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The Amalecites burn Siceleg, and carry off the prey: David pursueth after them, and recovereth all out of their hands.

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301Now when David and his men were come to Siceleg on the third day, the Amalecites had made an invasion on the south side upon Siceleg, and had smitten Siceleg, and burnt it with fire,cumque venissent David et viri eius in Siceleg die tertia Amalechitae impetum fecerant ex parte australi in Siceleg et percusserant Siceleg et succenderant eam igni
302And had taken the women captives that were in it, both little and great: and they had not killed any person, but had carried them with them, and went on their way.et captivas duxerant mulieres ex ea et a minimo usque ad magnum et non interfecerant quemquam sed secum duxerant et pergebant in itinere suo
303So when David and his men came to the city, and found it burnt with fire, and that their wives, and their sons, and their daughters, were taken captives,cum ergo venisset David et viri eius ad civitatem et invenissent eam succensam igni et uxores suas et filios suos et filias ductas esse captivas
304David and the people that were with him, lifted up their voices, and wept till they had no more tears.levaverunt David et populus qui erat cum eo voces suas et planxerunt donec deficerent in eis lacrimae
305For the two wives also of David were taken captives, Achinoam, the Jezrahelitess, and Abigail, the wife of Nabal of Carmel.siquidem et duae uxores David captivae ductae fuerant Ahinoem Iezrahelites et Abigail uxor Nabal Carmeli
306And David was greatly afflicted: for the people had a mind to stone him, for the soul of every man was bitterly grieved for his sons and daughters: but David took courage in the Lord his God.et contristatus est David valde volebat enim eum populus lapidare quia amara erat anima uniuscuiusque viri super filiis suis et filiabus confortatus est autem David in Domino Deo suo
307And he said to Abiathar, the priest, the son of Achimelech: Bring me hither the ephod. And Abiathar brought the ephod to David.et ait ad Abiathar sacerdotem filium Ahimelech adplica ad me ephod et adplicuit Abiathar ephod ad David
308And David consulted the Lord, saying: Shall I pursue after these robbers, and shall I overtake them, or not? And the Lord said to him: Pursue after them: for thou shalt surely overtake them and recover the prey.et consuluit David Dominum dicens persequar an non latrunculos hos et conprehendam eos dixitque ei persequere absque dubio enim conprehendes eos et excuties praedam
309So David went, he and the six hundred men that were with him, and they came to the torrent Besor: and some, being weary, stayed there.abiit ergo David ipse et sescenti viri qui erant cum eo et venerunt usque ad torrentem Besor et lassi quidam substiterunt
3010But David pursued, he and four hundred men: for two hundred stayed, who, being weary, could not go over the torrent Besor.persecutus est autem David ipse et quadringenti viri substiterant enim ducenti qui lassi transire non poterant torrentem Besor
3011And they found an Egyptian in the field, and brought him to David: and they gave him bread to eat, and water to drink,et invenerunt virum aegyptium in agro et adduxerunt eum ad David dederuntque ei panem ut comederet et ut biberet aquam
3012As also a piece of a cake of figs, and two bunches of raisins. And when he had eaten them, his spirit returned, and he was refreshed: for he had not eaten bread, nor drunk water, three days and three nights.sed et fragmen massae caricarum et duas ligaturas uvae passae quae cum comedisset reversus est spiritus eius et refocilatus est non enim comederat panem neque biberat aquam tribus diebus et tribus noctibus
3013And David said to him: To whom dost thou belong; or whence dost thou come? and whither art thou going? He said: I am a young man of Egypt, the servant of an Amalecite: and my master left me, because I began to be sick three days ago.dixit itaque ei David cuius es tu vel unde quo pergis qui ait ei puer aegyptius ego sum servus viri amalechitae dereliquit autem me dominus meus quia aegrotare coepi nudius tertius
3014For we made an invasion on the south side of Cerethi, and upon Juda, and upon the south of Caleb, and we burnt Siceleg with fire.siquidem nos erupimus ad australem partem Cerethi et contra Iudam et ad meridiem Chaleb et Siceleg succendimus igni
3015And David said to him: Canst thou bring me to this company? and he said: Swear to me by God, that thou wilt not kill me, nor deliver me into the hands of my master, and I will bring thee to this company. And David swore to him.dixitque ei David potes me ducere ad istum cuneum qui ait iura mihi per Deum quod non occidas me et non tradas me in manu domini mei et ducam te ad cuneum istum
