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Jonathan attacketh the Philistines. A miraculous victory. Saul's unadvised oath, by which Jonathan is put in danger of his life, but is delivered by the people.

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141Now it came to pass one day that Jonathan, the son of Saul, said to the young man that bore his armour: Come, and let us go over to the garrison of the Philistines, which is on the other side of yonder place. But he told not this to his father.et accidit quadam die ut diceret Ionathan filius Saul ad adulescentem armigerum suum veni et transeamus ad stationem Philisthim quae est trans locum illum patri autem suo hoc ipsum non indicavit
142And Saul abode in the uttermost part of Gabaa, under the pomegranate tree, which was in Magron: and the people with him were about six hundred men.porro Saul morabatur in extrema parte Gabaa sub malogranato quae erat in Magron et erat populus cum eo quasi sescentorum virorum
143And Achias, the son of Achitob, brother of Ichabod the son of Phinees, the son of Heli, the priest of the Lord in Silo, wore the ephod. And the people knew not whither Jonathan was gone.et Ahias filius Achitob fratris Ichabod filii Finees qui ortus fuerat ex Heli sacerdote Domini in Silo portabat ephod sed et populus ignorabat quod isset Ionathan
144Now there were between the ascents, by which Jonathan sought to go over to the garrison of the Philistines, rocks standing up on both sides, and steep cliffs like teeth on the one side, and on the other, the name of the one was Boses, and the name of the other was Sene:erant autem inter ascensus per quos nitebatur Ionathan transire ad stationem Philisthinorum eminentes petrae ex utraque parte et quasi in modum dentium scopuli hinc inde praerupti nomen uni Boses et nomen alteri Sene
145One rock stood out toward the north, over against Machmas, and the other to the south, over against Gabaa.unus scopulus prominens ad aquilonem ex adverso Machmas et alter a meridie contra Gabaa
146And Jonathan said to the young man that bore his armour: Come, let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised, it may be the Lord will do for us: because it is easy for the Lord to save either by many, or by few.dixit autem Ionathan ad adulescentem armigerum suum veni transeamus ad stationem incircumcisorum horum si forte faciat Dominus pro nobis quia non est Domino difficile salvare vel in multitudine vel in paucis
147And his armourbearer said to him: Do all that pleaseth thy mind: go whither thou wilt, and I will be with thee wheresoever thou hast a mind.dixitque ei armiger suus fac omnia quae placent animo tuo perge quo cupis ero tecum ubicumque volueris
148And Jonathan said: Behold we will go over to these men. And when we shall be seen by them,et ait Ionathan ecce nos transimus ad viros istos cumque apparuerimus eis
149If they shall speak thus to us: Stay till we come to you: let us stand still in our place, and not go up to them.si taliter locuti fuerint ad nos manete donec veniamus ad vos stemus in loco nostro nec ascendamus ad eos
1410But if they shall say: Come up to us: let us go up, because the Lord hath delivered them into our hands, this shall be a sign unto us.si autem dixerint ascendite ad nos ascendamus quia tradidit eos Dominus in manibus nostris hoc erit nobis signum
1411So both of them discovered themselves to the garrison of the Philistines: and the Philistines said: Behold the Hebrews come forth out of the holes wherein they were hid.apparuit igitur uterque stationi Philisthinorum dixeruntque Philisthim en Hebraei egrediuntur de cavernis in quibus absconditi fuerant
1412And the men of the garrison spoke to Jonathan, and to his armourbearer, and said: Come up to us, and we will shew you a thing. And Jonathan said to his armourbearer: Let us go up, follow me: for the Lord hath delivered them into the hands of Israel.et locuti sunt viri de statione ad Ionathan et ad armigerum eius dixeruntque ascendite ad nos et ostendimus vobis rem et ait Ionathan ad armigerum suum ascendamus sequere me tradidit enim eos Dominus in manu Israhel
