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Moses exhorteth the people to keep God's commandments: particularly to fly idolatry. Appointeth three cities of refuge, on that side of the Jordan.

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41And now, O Israel, hear the commandments and judgments which I teach thee: that doing them, thou mayst live, and entering in mayst possess the land which the Lord the God of your fathers will give you.et nunc Israhel audi praecepta et iudicia quae ego doceo te ut faciens ea vivas et ingrediens possideas terram quam Dominus Deus patrum vestrorum daturus est vobis
42You shall not add to the word that I speak to you, neither shall you take away from it: keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you.non addetis ad verbum quod vobis loquor neque auferetis ex eo custodite mandata Domini Dei vestri quae ego praecipio vobis
43Your eyes have seen all that the Lord hath done against Beelphegor, how he hath destroyed all his worshippers from among you.oculi vestri viderunt omnia quae fecit Dominus contra Beelphegor quomodo contriverit omnes cultores eius de medio vestri
44But you that adhere to the Lord your God, are all alive until this present day.vos autem qui adheretis Domino Deo vestro vivitis universi usque in praesentem diem
45You know that I have taught you statutes and justices, as the Lord my God hath commanded me: so shall you do them in the land which you shall possess:scitis quod docuerim vos praecepta atque iustitias sicut mandavit mihi Dominus Deus meus sic facietis ea in terra quam possessuri estis
46And you shall observe, and fulfil them in practice. For this is your wisdom, and understanding in the sight of nations, that hearing all these precepts, they may say: Behold a wise and understanding people, a great nation.et observabitis et implebitis opere haec est enim vestra sapientia et intellectus coram populis ut audientes universa praecepta haec dicant en populus sapiens et intellegens gens magna
47Neither is there any other nation so great, that hath gods so nigh them, as our God is present to all our petitions.nec est alia natio tam grandis quae habeat deos adpropinquantes sibi sicut Dominus Deus noster adest cunctis obsecrationibus nostris
48For what other nation is there so renowned that hath ceremonies, and just judgments, and all the law, which I will set forth this day before our eyes?quae est enim alia gens sic inclita ut habeat caerimonias iustaque iudicia et universam legem quam ego proponam hodie ante oculos vestros
49Keep thyself therefore, and thy soul carefully. Forget not the words that thy eyes have seen, and let them not go out of thy heart all the days of thy life. Thou shalt teach them to thy sons and to thy grandsons,custodi igitur temet ipsum et animam tuam sollicite ne obliviscaris verborum quae viderunt oculi tui et ne excedant de corde tuo cunctis diebus vitae tuae docebis ea filios ac nepotes tuos
410From the day in which thou didst stand before the Lord thy God in Horeb, when the Lord spoke to me, saying: Call together the people unto me, that they may hear my words, and may learn to fear me all the time that they live on the earth, and may teach their children.diem in quo stetisti coram Domino Deo tuo in Horeb quando Dominus locutus est mihi dicens congrega ad me populum ut audiat sermones meos et discat timere me omni tempore quo vivit in terra doceantque filios suos
411And you came to the foot of the mount, which burned even unto heaven: and there was darkness, and a cloud and obscurity in it.et accessistis ad radices montis qui ardebat usque ad caelum erantque in eo tenebrae nubes et caligo
412And the Lord spoke to you from the midst of the fire. You heard the voice of his words, but you saw not any form at all.locutusque est Dominus ad vos de medio ignis vocem verborum eius audistis et formam penitus non vidistis
413And he shewed you his covenant, which he commanded you to do, and the ten words that he wrote in two tables of stone.et ostendit vobis pactum suum quod praecepit ut faceretis et decem verba quae scripsit in duabus tabulis lapideis
414And he commanded me at that time that I should teach you the ceremonies and judgments which you shall do in the land, that you shall possess.mihique mandavit in illo tempore ut docerem vos caerimonias et iudicia quae facere deberetis in terra quam possessuri estis
415Keep therefore your souls carefully. You saw not any similitude in the day that the Lord God spoke to you in Horeb from the midst of the fire:custodite igitur sollicite animas vestras non vidistis aliquam similitudinem in die qua locutus est Dominus vobis in Horeb de medio ignis
