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Judas Machabeus gathering an army gains divers victories.

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81But Judas Machabeus, and they that were with him, went privately into the towns: and calling together their kinsmen and friends, and taking unto them such as continued in the Jews' religion, they assembled six thousand men.Iudas vero Macchabeus et qui cum illo erant introibant latenter in castella et convocantes cognatos et eos qui permanserant in iudaismo adsumentes eduxerunt ad sex milia viros
82And they called upon the Lord, that he would look upon his people that was trodden down by all and would have pity on the temple, that was defiled by the wicked:et invocabant Dominum ut respiceret in populum qui ab omnibus calcabatur misereretur templo quod contaminabatur ab impiis
83That he would have pity also upon the city that was destroyed, that was ready to be made even with the ground, and would hear the voice of the blood that cried to him:misereretur etiam exterminio civitatis quae esset ilico conplananda et vocem sanguinis ad se clamantis audiret
84That he would remember also the most unjust deaths of innocent children, and the blasphemies offered to his name, and would shew his indignation on this occasion.memoraretur quoque iniquissimas mortes innocentium parvulorum et blasphemias nomini suo inlatas et indignaretur super his
85Now when Machabeus had gathered a multitude, he could not be withstood by the heathens: for the wrath of the Lord was turned into mercy.at Macchabeus congregata multitudine intolerabilis gentibus efficiebatur ira enim Domini in misericordiam conversa est
86So coming unawares upon the towns and cities, he set them on fire, and taking possession of the most commodious places, he made no small slaughter of the enemies:et superveniens castellis et civitatibus inprovisus succendebat eas et oportuna loca occupans non paucas hostium strages dabat
87And especially in the nights he went upon these expeditions, and the fame of his valour was spread abroad every where.maxime autem noctibus ad huiuscemodi excursus ferebatur et fama virtutis eius ubique diffundebatur
88Then Philip seeing that the man gained ground by little and little, and that things for the most part succeeded prosperously with him, wrote to Ptolemee, the governor of Celesyria and Phenicia, to send aid to the king's affairs.videns autem Philippus paulatim virum ad profectum venire ac frequentius res ei prospere cedere ad Ptolomeum ducem Coelesyriae et Foenicis scripsit ut auxilium ferret regis negotiis
89And he with all speed sent Nicanor, the son of Patroclus, one of his special friends, giving him no fewer than twenty thousand armed men of different nations, to root out the whole race of the Jews, joining also with him Gorgias, a good soldier, and of great experience in matters of war.at ille velociter misit Nicanorem Patrocli de primoribus amicum datis ei permixtis gentibus armatis non minus viginti milibus ut universum Iudaeorum genus deleret adiuncto ei Gorgia viro militari
810And Nicanor purposed to raise for the king the tribute of two thousand talents, that was to be given to the Romans, by making so much money of the captive Jews:constituit autem Nicanor regi ut tributum Romanis quod erat dandum duo milia talentum de captivitate Iudaeorum suppleret
811Wherefore he sent immediately to the cities upon the sea coast, to invite men together to buy up the Jewish slaves, promising that they should have ninety slaves for one talent, not reflecting on the vengeance which was to follow him from the Almighty.statimque ad maritimas misit civitates convocans ad coemptionem iudaeorum mancipiorum promittens se nonaginta mancipia talento distracturum non respiciens ad vindictam quae eum ab Omnipotente esset consecutura
812Now when Judas found that Nicanor was coming, he imparted to the Jews that were with him, that the enemy was at hand.Iudas autem ubi conperit indicavit his qui secum erant Iudaeis Nicanoris adventum
813And some of them being afraid, and distrusting the justice of God, fled away.ex quibus quidam formidantes et non credentes Dei iustitiae in fugam vertebantur
814Others sold all that they had left, and withal besought the Lord, that he would deliver them from the wicked Nicanor, who had sold them before he came near them:alii vero si quid eis supererat vendebant simulque Dominum deprecabantur ut eriperet eos ab impio Nicanore qui eos priusquam in comminus veniret vendiderat
815And if not for their sakes, yet for the covenant that he had made with their fathers, and for the sake of his holy and glorious name that was invoked upon them.si non propter eos propter testamentum quod erat ad patres eorum et propter invocationem sancti et magnifici nominis eius super ipsos
816But Machabeus calling together seven thousand that were with him, exhorted them not to be reconciled to the enemies, nor to fear the multitude of the enemies who came wrongfully against them, but to fight manfully:convocatis autem Macchabeus septem milibus qui cum ipso erant rogabat ne hostibus reconciliarentur neque metuerent inique venientium adversum se hostium multitudinem sed fortiter contenderent
817Setting before their eyes the injury they had unjustly done the holy place, and also the injury they had done to the city, which had been shamefully abused, besides their destroying the ordinances of the fathers.ante oculos habentes contumeliam quae in locum sanctum ab his iniuste esset inlata itemque et ludibria habitae civitatis iniuriam adhuc etiam veterum instituta convulsa
818For, said he, they trust in their weapons, and in their boldness: but we trust in the Almighty Lord, who at a beck can utterly destroy both them that come against us, and the whole world.nam illi quidem armis confidunt ait simul et audacia nos autem in omnipotente Domino qui potest venientes adversus nos et universum mundum uno nutu delere confidimus
