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The office of Christ. The preaching of the gospel to the Gentiles. The blindness and reprobation of the Jews.

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421Behold my servant, I will uphold him: my elect, my soul delighteth in him: I have given my spirit upon him, he shall bring forth judgment to the Gentiles.ecce servus meus suscipiam eum electus meus conplacuit sibi in illo anima mea dedi spiritum meum super eum iudicium gentibus proferet
422He shall not cry, nor have respect to person, neither shall his voice be heard abroad.non clamabit neque accipiet personam nec audietur foris vox eius
423The bruised reed he shall not break, and smoking flax he shall not quench, he shall bring forth judgment unto truth.calamum quassatum non conteret et linum fumigans non extinguet in veritate educet iudicium
424He shall not be sad, nor troublesome, till he set judgment in the earth, and the islands shall wait for his law.non erit tristis neque turbulentus donec ponat in terra iudicium et legem eius insulae expectabunt
425Thus saith the Lord God that created the heavens, and stretched them out: that established the earth, and the things that spring out of it: that giveth breath to the people upon it, and spirit to them that tread thereon.haec dicit Dominus Deus creans caelos et extendens eos firmans terram et quae germinant ex ea dans flatum populo qui est super eam et spiritum calcantibus eam
426I the Lord have called thee in justice, and taken thee by the hand, and preserved thee. And I have given thee for a covenant of the people, for a light of the Gentiles:ego Dominus vocavi te in iustitia et adprehendi manum tuam et servavi et dedi te in foedus populi in lucem gentium
427That thou mightest open the eyes of the blind, and bring forth the prisoner out of prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.ut aperires oculos caecorum et educeres de conclusione vinctum de domo carceris sedentes in tenebris
428I the Lord, this is my name: I will not give my glory to another, nor my praise to graven things.ego Dominus hoc est nomen meum gloriam meam alteri non dabo et laudem meam sculptilibus
429The things that were first, behold they are come: and new things do I declare: before they spring forth, I will make you hear them.quae prima fuerant ecce venerunt nova quoque ego adnuntio antequam oriantur audita vobis faciam
4210Sing ye to the Lord a new song, his praise is from the ends of the earth: you that go down to the sea, and all that are therein: ye islands, and ye inhabitants of them.cantate Domino canticum novum laus eius ab extremis terrae qui descenditis in mare et plenitudo eius insulae et habitatores earum
4211Let the desert and the cities thereof be exalted: Cedar shall dwell in houses: ye inhabitants of Petra, give praise, they shall cry from the top of the mountains.sublevetur desertum et civitates eius in domibus habitabit Cedar laudate habitatores Petrae de vertice montium clamabunt
4212They shall give glory to the Lord, and shall declare his praise in the islands.ponent Domino gloriam et laudem eius in insulis nuntiabunt
4213The Lord shall go forth as a mighty man, as a man of war shall he stir up zeal: he shall shout and cry: he shall prevail against his enemies.Dominus sicut fortis egredietur sicut vir proeliator suscitabit zelum vociferabitur et clamabit super inimicos suos confortabitur
4214I have always held my peace, I have kept silence, I have been patient, I will speak now as a woman in labour: I will destroy, and swallow up at once.tacui semper silui patiens fui sicut pariens loquar dissipabo et absorbebo simul
4215I will lay waste the mountains and hills, and will make all their grass to wither: and I will turn rivers into islands, and will dry up the standing pools.desertos faciam montes et colles et omne gramen eorum exsiccabo et ponam flumina in insulas et stagna arefaciam
4216And I will lead the blind into the way which they know not: and in the paths which they were ignorant of I will make them walk: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight: these things have I done to them, and have not forsaken them.et ducam caecos in via quam nesciunt in semitis quas ignoraverunt ambulare eos faciam ponam tenebras coram eis in lucem et prava in recta haec verba feci eis et non dereliqui eos
4217They are turned back: let them be greatly confounded, that trust in a graven thing, that say to a molten thing: You are our god.conversi sunt retrorsum confundantur confusione qui confidunt in sculptili qui dicunt conflatili vos dii nostri
4218Hear, ye deaf, and, ye blind, behold that you may see.surdi audite et caeci intuemini ad videndum
4219Who is blind, but my servant? or deaf, but he to whom I have sent my messengers? Who is blind, but he that is sold? or who is blind, but the servant of the Lord?quis caecus nisi servus meus et surdus nisi ad quem nuntios meos misi quis caecus nisi qui venundatus est quis caecus nisi servus Domini
4220Thou that seest many things, wilt thou not observe them? thou that hast ears open, wilt thou not hear?qui vides multa nonne custodies qui apertas habes aures nonne audies
4221And the Lord was willing to sanctify him, and to magnify the law, and exalt it.et Dominus voluit ut sanctificaret eum et magnificaret legem et extolleret
4222But this is a people that is robbed and wasted: they are all the snare of young men, and they are hid in the houses of prisons: they are made a prey, and there is none to deliver them: a spoil, and there is none that saith: Restore.ipse autem populus direptus et vastatus laqueus iuvenum omnes et in domibus carcerum absconditi sunt facti sunt in rapinam nec est qui eruat in direptionem et non est qui dicat redde
4223Who is there among you that will give ear to this, that will attend and hearken for times to come?quis est in vobis qui audiat hoc adtendat et auscultet futura
4224Who hath given Jacob for a spoil, and Israel to robbers? hath not the Lord himself, against whom we have sinned? And they would not walk in his ways, and they have not hearkened to his law.quis dedit in direptionem Iacob et Israhel vastantibus nonne Dominus ipse cui peccavimus et noluerunt in viis eius ambulare et non audierunt legem eius
4225And he hath poured out upon him the indignation of his fury, and a strong battle, and hath burnt him round about, and he knew not: and set him on fire, and he understood not.et effudit super eum indignationem furoris sui et forte bellum et conbusit eum in circuitu et non cognovit et succendit eum et non intellexit
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