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God's promises to them that keep his commandments. And the many punishments with which he threatens transgressors.

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261I am the Lord your God. You shall not make to yourselves any idol or graven thing: neither shall you erect pillars, nor set up a remarkable stone in your land, to adore it. For I am the Lord your God.ego Dominus Deus vester non facietis vobis idolum et sculptile nec titulos erigetis nec insignem lapidem ponetis in terra vestra ut adoretis eum ego enim sum Dominus Deus vester
262Keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary. I am the Lord.custodite sabbata mea et pavete ad sanctuarium meum ego Dominus
263If you walk in my precepts, and keep my commandments, and do them, I will give you rain in due seasons.si in praeceptis meis ambulaveritis et mandata mea custodieritis et feceritis ea dabo vobis pluvias temporibus suis
264And the ground shall bring forth its increase: and the trees shall be filled with fruit.et terra gignet germen suum et pomis arbores replebuntur
265The threshing of your harvest shall reach unto the vintage, and the vintage shall reach unto the sowing time: and you shall eat your bread to the full, and dwell in your land without fear.adprehendet messium tritura vindemiam et vindemia occupabit sementem et comedetis panem vestrum in saturitatem et absque pavore habitabitis in terra vestra
266I will give peace in your coasts: you shall sleep, and there shall be none to make you afraid. I will take away evil beasts: and the sword shall not pass through your quarters.dabo pacem in finibus vestris dormietis et non erit qui exterreat auferam malas bestias et gladius non transibit terminos vestros
267You shall pursue your enemies: and they shall fall before you.persequemini inimicos vestros et corruent coram vobis
268Five of yours shall pursue a hundred others: and a hundred of you ten thousand. Your enemies shall fall before you by the sword.persequentur quinque de vestris centum alienos et centum ex vobis decem milia cadent inimici vestri in conspectu vestro gladio
269I will look on you, and make you increase: you shall be multiplied, and I will establish my covenant with you.respiciam vos et crescere faciam multiplicabimini et firmabo pactum meum vobiscum
2610You shall eat the oldest of the old store: and, new coming on, you shall cast away the old.comedetis vetustissima veterum et vetera novis supervenientibus proicietis
2611I will set my tabernacle in the midst of you: and my soul shall not cast you off.ponam tabernaculum meum in medio vestri et non abiciet vos anima mea
2612I will walk among you, and will be your God: and you shall be my people.ambulabo inter vos et ero vester Deus vosque eritis populus meus
2613I am the Lord your God: who have brought you out of the land of the Egyptians, that you should not serve them: and who have broken the chains of your necks, that you might go upright.ego Dominus Deus vester qui eduxi vos de terra Aegyptiorum ne serviretis eis et qui confregi catenas cervicum vestrarum ut incederetis erecti
2614But if you will not hear me, nor do all my commandments:quod si non audieritis me nec feceritis omnia mandata mea
2615If you despise my laws, and contemn my judgments so as not to do those things which are appointed by me, and to make void my covenant:si spreveritis leges meas et iudicia mea contempseritis ut non faciatis ea quae a me constituta sunt et ad irritum perducatis pactum meum
2616I also will do these things to you. I will quickly visit you with poverty, and burning heat, which shall waste your eyes, and consume your lives. You shall sow your seed in vain, which shall be devoured by your enemies.ego quoque haec faciam vobis visitabo vos velociter in egestate et ardore qui conficiat oculos vestros et consumat animas frustra seretis sementem quae ab hostibus devorabitur
2617I will set my face against you, and you shall fall down before your enemies: and shall be made subject to them that hate you. You shall flee when no man pursueth you.ponam faciem meam contra vos et corruetis coram hostibus vestris et subiciemini his qui oderunt vos fugietis nemine persequente
2618But if you will not yet for all this obey me: I will chastise you seven times more for your sins.sin autem nec sic oboedieritis mihi addam correptiones vestras septuplum propter peccata vestra
2619And I will break the pride of your stubbornness: and I will make to you the heaven above as iron, and the earth as brass.et conteram superbiam duritiae vestrae daboque caelum vobis desuper sicut ferrum et terram aeneam
2620Your labour shall be spent in vain: the ground shall not bring forth her increase: nor the trees yield their fruit.consumetur in cassum labor vester non proferet terra germen nec arbores poma praebebunt
2621If you walk contrary to me, and will not hearken to me, I will bring seven times more plagues upon you for your sins.si ambulaveritis ex adverso mihi nec volueritis audire me addam plagas vestras usque in septuplum propter peccata vestra
2622And I will send in upon you the beasts of the field, to destroy you and your cattle, and make you few in number: and that your highways may be desolate.emittamque in vos bestias agri quae consumant et vos et pecora vestra et ad paucitatem cuncta redigant desertaeque fiant viae vestrae
2623And if even so you will not amend, but will walk contrary to me:quod si nec sic volueritis recipere disciplinam sed ambulaveritis ex adverso mihi
2624I also will walk contrary to you, and will strike you seven times for your sins.ego quoque contra vos adversus incedam et percutiam vos septies propter peccata vestra