1413And Jonathan went up creeping on his hands and feet, and his armourbearer after him. And some fell before Jonathan, others his armourbearer slew as he followed him.ascendit autem Ionathan reptans manibus et pedibus et armiger eius post eum itaque alii cadebant ante Ionathan alios armiger eius interficiebat sequens eum
1414And the first slaughter which Jonathan and his armourbearer made, was of about twenty men, within half an acre of land, which a yoke of oxen is wont to plough in a day.et facta est plaga prima quam percussit Ionathan et armiger eius quasi viginti virorum in media parte iugeri quam par boum in die arare consuevit
1415And there was a miracle in the camp, in the fields: and all the people of their garrison, who had gone out to plunder, were amazed, and the earth trembled: and it happened as a miracle from God.et factum est miraculum in castris per agros sed et omnis populus stationis eorum qui ierant ad praedandum obstipuit et conturbata est terra et accidit quasi miraculum a Deo
1416And the watchmen of Saul, who were in Gabaa of Benjamin looked, and behold a multitude overthrown, and fleeing this way and that.et respexerunt speculatores Saul qui erant in Gabaa Beniamin et ecce multitudo prostrata et huc illucque diffugiens
1417And Saul said to the people that were with him: Look, and see who is gone from us. And when they had sought, it was found that Jonathan and his armourbearer were not there.et ait Saul populo qui erat cum eo requirite et videte quis abierit ex nobis cumque requisissent reppertum est non adesse Ionathan et armigerum eius
1418And Saul said to Achias: Bring the ark of the Lord. (For the ark of God was there that day with the children of Israel.)et ait Saul ad Ahiam adplica arcam Dei erat enim ibi arca Dei in die illa cum filiis Israhel
1419And while Saul spoke to the priest, there arose a great uproar in the camp of the Philistines: and it increased by degrees, and was heard more clearly. And Saul said to the priest: Draw in thy hand.cumque loqueretur Saul ad sacerdotem tumultus magnus exortus est in castris Philisthinorum crescebatque paulatim et clarius reboabat et ait Saul ad sacerdotem contrahe manum tuam
1420Then Saul, and all the people that were with him, shouted together, and they came to the place of the fight: and behold every man's sword was turned upon his neighbour, and there was a very great slaughter.conclamavit ergo Saul et omnis populus qui erat cum eo et venerunt usque ad locum certaminis et ecce versus fuerat gladius uniuscuiusque ad proximum suum et caedes magna nimis
1421Moreover, the Hebrews that had been with the Philistines yesterday and the day before, and went up with them into the camp, returned to be with the Israelites, who were with Saul and Jonathan.sed et Hebraei qui fuerant cum Philisthim heri et nudius tertius ascenderantque cum eis in castris reversi sunt ut essent cum Israhele qui erant cum Saul et Ionathan
1422And all the Israelites that had hid themselves in mount Ephraim, hearing that the Philistines fled, joined themselves with their countrymen in the fight. And there were with Saul about ten thousand men.omnes quoque Israhelitae qui se absconderant in monte Ephraim audientes quod fugissent Philisthim sociaverunt se cum suis in proelio
1423And the Lord saved Israel that day. And the fight went on as far as Bethaven.et salvavit Dominus in die illa Israhel pugna autem pervenit usque Bethaven
1424And the men of Israel were joined together that day: and Saul adjured the people, saying: Cursed be the man that shall eat food till evening, till I be revenged of my enemies. So none of the people tasted any food.et vir Israhel sociatus sibi est in die illa adiuravit autem Saul populum dicens maledictus vir qui comederit panem usque ad vesperam donec ulciscar de inimicis meis et non manducavit universus populus panem
1425And all the common people came into a forest, in which there was honey upon the ground.omneque terrae vulgus venit in saltum in quo erat mel super faciem agri
