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The history of Bel, and of the great serpent worshipped by the Babylonians.

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141And Daniel was the king's guest, and was honoured above all his friends.erat autem Danihel conviva regis et honoratus super omnes amicos eius
142Now the Babylonians had an idol called Bel: and there was spent upon him every day twelve great measures of fine flour, and forty sheep, and six vessels of wine.erat quoque idolum nomine Bel apud Babylonios et inpendebantur in eo per dies singulos similae artabae duodecim et oves quadraginta vinique amphorae sex
143The king also worshipped him, and went every day to adore him: but Daniel adored his God. And the king said to him: Why dost thou not adore Bel?rex quoque colebat eum et ibat per singulos dies adorare eum porro Danihel adorabat Deum suum dixitque ei rex quare non adoras Bel
144And he answered, and said to him: Because I do not worship idols made with hands, but the living God, that created heaven and earth, and hath power over all flesh.qui respondens ait ei quia non colo idola manufacta sed viventem Deum qui creavit caelum et terram et habet potestatem omnis carnis
145And the king said to him: Doth not Bel seem to thee to be a living god? Seest thou not how much he eateth and drinketh every day?et dixit ad eum rex non tibi videtur esse Bel vivens deus an non vides quanta comedat et bibat cotidie
146Then Daniel smiled, and said: O king, be not deceived: for this is but clay within, and brass without, neither hath he eaten at any time.et ait Danihel adridens ne erres rex iste enim intrinsecus luteus est et forinsecus aereus neque comedit aliquando
147And the king being angry, called for his priests, and said to them: If you tell me not who it is that eateth up these expenses, you shall die.et iratus rex vocavit sacerdotes eius et ait eis nisi dixeritis mihi quis est qui comedat inpensas has moriemini
148But if you can shew that Bel eateth these things, Daniel shall die, because he hath blasphemed against Bel. And Daniel said to the king: Be it done according to thy word.si autem ostenderitis quoniam Bel comedat haec morietur Danihel quia blasphemavit in Bel et dixit Danihel regi fiat iuxta verbum tuum
149Now the priests of Bel were seventy, beside their wives, and little ones, and children. And the king went with Daniel into the temple of Bel.erant autem sacerdotes Bel septuaginta exceptis uxoribus et parvulis et filiis et venit rex cum Danihele in templum Belis
1410And the priests of Bel said: Behold, we go out: and do thou, O king, set on the meats, and make ready the wine, and shut the door fast, and seal it with thy own ring:et dixerunt sacerdotes Belis ecce nos egredimur foras et tu rex pone escas et vinum misce et claude ostium et signa anulo tuo
1411And when thou comest in the morning, if thou findest not that Bel hath eaten up all, we will suffer death, or else Daniel, that hath lied against us.et cum ingressus fueris mane nisi inveneris omnia comesta a Bel moriemur vel Danihel qui mentitus est adversum nos
1412And they little regarded it, because they had made under the table a secret entrance, and they always came in by it, and consumed those things.contemnebant autem quia fecerant sub mensa absconditum introitum et per illum ingrediebantur semper et devorabant ea
1413So it came to pass after they were gone out, the king set the meats before Bel: and Daniel commanded his servants, and they brought ashes, and he sifted them all over the temple before the king: and going forth, they shut the door, and having sealed it with the king's ring, they departed.factum est igitur postquam egressi sunt illi et rex posuit cibos ante Bel praecepit Danihel pueris suis et adtulerunt cinerem et cribravit per totum templum coram rege et egressi clauserunt ostium et signantes anulo regis abierunt
1414But the priests went in by night, according to their custom, with their wives, and their children: and they eat and drank up all.sacerdotes autem ingressi sunt nocte iuxta consuetudinem suam et uxores et filii eorum et comederunt omnia et biberunt
1415And the king arose early in the morning, and Daniel with him.surrexit autem rex primo diluculo et Danihel cum eo
1416And the king said: Are the seals whole, Daniel? And he answered: They are whole, O king.et ait rex salvane sunt signa Danihel qui respondit salva rex
1417And as soon as he had opened the door, the king looked upon the table, and cried out with a loud voice: Great art thou, O Bel, and there is not any deceit with thee.statimque cum aperuissent ostium intuitus rex mensam exclamavit voce magna magnus es Bel et non est apud te dolus quisquam
1418And Daniel laughed: and he held the king, that he should not go in: and he said: Behold the pavement, mark whose footsteps these are.et risit Danihel et tenuit regem ne ingrederetur intro et dixit ecce pavimentum animadverte cuius vestigia sunt haec
1419And the king said: I see the footsteps of men, and women, and children. And the king was angry.et dixit rex video vestigia virorum et mulierum et infantium et iratus rex
1420Then he took the priests, and their wives, and their children: and they shewed him the private doors by which they came in, and consumed the things that were on the table.tunc adprehendit sacerdotes et uxores et filios eorum et ostenderunt ei abscondita ostiola per quae ingrediebantur et consumebant quae erant super mensam