2625And I will bring in upon you the sword that shall avenge my covenant. And when you shall flee into the cities, I will send the pestilence in the midst of you. And you shall be delivered into the hands of your enemies,inducamque super vos gladium ultorem foederis mei cumque confugeritis in urbes mittam pestilentiam in medio vestri et trademini hostium manibus
2626After I shall have broken the staff of your bread: so that ten women shall bake your bread in one oven, and give it out by weight: and you shall eat, and shall not be filled,postquam confregero baculum panis vestri ita ut decem mulieres in uno clibano coquant panes et reddant eos ad pondus et comedetis et non saturabimini
2627But if you will not for all this hearken to me, but will walk against mesin autem nec per haec audieritis me sed ambulaveritis contra me
2628I will also go against you with opposite fury: and I will chastise you with seven plagues for your sins,et ego incedam adversum vos in furore contrario et corripiam vos septem plagis propter peccata vestra
2629So that you shall eat the flesh of your sons and of your daughters.ita ut comedatis carnes filiorum et filiarum vestrarum
2630I will destroy your high places, and break your idols. You shall fall among the ruins of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you.destruam excelsa vestra et simulacra confringam cadetis inter ruinas idolorum vestrorum et abominabitur vos anima mea
2631Insomuch that I will bring your cities to be a wilderness: and I will make your sanctuaries desolate: and will receive no more your sweet odours.in tantum ut urbes vestras redigam in solitudinem et deserta faciam sanctuaria vestra nec recipiam ultra odorem suavissimum
2632And I will destroy your land: and your enemies shall be astonished at it, when they shall be the inhabitants thereof.disperdamque terram vestram et stupebunt super ea inimici vestri cum habitatores illius fuerint
2633And I will scatter you among the Gentiles: and I will draw out the sword after you. And your land shall be desert, and your cities destroyed.vos autem dispergam in gentes et evaginabo post vos gladium eritque terra vestra deserta et civitates dirutae
2634Then shall the land enjoy her sabbaths all the days of her desolation. When you shall betunc placebunt terrae sabbata sua cunctis diebus solitudinis suae quando fueritis
2635In the enemy's land, she shall keep a sabbath, and rest in the sabbaths of her desolation: because she did not rest in your sabbaths, when you dwelt therein.in terra hostili sabbatizabit et requiescet in sabbatis solitudinis suae eo quod non requieverit in sabbatis vestris quando habitabatis in ea
2636And as to them that shall remain of you I will send fear in their hearts in the countries of their enemies. The sound of a flying leaf shall terrify them: and they shall flee as it were from the sword. They shall fall, when no man pursueth them.et qui de vobis remanserint dabo pavorem in cordibus eorum in regionibus hostium terrebit eos sonitus folii volantis et ita fugient quasi gladium cadent nullo sequente
2637And they shall every one fall upon their brethren as fleeing from wars: none of you shall dare to resist your enemies.et corruent singuli super fratres suos quasi bella fugientes nemo vestrum inimicis audebit resistere
2638You shall perish among the Gentiles: and an enemy's land shall consume you.peribitis inter gentes et hostilis vos terra consumet
2639And if of them also some remain, they shall pine away in their iniquities, in the land of their enemies: and they shall be afflicted for the sins of their fathers, and their own.quod si et de his aliqui remanserint tabescent in iniquitatibus suis in terra inimicorum suorum et propter peccata patrum suorum et sua adfligentur
2640Until they confess their iniquities, and the iniquities of their ancestors, whereby they have transgressed against me, and walked contrary unto me.donec confiteantur iniquitates suas et maiorum suorum quibus praevaricati sunt in me et ambulaverunt ex adverso mihi
2641Therefore I also will walk against them, and bring them into their enemies' land until their uncircumcised mind be ashamed. Then shall they pray for their sins.ambulabo igitur et ego contra eos et inducam illos in terram hostilem donec erubescat incircumcisa mens eorum tunc orabunt pro impietatibus suis
2642And I will remember my covenant, that I made with Jacob, and Isaac, and Abraham. I will remember also the land:et recordabor foederis mei quod pepigi cum Iacob et Isaac et Abraham terrae quoque memor ero
2643Which when she shall be left by them, shall enjoy her sabbaths, being desolate for them. But they shall pray for their sins, because they rejected my judgments, and despised my laws.quae cum relicta fuerit ab eis conplacebit sibi in sabbatis suis patiens solitudinem propter illos ipsi vero rogabunt pro peccatis suis eo quod abiecerint iudicia mea et leges meas despexerint
2644And yet for all that when they were in the land of their enemies, I did not cast them off altogether. Neither did I so despise them that they should be quite consumed: and I should make void my covenant with them. For I am the Lord their God.et tamen etiam cum essent in terra hostili non penitus abieci eos neque sic despexi ut consumerentur et irritum facerem pactum meum cum eis ego enim sum Dominus Deus eorum
2645And I will remember my former covenant, when I brought them out of the land of Egypt, in the sight of the Gentiles, to be their God. I am the Lord. These are the judgments, and precepts, and laws, which the Lord gave between him and the children of Israel, in mount Sinai, by the hand of Moses.et recordabor foederis mei pristini quando eduxi eos de terra Aegypti in conspectu gentium ut essem Deus eorum ego Dominus Deus haec sunt praecepta atque iudicia et leges quas dedit Dominus inter se et inter filios Israhel in monte Sinai per manum Mosi
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