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Victims must be without blemish. Idolaters are to be slain. Controversies are to be decided by the high priest and council, whose sentence must be obeyed under pain of death. The duty of a king, who is to receive the law of God at the priest's hands.

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171Thou shalt not sacrifice to the Lord thy God a sheep, or an ox, wherein there is blemish, or any fault: for that is an abomination to the Lord thy God.non immolabis Domino Deo tuo bovem et ovem in quo est macula aut quippiam vitii quia abominatio est Domini Dei tui
172When there shall be found among you within any of thy gates, which the Lord thy God shall give thee, man or woman that do evil in the sight of the Lord thy God, and transgress his covenant,cum repperti fuerint apud te intra unam portarum tuarum quas Dominus Deus tuus dabit tibi vir aut mulier qui faciant malum in conspectu Domini Dei tui et transgrediantur pactum illius
173So as to go and serve strange gods, and adore them, the sun and the moon, and all the host of heaven, which I have not commanded:ut vadant et serviant diis alienis et adorent eos solem et lunam et omnem militiam caeli quae non praecepi
174And this is told thee, and hearing it thou hast inquired diligently, and found it to be true, and that the abomination is committed in Israel:et hoc tibi fuerit nuntiatum audiensque inquisieris diligenter et verum esse reppereris et abominatio facta est in Israhel
175Thou shalt bring forth the man or the woman, who have committed that most wicked thing, to the gates of thy city, and they shall be stoned.educes virum ac mulierem qui rem sceleratissimam perpetrarunt ad portas civitatis tuae et lapidibus obruentur
176By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall he die that is to be slain. Let no man be put to death, when only one beareth witness against him.in ore duorum aut trium testium peribit qui interficietur nemo occidatur uno contra se dicente testimonium
177The hands of the witnesses shall be first upon him to kill him, and afterwards the hands of the rest of the people: that thou mayst take away the evil out of the midst of thee.manus testium prima interficiet eum et manus reliqui populi extrema mittetur ut auferas malum de medio tui
178If thou perceive that there be among you a hard and doubtful matter in judgment between blood and blood, cause and cause, leprosy and leprosy: and thou see that the words of the judges within thy gates do vary: arise, and go up to the place, which the Lord thy God shall choose.si difficile et ambiguum apud te iudicium esse perspexeris inter sanguinem et sanguinem causam et causam lepram et non lepram et iudicum intra portas tuas videris verba variari surge et ascende ad locum quem elegerit Dominus Deus tuus
179And thou shalt come to the priests of the Levitical race, and to the judge, that shall be at that time: and thou shalt ask of them, and they shall shew thee the truth of the judgment.veniesque ad sacerdotes levitici generis et ad iudicem qui fuerit illo tempore quaeresque ab eis qui indicabunt tibi iudicii veritatem
1710And thou shalt do whatsoever they shall say, that preside in the place, which the Lord shall choose, and what they shall teach thee,et facies quodcumque dixerint qui praesunt loco quem elegerit Dominus et docuerint te
1711According to his law; and thou shalt follow their sentence: neither shalt thou decline to the right hand nor to the left hand.iuxta legem eius sequeris sententiam eorum nec declinabis ad dextram vel ad sinistram
1712But he that will be proud, and refuse to obey the commandment of the priest, who ministereth at that time to the Lord thy God, and the decree of the judge, that man shall die, and thou shalt take away the evil from Israel:qui autem superbierit nolens oboedire sacerdotis imperio qui eo tempore ministrat Domino Deo tuo et decreto iudicis morietur homo ille et auferes malum de Israhel
1713And all the people hearing it shall fear, that no one afterwards swell with pride.cunctusque populus audiens timebit ut nullus deinceps intumescat superbia
1714When thou art come into the land, which the Lord thy God will give thee, and possessest it, and shalt say: I will set a king over me, as all nations have that are round about:cum ingressus fueris terram quam Dominus Deus tuus dabit tibi et possederis eam habitaverisque in illa et dixeris constituam super me regem sicut habent omnes per circuitum nationes
1715Thou shalt set him whom the Lord thy God shall choose out of the number of thy brethren. Thou mayst not make a man of another nation king, that is not thy brother.eum constitues quem Dominus Deus tuus elegerit de numero fratrum tuorum non poteris alterius gentis hominem regem facere qui non sit frater tuus
1716And when he is made king, he shall not multiply horses to himself, nor lead back the people into Egypt, being lifted up with the number of his horsemen, especially since the Lord hath commanded you to return no more the same way.cumque fuerit constitutus non multiplicabit sibi equos nec reducet populum in Aegyptum equitatus numero sublevatus praesertim cum Dominus praeceperit vobis ut nequaquam amplius per eandem viam revertamini
1717He shall not have many wives, that may allure his mind, nor immense sums of silver and gold.non habebit uxores plurimas quae inliciant animum eius neque argenti et auri inmensa pondera
1718But after he is raised to the throne of his kingdom, he shall copy out to himself the Deuteronomy of this law in a volume, taking the copy of the priests of the Levitical tribe,postquam autem sederit in solio regni sui describet sibi deuteronomium legis huius in volumine accipiens exemplar a sacerdotibus leviticae tribus
1719And he shall have it with him, and shall read it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the Lord his God, and keep his words and ceremonies, that are commanded in the law;et habebit secum legetque illud omnibus diebus vitae suae ut discat timere Dominum Deum suum et custodire verba et caerimonias eius quae lege praecepta sunt
1720And that his heart be not lifted up with pride over his brethren, nor decline to the right or to the left, that he and his sons may reign a long time over Israel.nec elevetur cor eius in superbiam super fratres suos neque declinet in partem dextram vel sinistram ut longo tempore regnet ipse et filii eius super Israhel
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