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David relieveth Ceila, besieged by the Philistines. He fleeth into the desert of Ziph. Jonathan and he confirm their former covenant. The Ziphites discover him to Saul, who pursuing close after him, is called away by an invasion from the Philistines.

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231And they told David, saying: Behold the Philistines fight against Ceila, and they rob the barns.et nuntiaverunt David dicentes ecce Philisthim obpugnant Ceila et diripiunt areas
232Therefore David consulted the Lord, saying: Shall I go and smite these Philistines? And the Lord said to David: Go, and thou shalt smite the Philistines, and shalt save Ceila.consuluit igitur David Dominum dicens num vadam et percutiam Philistheos istos et ait Dominus ad David vade et percuties Philistheos et salvabis Ceila
233And the men that were with David, said to him: Behold we are in fear here in Judea, how much more if we go to Ceila against the bands of the Philistines?et dixerunt viri qui erant cum David ad eum ecce nos hic in Iudaea consistentes timemus quanto magis si ierimus in Ceila adversum agmina Philisthinorum
234Therefore David consulted the Lord again. And he answered and said to him: Arise, and go to Ceila: for I will deliver the Philistines into thy hand.rursum ergo David consuluit Dominum qui respondens ei ait surge et vade in Ceila ego enim tradam Philistheos in manu tua
235David, therefore, and his men, went to Ceila, and fought against the Philistines, and brought away their cattle, and made a great slaughter of them: and David saved the inhabitants of Ceila.abiit David et viri eius in Ceila et pugnavit adversum Philistheos et abegit iumenta eorum et percussit eos plaga magna et salvavit David habitatores Ceilae
236Now at that time, when Abiathar, the son of Achimelech, fled to David, to Ceila, he came down, having an ephod with him.porro eo tempore quo fugiebat Abiathar filius Ahimelech ad David in Ceila ephod secum habens descenderat
237And it was told Saul that David was come to Ceila: and Saul said: The Lord hath delivered him into my hands, and he is shut up, being come into a city that hath gates and bars.nuntiatum est autem Saul quod venisset David in Ceila et ait Saul tradidit eum Deus in manus meas conclususque est introgressus urbem in qua portae et serae
238And Saul commanded all the people to go down to fight against Ceila, and to besiege David and his men.et praecepit Saul omni populo ut ad pugnam descenderet in Ceila et obsideret David et viros eius
239Now when David understood that Saul secretly prepared evil against him, he said to Abiathar, the priest: Bring hither the ephod.quod cum rescisset David quia praepararet ei Saul clam malum dixit ad Abiathar sacerdotem adplica ephod
2310And David said: O Lord God of Israel, thy servant hath heard a report, that Saul designeth to come to Ceila, to destroy the city for my sake:et ait David Domine Deus Israhel audivit famam servus tuus quod disponat Saul venire ad Ceila ut evertat urbem propter me
2311Will the men of Ceila deliver me into his hands? and will Saul come down, as thy servant hath heard? O Lord God of Israel, tell thy servant. And the Lord said: He will come down.si tradent me viri Ceila in manus eius et si descendet Saul sicut audivit servus tuus Domine Deus Israhel indica servo tuo et ait Dominus descendet
2312And David said: Will the men of Ceila deliver me and my men into the hands of Saul? And the Lord said: They will deliver thee up.dixitque David si tradent viri Ceilae me et viros qui sunt mecum in manu Saul et dixit Dominus tradent
2313Then David and his men, who were about six hundred, arose, and departing from Ceila, wandered up and down, uncertain where they should stay: and it was told Saul that David was fled from Ceila, and had escaped: wherefore he forbore to go out.surrexit ergo David et viri eius quasi sescenti et egressi de Ceila huc atque illuc vagabantur incerti nuntiatumque est Saul quod fugisset David de Ceila quam ob rem dissimulavit exire
2314But David abode in the desert in strong holds, and he remained in a mountain of the desert of Ziph, in a woody hill. And Saul sought him always: but the Lord delivered him not into his hands.morabatur autem David in deserto in locis firmissimis mansitque in monte solitudinis Ziph quaerebat tamen eum Saul cunctis diebus et non tradidit eum Deus in manus eius
