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A continuation of the second letter. Of Jeremias' hiding the ark at the time of the captivity. The author's preface.

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21Now it is found in the descriptions of Jeremias, the prophet, that he commanded them that went into captivity, to take the fire, as it hath been signified, and how he gave charge to them that were carried away into captivity.invenitur autem in descriptionibus Hieremiae prophetae quod iussit accipere ignem eos qui transmigrabantur ut significatum est et ut mandavit transmigratis
22And how he gave them the law, that they should not forget the commandments of the Lord, and that they should not err in their minds, seeing the idols of gold, and silver, and the ornaments of them.et dedit illis legem ne obliviscerentur praecepta Domini et ut non exerrarent mentibus videntes simulacra aurea et argentea et ornamenta eorum
23And with other such like speeches, he exhorted them that they would not remove the law from their heart.et alia huiuscemodi dicens hortabatur ne legem amoverent a corde suo
24It was also contained in the same writing, how the prophet, being warned by God, commanded that the tabernacle and the ark should accompany him, till he came forth to the mountain where Moses went up, and saw the inheritance of God.erat autem in ipsa scriptura quomodo tabernaculum et arcam iussit propheta divino responso ad se facto comitari secum usquequo exiit in montem in quo Moses ascendit et vidit Dei hereditatem
25And when Jeremias came thither he found a hollow cave: and he carried in thither the tabernacle, and the ark, and the altar of incense, and so stopped the door.et veniens ibi Hieremias invenit locum speluncae et tabernaculum et arcam et altare incensi intulit illuc et ostium obstruxit
26Then some of them that followed him, came up to mark the place: but they could not find it.et accesserunt quidam simul qui sequebantur ut notarent sibi locum et non potuerunt invenire
27And when Jeremias perceived it, he blamed them, saying: The place shall be unknown, till God gather together the congregation of the people, and receive them to mercy.ut autem cognovit Hieremias culpans illos dixit quod ignotus erit locus donec congreget Deus congregationem populi et propitius fiat
28And then the Lord will shew these things, and the majesty of the Lord shall appear, and there shall be a cloud as it was also shewed to Moses, and he shewed it when Solomon prayed that the place might be sanctified to the great God.et tunc Dominus ostendet haec et apparebit maiestas Domini et nubes erit sicut et Mosi manifestabatur et sicut cum Salomon petiit ut locus sanctificaretur magno Deo manifestabat haec
29For he treated wisdom in a magnificent manner: and like a wise man, he offered the sacrifice of the dedication, and of the finishing of the temple.et ut sapientiam habens obtulit sacrificium dedicationis et consummationis templi
210And as Moses prayed to the Lord, and fire came down from heaven, and consumed the holocaust: so Solomon also prayed, and fire came down from heaven and consumed the holocaust.sicut et Moses orabat ad Dominum et descendit ignis de caelo et consumpsit holocaustum
211And Moses said: Because the sin offering was not eaten, it was consumed.et dixit Moses eo quod non sit mundatum quod erat pro peccato et consumptum est
212So Solomon also celebrated the dedication eight days.similiter et Salomon octo diebus celebravit dedicationem
213And these same things were set down in the memoirs, and commentaries of Nehemias: and how he made a library, and gathered together out of the countries, the books both of the prophets, and of David, and the epistles of the kings, and concerning the holy gifts.inferebantur autem in descriptionibus et commentariis Neemiae haec eadem et ut construens bibliothecam congregavit de regibus libros et prophetarum et David et epistulas regum et de donariis
214And in like manner Judas also gathered together all such things as were lost by the war we had, and they are in our possession.similiter autem et Iudas ea quae didicerat per bellum quod nobis acciderat congregavit omnia et sunt apud nos
215Wherefore, if you want these things, send some that may fetch them to you.si ergo desiderastis haec mittite qui perferant vobis
216As we are then about to celebrate the purification, we have written unto you: and you shall do well, if you keep the same days.acturi itaque purificationem scripsimus vobis bene igitur facietis si egeritis hos dies