819Moreover, he put them in mind also of the helps their fathers had received from God: and how, under Sennacherib, a hundred and eighty-five thousand had been destroyed.admonuit autem eos et de auxiliis Dei quae facta sunt erga parentes et sub Sennacherim centum octoginta quinque milia ut perierunt
820And of the battle that they had fought against the Galatians, in Babylonia; how they, being in all but six thousand, when it came to the point, and the Macedonians, their companions, were at a stand, slew a hundred and twenty thousand, because of the help they had from heaven, and for this they received many favours.et de proelio quod eis adversus Galatas fuit in Babylonia ut omnes ubi ad rem ventum est Macedonibus sociis haesitantibus ipsi sex milia soli peremerunt centum viginti milia propter auxilium illis datum e caelo et beneficia pro his plurima consecuti sunt
821With these words they were greatly encouraged and disposed even to die for the laws and their country.his verbis constantes effecti sunt et pro legibus et patria mori parati
822So he appointed his brethren captains over each division of his army; Simon, and Joseph, and Jonathan, giving to each one fifteen hundred men.constituit itaque fratres suos duces utrique ordini Simonem et Iosepphum et Ionathan subiectis unicuique millenis et quingentenis
823And after the holy book had been read to them by Esdras, and he had given them for a watchword, The help of God: himself leading the first band, he joined battle with Nicanor:ad hoc etiam ab Ezra lecto illis sancto libro et dato signo adiutorio Dei in prima acie ipse dux commisit cum Nicanore
824And the Almighty being their helper, they slew above nine thousand men: and having wounded and disabled the greater part of Nicanor's army, they obliged them to fly.et facto sibi adiutore Omnipotente interfecerunt super novem milia hominum maiorem autem partem exercitus Nicanoris vulneribus debilem factam fugere conpulerunt
825And they took the money of them that came to buy them, and they pursued them on every side.pecuniis vero eorum qui ad emptionem ipsorum venerant sublatis ipsos usquequaque persecuti sunt
826But they came back for want of time: for it was the day before the sabbath: and therefore they did not continue the pursuit.sed reverterunt hora conclusi nam erat ante sabbatum quam ob causam non perseveraverunt insequentes
827But when they had gathered together their arms and their spoils, they kept the sabbath: blessing the Lord who had delivered them that day, distilling the beginning of mercy upon them.arma autem ipsorum et spolia congregantes sabbatum agebant benedicentes Dominum qui liberavit eos in isto die misericordiae initium stillans in eos
828Then after the sabbath they divided the spoils to the feeble and the orphans, and the widows, and the rest they took for themselves and their servants.post sabbatum vero debilibus et orfanis et viduis diviserunt spolia et residua ipsi cum suis habuere
829When this was done, and they had all made a common supplication, they besought the merciful Lord, to be reconciled to his servants unto the end.his ita gestis et communiter ab omnibus facta obsecratione misericordem Dominum postulabant ut in finem servis suis reconciliaretur
830Moreover, they slew above twenty thousand of them that were with Timotheus and Bacchides, who fought against them, and they made themselves masters of the high strong holds: and they divided amongst them many spoils, giving equal portions to the feeble, the fatherless, and the widows; yea, and the aged alsoet ex his qui cum Timotheo et Bacchide erant contra se contendentes super viginti milia interfecerunt et munitiones excelsas obtinuerunt et plures praedas diviserunt aequam portionem debilibus pupillis et viduis sed et senioribus facientes
831And when they had carefully gathered together their arms, they laid them all up in convenient places, and the residue of their spoils they carried to Jerusalem:et cum arma eorum collegissent diligenter omnia conposuerunt in locis oportunis residua vero spolia Hierosolymam detulerunt
832They slew also Philarches, who was with Timotheus, a wicked man, who had many ways afflicted the Jews.et phylarchen qui cum Timotheo erat interfecerunt virum scelestum qui in multis Iudaeos adflixerat
833And when they kept the feast of the victory at Jerusalem, they burnt Callisthenes, that had set fire to the holy gates, who had taken refuge in a certain house, rendering to him a worthy reward for his impieties:et cum epicinia agerent in Hierosolymis eos qui sacras ianuas incenderant id est Callistenen cum in quodam domicilio refugisset incenderunt digna ei mercede pro impietatibus suis reddita
834But as for that most wicked man, Nicanor, who had brought a thousand merchants to the sale of the Jews,facinorosissimus autem Nicanor qui mille negotiantes ad Iudaeorum venditionem adduxerat
835Being, through the help of the Lord, brought down by them, of whom he had made no account, laying aside his garment of glory, fleeing through the midland country, he came alone to Antioch, being rendered very unhappy by the destruction of his army.humiliatus auxilio Domini ab his quos nullos existimaverat deposita veste gloriae per mediterranea fugiens solus venit Antiochiam summam infelicitatem de interitu sui exercitus consecutus
836And he that had promised to levy the tribute for the Romans, by the means of the captives of Jerusalem, now professed that the Jews had God for their protector, and therefore they could not be hurt, because they followed the laws appointed by him.et qui promiserat Romanis se tributum restituere de captivitate Hierosolymorum praedicabat nunc protectorem Deum habere Iudaeos et ob ipsum invulnerabiles esse eo quod sequerentur leges ab ipso constitutas
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