2315And David saw that Saul was come out to seek his life. And David was in the desert of Ziph, in a wood.et vidit David quod egressus esset Saul ut quaereret animam eius porro David erat in deserto Ziph in silva
2316And Jonathan, the son of Saul, arose, and went to David, into the wood, and strengthened his hands in God: and he said to him:et surrexit Ionathan filius Saul et abiit ad David in silva et confortavit manus eius in Deo dixitque ei
2317Fear not: for the hand of my father, Saul, shall not find thee, and thou shalt reign over Israel, and I shall be next to thee; yea and my father knoweth this.ne timeas neque enim inveniet te manus Saul patris mei et tu regnabis super Israhel et ego ero tibi secundus sed et Saul pater meus scit hoc
2318And they two made a covenant before the Lord: and David abode in the wood: but Jonathan returned to his house.percussit igitur uterque foedus coram Domino mansitque David in silva Ionathas autem reversus est in domum suam
2319And the Ziphites went up to Saul, in Gabaa, saying: Lo, doth not David lie hid with us in the strong holds of the wood, in mount Hachila, which is on the right hand of the desert.ascenderunt autem Ziphei ad Saul in Gabaa dicentes nonne David latitat apud nos in locis tutissimis silvae in colle Achilae quae est ad dexteram deserti
2320Now therefore come down, as thy soul hath desired to come down: and it shall be our business to deliver him into the king's hands.nunc ergo sicut desideravit anima tua ut descenderes descende nostrum autem erit ut tradamus eum in manus regis
2321And Saul said: Blessed be ye of the Lord, for you have pitied my case.dixitque Saul benedicti vos a Domino quia doluistis vicem meam
2322Go, therefore, I pray you, and use all diligence, and curiously inquire, and consider the place where his foot is, and who hath seen him there: for he thinketh of me, that I lie craftily in wait for him.abite oro et diligentius praeparate et curiosius agite et considerate locum ubi sit pes eius vel quis viderit eum ibi recogitat enim de me quod callide insidier ei
2323Consider, and see all his lurking holes, wherein he is hid, and return to me with the certainty of the thing, that I may go with you. And if he should even go down into the earth to hide himself, I will search him out in all the thousands of Juda.considerate et videte omnia latibula eius in quibus absconditur et revertimini ad me ad rem certam ut vadam vobiscum quod si etiam in terra se abstruserit perscrutabor eum in cunctis milibus Iuda
2324And they arose, and went to Ziph before Saul: and David and his men were in the desert of Maon, in the plain at the right hand of Jesimon.at illi surgentes abierunt in Ziph ante Saul David autem et viri eius erant in deserto Maon in campestribus ad dextram Iesimuth
2325Then Saul and his men went to seek him: and it was told David, and forthwith he went down to the rock, and abode in the wilderness of Maon: and when Saul had heard of it, he pursued after David in the wilderness of Maon.ivit ergo Saul et socii eius ad quaerendum et nuntiatum est David statimque descendit ad petram et versabatur in deserto Maon quod cum audisset Saul persecutus est David in deserto Maon
2326And Saul went on this side of the mountain: and David and his men were on the other side of the mountain: and David despaired of being able to escape from the face of Saul: and Saul and his men encompassed David and his men round about, to take them.et ibat Saul ad latus montis ex parte una David autem et viri eius erant in latere montis ex parte altera porro David desperabat se posse evadere a facie Saul itaque Saul et viri eius in modum coronae cingebant David et viros eius ut caperent eos
2327And a messenger came to Saul, saying: Make haste to come, for the Philistines have poured in themselves upon the land.et nuntius venit ad Saul dicens festina et veni quoniam infuderunt se Philisthim super terram
2328Wherefore Saul returned, leaving the pursuit of David, and went to meet the Philistines. For this cause they called that place the rock of division.reversus est ergo Saul desistens persequi David et perrexit in occursum Philisthinorum propter hoc vocaverunt locum illum petram Dividentem
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