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The dreadful evil of sin is displayed, as the great obstacle to all good from God: yet he will send a Redeemer, and make an everlasting covenant with his church.

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591Behold the hand of the Lord is not shortened that it cannot save, neither is his ear heavy that it cannot hear.ecce non est adbreviata manus Domini ut salvare nequeat neque adgravata est auris eius ut non exaudiat
592But your iniquities have divided between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you that he should not hear.sed iniquitates vestrae diviserunt inter vos et Deum vestrum et peccata vestra absconderunt faciem eius a vobis ne exaudiret
593For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity: your lips have spoken lies, and your tongue uttereth iniquity.manus enim vestrae pollutae sunt sanguine et digiti vestri iniquitate labia vestra locuta sunt mendacium et lingua vestra iniquitatem fatur
594There is none that calleth upon justice, neither is there any one that judgeth truly: but they trust in a mere nothing, and speak vanities: they have conceived labour, and brought forth iniquity.non est qui invocet iustitiam neque est qui iudicet vere sed confidunt in nihili et loquuntur vanitates conceperunt laborem et pepererunt iniquitatem
595They have broken the eggs of asps, and have woven the webs of spiders: he that shall eat of their eggs, shall die: and that which is brought out, shall be hatched into a basilisk.ova aspidum ruperunt et telas araneae texuerunt qui comederit de ovis eorum morietur et quod confotum est erumpet in regulum
596Their webs shall not be for clothing, neither shall they cover themselves with their works: their works are unprofitable works, and the work of iniquity is in their hands.telae eorum non erunt in vestimentum neque operientur operibus suis opera eorum opera inutilia et opus iniquitatis in manibus eorum
597Their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are unprofitable thoughts: wasting and destruction are in their ways.pedes eorum ad malum currunt et festinant ut effundant sanguinem innocentem cogitationes eorum cogitationes inutiles vastitas et contritio in viis eorum
598They have not known the way of peace, and there is no judgment in their steps: their paths are become crooked to them, every one that treadeth in them knoweth no peace.viam pacis nescierunt et non est iudicium in gressibus eorum semitae eorum incurvatae sunt eis omnis qui calcat in ea ignorat pacem
599Therefore is judgment far from us, and justice shall not overtake us. We looked for light, and behold darkness: brightness, and we have walked in the dark.propter hoc elongatum est iudicium a nobis et non adprehendet nos iustitia expectavimus lucem et ecce tenebrae splendorem et in tenebris ambulavimus
5910We have groped for the wall, and like the blind we have groped as if we had no eyes: we have stumbled at noonday as in darkness, we are in dark places, as dead men.palpavimus sicut caeci parietem et quasi absque oculis adtrectavimus inpegimus meridie quasi in tenebris in caligosis quasi mortui
5911We shall roar all of us like bears, and shall lament as mournful doves. We have looked for judgment, and there is none: for salvation, and it is far from us.rugiemus quasi ursi omnes et quasi columbae meditantes gememus expectavimus iudicium et non est salutem et elongata est a nobis
5912For our iniquities are multiplied before thee, and our sins have testified against us: for our wicked doings are with us, and have known our iniquities:multiplicatae sunt enim iniquitates nostrae coram te et peccata nostra responderunt nobis quia scelera nostra nobiscum et iniquitates nostras cognovimus
5913In sinning and lying against the Lord: and we have turned away so that we went not after our God, but spoke calumny and transgression: we have conceived, and uttered from the heart, words of falsehood.peccare et mentiri contra Dominum et aversi sumus ne iremus post tergum Dei nostri ut loqueremur calumniam et transgressionem concepimus et locuti sumus de corde verba mendacii
5914And judgment is turned away backward, and justice hath stood far off: because truth hath fallen down in the street, and equity could not come in.et conversum est retrorsum iudicium et iustitia longe stetit quia corruit in platea veritas et aequitas non potuit ingredi
5915And truth hath been forgotten: and he that departed from evil, lay open to be a prey: and the Lord saw, and it appeared evil in his eyes, because there is no judgment.et facta est veritas in oblivione et qui recessit a malo praedae patuit et vidit Dominus et malum apparuit in oculis eius quia non est iudicium
5916And he saw that there is not a man: and he stood astonished, because there is none to oppose himself: and his own arm brought salvation to him, and his own justice supported him.et vidit quia non est vir et aporiatus est quia non est qui occurrat et salvavit sibi brachium suum et iustitia eius ipsa confirmavit eum
5917He put on justice as a breastplate, and a helmet of salvation upon his head: he put on the garments of vengeance, and was clad with zeal as with a cloak.indutus est iustitia ut lorica et galea salutis in capite eius indutus est vestimentis ultionis et opertus est quasi pallio zeli
5918As unto revenge, as it were to repay wrath to his adversaries, and a reward to his enemies: he will repay the like to the islands.sicut ad vindictam quasi ad retributionem indignationis hostibus suis et vicissitudinem inimicis suis insulis vicem reddet
5919And they from the west, shall fear the name of the Lord: and they from the rising of the sun, his glory when he shall come as a violent stream, which the spirit of the Lord driveth on:et timebunt qui ab occidente nomen Domini et qui ab ortu solis gloriam eius cum venerit quasi fluvius violentus quem spiritus Domini cogit
5920And there shall come a redeemer to Sion, and to them that return from iniquity in Jacob, saith the Lord.et venerit Sion redemptor et eis qui redeunt ab iniquitate in Iacob dicit Dominus
5921This is my covenant with them, saith the Lord: My spirit that is in thee, and my words that I have put in thy mouth, shall not depart out of thy mouth, nor out of the mouth of thy seed, nor out of the mouth of thy seed's seed, saith the Lord, from henceforth and for ever.hoc foedus meum cum eis dicit Dominus spiritus meus qui est in te et verba mea quae posui in ore tuo non recedent de ore tuo et de ore seminis tui et de ore seminis seminis tui dixit Dominus amodo et usque in sempiternum
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