416Lest perhaps being deceived you might make you a graven similitude, or image of male or female,ne forte decepti faciatis vobis sculptam similitudinem aut imaginem masculi vel feminae
417The similitude of any beasts, that are upon the earth, or of birds, that fly under heaven,similitudinem omnium iumentorum quae sunt super terram vel avium sub caelo volantium
418Or of creeping things, that move on the earth, or of fishes, that abide in the waters under the earth:atque reptilium quae moventur in terra sive piscium qui sub terra morantur in aquis
419Lest perhaps lifting up thy eyes to heaven, thou see the sun and the moon, and all the stars of heaven, and being deceived by error thou adore and serve them, which the Lord thy God created for the service of all the nations, that are under heaven.ne forte oculis elevatis ad caelum videas solem et lunam et omnia astra caeli et errore deceptus adores ea et colas quae creavit Dominus Deus tuus in ministerium cunctis gentibus quae sub caelo sunt
420But the Lord hath taken you and brought you out of the iron furnaces of Egypt, to make you his people of inheritance, as it is this present day.vos autem tulit Dominus et eduxit de fornace ferrea Aegypti ut haberet populum hereditarium sicut est in praesenti die
421And the Lord was angry with me for your words, and he swore that I should not pass over the Jordan, nor enter into the excellent land, which he will give you.iratusque est Dominus contra me propter sermones vestros et iuravit ut non transirem Iordanem nec ingrederer terram optimam quam daturus est vobis
422Behold I die in this land, I shall not pass over the Jordan: you shall pass, and possess the goodly land.ecce morior in hac humo non transibo Iordanem vos transibitis et possidebitis terram egregiam
423Beware lest thou ever forget the covenant of the Lord thy God, which he hath made with thee: and make to thyself a graven likeness of those things which the Lord hath forbid to be made:cave nequando obliviscaris pacti Domini Dei tui quod pepigit tecum et facias tibi sculptam similitudinem eorum quae fieri Dominus prohibuit
424Because the Lord thy God is a consuming fire, a jealous God.quia Dominus Deus tuus ignis consumens est Deus aemulator
425If you shall beget sons and grandsons, and abide in the land, and being deceived, make to yourselves any similitude, committing evil before the Lord your God, to provoke him to wrath:si genueritis filios ac nepotes et morati fueritis in terra deceptique feceritis vobis aliquam similitudinem patrantes malum coram Domino Deo vestro ut eum ad iracundiam provocetis
426I call this day heaven and earth to witness, that you shall quickly perish out of the land, which, when you have passed over the Jordan, you shall possess. You shall not dwell therein long, but the Lord will destroy you,testes invoco hodie caelum et terram cito perituros vos esse de terra quam transito Iordane possessuri estis non habitabitis in ea longo tempore sed delebit vos Dominus
427And scatter you among all nations, and you shall remain a few among the nations, to which the Lord shall lead you.atque disperget in omnes gentes et remanebitis pauci in nationibus ad quas vos ducturus est Dominus
428And there you shall serve gods, that were framed with men's hands: wood and stone, that neither see, nor hear, nor eat, nor smell.ibique servietis diis qui hominum manu fabricati sunt ligno et lapidi qui non vident non audiunt non comedunt non odorantur
429And when thou shalt seek there the Lord thy God, thou shalt find him: yet so, if thou seek him with all thy heart, and all the affliction of thy soul.cumque quaesieris ibi Dominum Deum tuum invenies eum si tamen toto corde quaesieris et tota tribulatione animae tuae
430After all the things aforesaid shall find thee, in the latter time thou shalt return to the Lord thy God, and shalt hear his voice.postquam te invenerint omnia quae praedicta sunt novissimo tempore reverteris ad Dominum Deum tuum et audies vocem eius
431Because the Lord thy God is a merciful God: he will not leave thee, nor altogether destroy thee, nor forget the covenant, by which he swore to thy fathers.quia Deus misericors Dominus Deus tuus est non dimittet te nec omnino delebit neque obliviscetur pacti in quo iuravit patribus tuis
432Ask of the days of old, that have been before thy time from the day that God created man upon the earth, from one end of heaven to the other end thereof, if ever there was done the like thing, or it hath been known at any time,interroga de diebus antiquis qui fuerunt ante te ex die quo creavit Deus hominem super terram a summo caeli usque ad summum eius si facta est aliquando huiuscemodi res aut umquam cognitum est