3016And when he had brought him, behold they were lying spread abroad upon all the ground, eating and drinking, and as it were keeping a festival day, for all the prey and the spoils which they had taken out of the land of the Philistines, and out of the land of Juda.qui cum duxisset eum ecce illi discumbebant super faciem universae terrae comedentes et bibentes et quasi festum celebrantes diem pro cuncta praeda et spoliis quae ceperant de terra Philisthim et de terra Iuda
3017And David slew them from the evening unto the evening of the next day, and there escaped not a man of them, but four hundred young men, who had gotten upon camels, and fled.et percussit eos David a vespere usque ad vesperam alterius diei et non evasit ex eis quisquam nisi quadringenti viri adulescentes qui ascenderant camelos et fugerant
3018So David recovered all that the Amalecites had taken, and he rescued his two wives.eruit ergo David omnia quae tulerant Amalechitae et duas uxores suas eruit
3019And there was nothing missing small or great, neither of their sons or their daughters, nor of the spoils, and whatsoever they had taken, David recovered all.nec defuit quicquam a parvo usque ad magnum tam de filiis quam de filiabus et de spoliis et quaecumque rapuerant omnia reduxit David
3020And he took all the flocks and the herds, and made them go before him: and they said: This is the prey of David.et tulit universos greges et armenta et minavit ante faciem suam dixeruntque haec est praeda David
3021And David came to the two hundred men, who, being weary, had stayed, and were not able to follow David, and he had ordered them to abide at the torrent Besor: and they came out to meet David, and the people that were with him. And David coming to the people, saluted them peaceably.venit autem David ad ducentos viros qui lassi substiterant nec sequi potuerant David et residere eos iusserat in torrente Besor qui egressi sunt obviam David et populo qui erat cum eo accedens autem David ad populum salutavit eos pacifice
3022Then all the wicked and unjust men, that had gone with David, answering, said: Because they came not with us, we will not give them any thing of the prey which we have recovered: but let every man take his wife, and his children, and be contented with them, and go his way.respondensque omnis vir pessimus et iniquus de viris qui ierant cum David dixit quia non venerunt nobiscum non dabimus eis quicquam de praeda quam eruimus sed sufficiat unicuique uxor sua et filii quos cum acceperint recedant
3023But David said: You shall not do so, my brethren, with these things, which the Lord hath given us, who hath kept us, and hath delivered the robbers that invaded us into our hands:dixit autem David non sic facietis fratres mei de his quae tradidit Dominus nobis et custodivit nos et dedit latrunculos qui eruperant adversum nos in manu nostra
3024And no man shall hearken to you in this matter. But equal shall be the portion of him that went down to battle, and of him that abode at the baggage, and they shall divide alike.nec audiet vos quisquam super sermone hoc aequa enim pars erit descendentis ad proelium et remanentis ad sarcinas et similiter divident
3025And this hath been done from that day forward, and since was made a statute and an ordinance, and as a law in Israel.et factum est hoc ex die illa et deinceps constitutum et praefinitum et quasi lex in Israhel usque ad diem hanc
3026Then David came to Siceleg, and sent presents of the prey to the ancients of Juda, his neighbours, saying: Receive a blessing of the prey of the enemies of the Lord.venit ergo David in Siceleg et misit dona de praeda senioribus Iuda proximis suis dicens accipite benedictionem de praeda hostium Domini
3027To them that were in Bethel, and that were in Ramoth to the south, and to them that were in Jether.his qui erant in Bethel et qui in Ramoth ad meridiem et qui in Iether
3028And to them that were in Aroer, and that were in Sephamoth, and that were in Esthamo,et qui in Aroer et qui in Sefamoth et qui in Esthama
3029And that were in Rachal, and that were in the cities of Jerameel, and that were in the cities of Ceni,et qui in Rachal et qui in urbibus Ierameli et qui in urbibus Ceni
3030And that were in Arama, and that were in the lake Asan, and that were in Athach,et qui in Arama et qui in lacu Asan et qui in Athac
3031And that were in Hebron, and to the rest that were in those places, in which David had abode with his men.et qui in Hebron et reliquis qui erant in his locis in quibus commoratus fuerat David ipse et viri eius
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