1421The king, therefore, put them to death, and delivered Bel into the power of Daniel: who destroyed him and his temple.occidit ergo illos rex et tradidit Bel in potestate Daniheli qui subvertit eum et templum eius
1422And there was a great dragon in that place, and the Babylonians worshipped him.et erat draco magnus in loco illo et colebant eum Babylonii
1423And the king said to Daniel: Behold, thou canst not say now, that this is not a living god: adore him, therefore.et dixit rex Daniheli ecce nunc non potes dicere quia non sit iste deus vivens adora ergo eum
1424And Daniel said: I adore the Lord, my God: for he is the living God: but that is no living god.dixitque Danihel Dominum Deum meum adoro quia ipse est Deus vivens
1425But give me leave, O king, and I will kill this dragon without sword or club. And the king said, I give thee leave.tu autem rex da mihi potestatem et interficiam draconem absque gladio et fuste et ait rex do tibi
1426Then Daniel took pitch, and fat, and hair, and boiled them together: and he made lumps, and put them into the dragon's mouth, and the dragon burst asunder. And he said: Behold him whom you worship.tulit ergo Danihel picem et adipem et pilos et coxit pariter fecitque massas et dedit in os draconi et disruptus est draco et dixit ecce quae colebatis
1427And when the Babylonians had heard this, they took great indignation: and being gathered together against the king, they said: The king is become a Jew. He hath destroyed Bel, he hath killed the dragon, and he hath put the priests to death.quod cum audissent Babylonii indignati sunt vehementer et congregati adversum regem dixerunt Iudaeus factus est rex Bel destruxit draconem interfecit et sacerdotes occidit
1428And they came to the king, and said: Deliver us Daniel, or else we will destroy thee and thy house.et dixerunt cum venissent ad regem trade nobis Danihelum alioquin interficiemus te et domum tuam
1429And the king saw that they pressed upon him violently: and being constrained by necessity: he delivered Daniel to them.vidit ergo rex quod inruerent in eum vehementer et necessitate conpulsus tradidit eis Danihelum
1430And they cast him into the den of lions, and he was there six days.qui miserunt eum in lacum leonum et erat ibi diebus sex
1431And in the den there were seven lions, and they had given to them two carcasses every day, and two sheep: but then they were not given unto them, that they might devour Daniel.porro in lacu erant septem leones et dabantur eis cotidie duo corpora et duae oves et tunc non data sunt eis ut devorarent Danihelum
1432Now there was in Judea a prophet called Habacuc, and he had boiled pottage, and had broken bread in a bowl: and was going into the field, to carry it to the reapers.erat autem Abacuc propheta in Iudaea et ipse coxerat pulmentum et intriverat panes in alveolo et ibat in campum ut ferret messoribus
1433And the angel of the Lord said to Habacuc: Carry the dinner which thou hast into Babylon, to Daniel, who is in the lions' den.dixitque angelus Domini ad Abacuc fer prandium quod habes in Babylonem Daniheli qui est in lacu leonum
1434And Habacuc said: Lord, I never saw Babylon, nor do I know the den.et dixit Abacuc domine Babylonem non vidi et lacum nescio
1435And the angel of the Lord took him by the top of his head, and carried him by the hair of his head, and set him in Babylon, over the den, in the force of his spirit.et aprehendit eum angelus Domini in vertice eius et portavit eum capillo capitis sui posuitque eum in Babylone super lacum in impetu spiritus sui
1436And Habacuc cried, saying: O Daniel, thou servant of God, take the dinner that God hath sent thee.et clamavit Abacuc dicens Danihel tolle prandium quod misit tibi Deus
1437And Daniel said, Thou hast remembered me, O God, and thou hast not forsaken them that love thee.et ait Danihel recordatus es enim mei Deus et non dereliquisti diligentes te
1438And Daniel arose, and eat. And the angel of the Lord presently set Habacuc again in his own place.surgensque Danihel comedit porro angelus Dei restituit Abacuc confestim in loco suo
1439And upon the seventh day the king came to bewail Daniel: and he came to the den, and looked in, and behold Daniel was sitting in the midst of the lions.venit ergo rex die septima ut lugeret Danihelum et venit ad lacum et introspexit et ecce Danihel sedens
1440And the king cried out with a loud voice, saying: Great art thou, O Lord, the God of Daniel. And he drew him out of the lions' den.et exclamavit rex voce magna dicens magnus es Domine Deus Danihelis et extraxit eum
1441But those that had been the cause of his destruction, he cast into the den, and they were devoured in a moment before him.porro illos qui perditionis eius causa fuerant intromisit et devorati sunt in momento coram eo
1442Then the king said: Let all the inhabitants of the whole earth fear the God of Daniel: for he is the Saviour, working signs, and wonders in the earth: who hath delivered Daniel out of the lions' den.tunc rex ait paveant omnes habitantes in universa terra Deum Danielis quia ipse est salvator faciens signa et mirabilia in terra qui liberavit Danielem de lacu ieonum
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14



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