433That a people should hear the voice of God speaking out of the midst of fire, as thou hast heard, and lived:ut audiret populus vocem Dei loquentis de medio ignis sicut tu audisti et vixisti
434If God ever did so as to go, and take to himself a nation out of the midst of nations by temptations, signs, and wonders, by fight, and a strong hand, and stretched out arm, and horrible visions according to all the things that the Lord your God did for you in Egypt, before thy eyes.si fecit Deus ut ingrederetur et tolleret sibi gentem de medio nationum per temptationes signa atque portenta per pugnam et robustam manum extentumque brachium et horribiles visiones iuxta omnia quae fecit pro vobis Dominus Deus vester in Aegypto videntibus oculis tuis
435That thou mightest know that the Lord he is God, and there is no other besides him.ut scires quoniam Dominus ipse est Deus et non est alius praeter unum
436From heaven he made thee to hear his voice, that he might teach thee. And upon earth he shewed thee his exceeding great fire, and thou didst hear his words out of the midst of the fire,de caelo te fecit audire vocem suam ut doceret te et in terra ostendit tibi ignem suum maximum et audisti verba illius de medio ignis
437Because he loved thy fathers, and chose their seed after them. And he brought thee out of Egypt, going before thee with his great power,quia dilexit patres tuos et elegit semen eorum post eos eduxitque te praecedens in virtute sua magna ex Aegypto
438To destroy at thy coming very great nations, and stronger than thou art, and to bring thee in, and give thee their land for a possession, as thou seest at this present day.ut deleret nationes maximas et fortiores te in introitu tuo et introduceret te daretque tibi terram earum in possessionem sicut cernis in praesenti die
439Know therefore this day, and think in thy heart that the Lord he is God in heaven above, and in the earth beneath, and there is no other.scito ergo hodie et cogitato in corde tuo quod Dominus ipse sit Deus in caelo sursum et in terra deorsum et non sit alius
440Keep his precepts and commandments, which I command thee: that it may be well with thee, and thy children after thee, and thou mayst remain a long time upon the land, which the Lord thy God will give thee.custodi praecepta eius atque mandata quae ego praecipio tibi ut bene sit tibi et filiis tuis post te et permaneas multo tempore super terram quam Dominus Deus tuus daturus est tibi
441Then Moses set aside three cities beyond the Jordan at the east side,tunc separavit Moses tres civitates trans Iordanem ad orientalem plagam
442That any one might flee to them who should kill his neighbour unwillingly, and was not his enemy a day or two before, and that he might escape to some one of these cities:ut confugiat ad eas qui occiderit nolens proximum suum nec fuerit inimicus ante unum et alterum diem et ad harum aliquam urbium possit evadere
443Bosor in the wilderness, which is situate in the plains of the tribe of Ruben: and Ramoth in Galaad, which is in the tribe of Gad: and Golan in Basan, which is in the tribe of Manasses.Bosor in solitudine quae sita est in terra campestri de tribu Ruben et Ramoth in Galaad quae est in tribu Gad et Golam in Basan quae est in tribu Manasse
444This is the law, that Moses set before the children of Israel,ista est lex quam proposuit Moses coram filiis Israhel
445And these are the testimonies and ceremonies and judgments, which he spoke to the children of Israel, when they came out of Egypt,et haec testimonia et caerimoniae atque iudicia quae locutus est ad filios Israhel quando egressi sunt de Aegypto
446Beyond the Jordan in the valley over against the temple of Phogor, in the land of Sehon king of the Amorrhites, that dwelt in Hesebon, whom Moses slew. And the children of Israel coming out of Egypt,trans Iordanem in valle contra fanum Phogor in terra Seon regis Amorrei qui habitavit in Esebon quem percussit Moses filii quoque Israhel egressi ex Aegypto
447Possessed his land, and the land of Og king of Basan, of the two kings of the Amorrhites, who were beyond the Jordan towards the rising of the sun:possederunt terram eius et terram Og regis Basan duorum regum Amorreorum qui erant trans Iordanem ad solis ortum
448From Aroer, which is situate upon the bank of the torrent Arnon, unto mount Sion, which is also called Hermon,ab Aroer quae sita est super ripam torrentis Arnon usque ad montem Sion qui est et Hermon
449All the plain beyond the Jordan at the east side, unto the sea of the wilderness, and unto the foot of mount Phasga.omnem planitiem trans Iordanem ad orientalem plagam usque ad mare Solitudinis et usque ad radices montis Phasga
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