into the mountain of the Lord, to the Mighty One of Israel.canticum erit vobis sicut nox sanctificatae sollemnitatis et laetitia cordis sicut qui pergit cum tibia ut intret in montem Domini ad Fortem Israhel
3030And the Lord shall make the glory of his voice to be heard, and shall shew the terror of his arm, in the threatening of wrath, and the flame of devouring fire: he shall crush to pieces with whirlwind, and hailstones.et auditam faciet Dominus gloriam vocis suae et terrorem brachii sui ostendet in comminatione furoris et flamma ignis devorantis adlidet in turbine et in lapide grandinis
3031For at the voice of the Lord the Assyrian shall fear being struck with the rod.a voce enim Domini pavebit Assur virga percussus
3032And the passage of the rod shall be strongly grounded, which the Lord shall make to rest upon him with timbrels and harps, and in great battles he shall overthrow them.et erit transitus virgae fundatus quam requiescere faciet Dominus super eum in tympanis et in citharis et in bellis praecipuis expugnabit eos
3033For Topheth is prepared from yesterday, prepared by the king, deep, and wide. The nourishment thereof is fire and much wood: the breath of the Lord as a torrent of brimstone kindling it.praeparata est enim ab heri Thofeth a rege praeparata profunda et dilatata nutrimenta eius ignis et ligna multa flatus Domini sicut torrens sulphuris succendens eam
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