217And we hope that God, who hath delivered his people, and hath rendered to all the inheritance, and the kingdom, and the priesthood, and the sanctuary,Deus autem qui liberavit populum suum et reddidit hereditatem omnibus et regnum et sacerdotium et sanctificationem
218As he promised in the law, will shortly have mercy upon us, and will gather us together from every land under heaven into the holy place.sicut promisit in lege speramus quod cito nostri miserebitur et congregabit de sub caelo in locum sanctum
219For he hath delivered us out of great perils, and hath cleansed the place.eripuit enim nos de magnis periculis et locum purgavit
220Now as concerning Judas Machabeus, and his brethren, and the purification of the great temple, and the dedication of the altar:de Iuda vero Macchabeo et fratribus eius et de templi magni purificatione et de arae dedicatione
221As also the wars against Antiochus, the Illustrious, and his son, Eupator:sed et de proeliis quae pertinent ad Antiochum Nobilem et filium eius Eupatorem
222And the manifestations that came from heaven to them, that behaved themselves manfully on the behalf of the Jews, so that, being but a few they made themselves masters of the whole country, and put to flight the barbarous multitude:et de inluminationibus quae de caelo factae sunt ad eos qui pro Iudaeis fortiter fecerunt ita ut universam regionem cum pauci essent vindicarent et barbaram multitudinem fugarent
223And recovered again the most renowned temple in all the world, and delivered the city, and restored the laws that were abolished, the Lord with all clemency shewing mercy to them.et famosissimum in toto orbe templum recuperarent et civitatem liberarent ut leges quae abolendae erant restituerentur Domino cum omni tranquillitate propitio facto illis
224And all such things as have been comprised in five books by Jason, of Cyrene, we have attempted to abridge in one book.itemque ab Iasone Cyreneo quinque libris conprehensa temptavimus nos uno volumine breviare
225For considering the multitude of books, and the difficulty that they find that desire to undertake the narrations of histories, because of the multitude of the matter,considerantes enim multitudinem librorum et difficultatem volentibus adgredi narrationes historiarum propter multitudinem rerum
226We have taken care for those indeed that are willing to read, that it might be a pleasure of mind: and for the studious, that they may more easily commit to memory: and that all that read might receive profit.curavimus volentibus quidem legere ut esset animi oblectatio studiosis vero ut facile possint memoriae commendare omnibus autem legentibus utilitas conferatur
227And as to ourselves indeed, in undertaking this work of abridging, we have taken in hand no easy task; yea, rather a business full of watching and sweat.et nobis quidem ipsis qui opus hoc breviandi causa suscepimus non facilem laborem immo vero negotium plenum vigiliarum et sudoris adsumpsimus
228But as they that prepare a feast, and seek to satisfy the will of others: for the sake of many, we willingly undergo the labour.sicut hii qui praeparant convivium et quaerunt aliorum voluntati parere propter multorum gratiam libenter laborem sustinemus
229Leaving to the authors the exact handling of every particular, and as for ourselves, according to the plan proposed, studying to be brief.veritatem quidem de singulis auctori concedentes ipsi autem secundum datam formam brevitati studentes
230For as the master builder of a new house must have care of the whole building: but he that taketh care to paint it, must seek out fit things for the adorning of it: so must it be judged of us.sicut enim novae domus architecto de universa structura curandum est ei vero qui pingere conatur quae apta sunt ad ornatum exquirenda sunt ita aestimandum est et in nobis
231For to collect all that is to be known, to put the discourse in order, and curiously to discuss every particular point, is the duty of the author of a history:etenim intellectum colligere et ordinare sermonem et curiosius partes singulas quasque disquaerere historiae congruit auctori
232But to pursue brevity of speech, and to avoid nice declarations of things, is to be granted to him that maketh an abridgment.brevitatem vero dictionis sectari et exsecutiones rerum vitare brevitati concedendum est
233Here then we will begin the narration: let this be enough by way of a preface: for it is a foolish thing to make a long prologue, and to be short in the story itself.hinc igitur narrationem incipiemus de praefatione tantum dixisse sufficiat stultum etenim est ante historiam effluere in ipsa autem historia succingi
chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15



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