1426And when the people came into the forest, behold the honey dropped, but no man put his hand to his mouth. For the people feared the oath.ingressus est itaque populus saltum et apparuit fluens mel nullusque adplicuit manum ad os suum timebat enim populus iuramentum
1427But Jonathan had not heard when his father adjured the people: and he put forth the end of the rod, which he had in his hand, and dipt it in a honeycomb: and he carried his hand to his mouth, and his eyes were enlightened.porro Ionathan non audierat cum adiuraret pater eius populum extenditque summitatem virgae quam habebat in manu et intinxit in favo mellis et convertit manum suam ad os suum et inluminati sunt oculi eius
1428And one of the people answering, said: Thy father hath bound the people with an oath, saying: Cursed be the man that shall eat any food this day. (And the people were faint.)respondensque unus de populo ait iureiurando constrinxit pater tuus populum dicens maledictus qui comederit panem hodie defecerat autem populus
1429And Jonathan said: My father hath troubled the land: you have seen yourselves that my eyes are enlightened, because I tasted a little of this honey:dixitque Ionathan turbavit pater meus terram vidistis ipsi quia inluminati sunt oculi mei eo quod gustaverim paululum de melle isto
1430How much more if the people had eaten of the prey of their enemies, which they found? had there not been made a greater slaughter among the Philistines?quanto magis si comedisset populus de praeda inimicorum suorum quam repperit nonne maior facta fuisset plaga in Philisthim
1431So they smote that day the Philistines, from Machmas to Aialon. And the people were wearied exceedingly.percusserunt ergo in die illa Philistheos a Machmis usque in Ahialon defatigatus est autem populus nimis
1432And falling upon the spoils, they took sheep, and oxen, and calves, and slew them on the ground: and the people ate them with the blood.et versus ad praedam tulit oves et boves et vitulos et mactaverunt in terra comeditque populus cum sanguine
1433And they told Saul that the people had sinned against the Lord, eating with the blood. And he said: You have transgressed: roll here to me now a great stone.nuntiaverunt autem Saul dicentes quod populus peccasset Domino comedens cum sanguine qui ait praevaricati estis volvite ad me iam nunc saxum grande
1434And Saul said: Disperse yourselves among the people, and tell them to bring me every man his ox and his ram and slay them upon this stone, and eat, and you shall not sin against the Lord, in eating with the blood. So all the people brought every man his ox with him till the night: and slew them there.et dixit Saul dispergimini in vulgus et dicite eis ut adducat ad me unusquisque bovem suum et arietem et occidite super istud et vescimini et non peccabitis Domino comedentes cum sanguine adduxit itaque omnis populus unusquisque bovem in manu sua usque ad noctem et occiderunt ibi
1435And Saul built an altar to the Lord: and he then first began to build an altar to the Lord.aedificavit autem Saul altare Domini tuncque primum coepit aedificare altare Domini
1436And Saul said: Let us fall upon the Philistines by night, and destroy them till the morning light, and let us not leave a man of them. And the people said: Do all that seemeth good in thy eyes. And the priest said: Let us draw near hither unto God.et dixit Saul inruamus super Philisthim nocte et vastemus eos usque dum inlucescat mane nec relinquamus de eis virum dixitque populus omne quod bonum videtur in oculis tuis fac et ait sacerdos accedamus huc ad Deum
1437And Saul consulted the Lord: Shall I pursue after the Philistines? wilt thou deliver them into the hands of Israel? And he answered him not that day.et consuluit Saul Deum num persequar Philisthim si trades eos in manu Israhel et non respondit ei in die illa
1438And Saul said: Bring hither all the corners of the people: and know, and see by whom this sin hath happened to day.dixitque Saul adplicate huc universos angulos populi et scitote et videte per quem acciderit peccatum hoc hodie
1439As the Lord liveth, who is the Saviour of Israel, if it was done by Jonathan, my son, he shall surely die. In this none of the people gainsayed him.vivit Dominus salvator Israhel quia si per Ionathan filium meum factum est absque retractatione morietur ad quod nullus contradixit ei de omni populo
1440And he said to all Israel: Be you on one side and I, with Jonathan, my son, will be on the other side. And the people answered Saul: Do what seemeth good in thy eyes.et ait ad universum Israhel separamini vos in partem unam et ego cum Ionathan filio meo ero in parte una respondit populus ad Saul quod bonum videtur in oculis tuis fac
1441And Saul said to the Lord: O Lord God of Israel, give a sign, by which we may know, what the meaning is, that thou answerest not thy servant to day: If this iniquity be in me, or in my son Jonathan, give a proof: or if this iniquity be in thy people, give holiness. And Jonathan and Saul were taken, and the people escaped.et dixit Saul ad Dominum Deum Israhel da indicium et deprehensus est Ionathan et Saul populus autem exivit
1442And Saul said: (Cast lots between me, and Jonathan, my son. And Jonathan was taken.et ait Saul mittite sortem inter me et inter Ionathan filium meum et captus est Ionathan
1443And Saul said to Jonathan: Tell me what thou hast done. And Jonathan told him, and said: I did but taste a little honey with the end of the rod, which was in my hand, and behold I must die.dixit autem Saul ad Ionathan indica mihi quid feceris et indicavit ei Ionathan et ait gustans gustavi in summitate virgae quae erat in manu mea paululum mellis et ecce ego morior
1444And Saul said: May God do so and so to me, and add still more: for dying thou shalt die, O Jonathan.et ait Saul haec faciat mihi Deus et haec addat quia morte morieris Ionathan
1445And the people said to Saul: Shall Jonathan then die, who hath wrought this great salvation in Israel? this must not be: As the Lord liveth, there shall not one hair of his head fall to the ground, for he hath wrought with God this day. So the people delivered Jonathan, that he should not die.dixitque populus ad Saul ergone Ionathan morietur qui fecit salutem hanc magnam in Israhel hoc nefas est vivit Dominus si ceciderit capillus de capite eius in terram quia cum Deo operatus est hodie liberavit ergo populus Ionathan ut non moreretur
1446And Saul went back, and did not pursue after the Philistines: and the Philistines went to their own places.recessitque Saul nec persecutus est Philisthim porro Philisthim abierunt in loca sua
1447And Saul having his kingdom established over Israel, fought against all his enemies round about, against Moab, and against the children of Ammon, and Edom, and the kings of Soba, and the Philistines: and whithersoever he turned himself, he overcame.at Saul confirmato regno super Israhel pugnabat per circuitum adversum omnes inimicos eius contra Moab et filios Ammon et Edom et reges Suba et Philistheos et quocumque se verterat superabat
1448And gathering together an army, he defeated Amalec, and delivered Israel from the hand of them that spoiled them.congregatoque exercitu percussit Amalech et eruit Israhel de manu vastatorum eius
1449And the sons of Saul, were Jonathan, and Jessui, and Melchisua: and the names of his two daughters, the name of the firstborn was Merob, and the name of the younger Michol.fuerunt autem filii Saul Ionathan et Iesui et Melchisua nomina duarum filiarum eius nomen primogenitae Merob et nomen minoris Michol
1450And the name of Saul's wife was Achinoam, the daughter of Achimaas; and the name of the captain of his army was Abner, the son of Ner, the cousin german of Saul.et nomen uxoris Saul Ahinoem filia Ahimaas et nomina principum militiae eius Abner filius Ner patruelis Saul
1451For Cis was the father of Saul, and Ner, the father of Abner, was son of Abiel.Cis fuerat pater Saul et Ner pater Abner filius Abihel
1452And there was a great war against the Philistines all the days of Saul. For whomsoever Saul saw to be a valiant man, and fit for war, he took him to himself.erat autem bellum potens adversum Philistheos omnibus diebus Saul nam quemcumque viderat Saul virum fortem et aptum ad proelium sociabat eum sibi
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