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Christ goes up to the feast of the tabernacles. He teaches in the temple.

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71After these things, Jesus walked in Galilee: for he would not walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill him.post haec ambulabat Iesus in Galilaeam non enim volebat in Iudaeam ambulare quia quaerebant eum Iudaei interficere
72Now the Jews feast of tabernacles was at hand.erat autem in proximo dies festus Iudaeorum scenopegia
73And his brethren said to, him: Pass from hence and go into Judea, that thy disciples also may see thy works which thou dost.dixerunt autem ad eum fratres eius transi hinc et vade in Iudaeam ut et discipuli tui videant opera tua quae facis
74For there is no man that doth any thing in secret, and he himself seeketh to be known openly. If thou do these things, manifest thyself to the world.nemo quippe in occulto quid facit et quaerit ipse in palam esse si haec facis manifesta te ipsum mundo
75For neither did his brethren believe in him.neque enim fratres eius credebant in eum
76Then Jesus said to them: My time is not yet come; but your time is always ready.dicit ergo eis Iesus tempus meum nondum advenit tempus autem vestrum semper est paratum
77The world cannot hate you: but me it hateth, because I give testimony of it, that the works thereof are evil,non potest mundus odisse vos me autem odit quia ego testimonium perhibeo de illo quia opera eius mala sunt
78Go you up to this festival day: but I go not up to this festival day, because my time is not accomplished.vos ascendite ad diem festum hunc ego non ascendo ad diem festum istum quia meum tempus nondum impletum est
79When he had said these things, he himself stayed in Galilee.haec cum dixisset ipse mansit in Galilaea
710But after his brethren were gone up, then he also went up to the feast, not openly, but, as it were, in secret.ut autem ascenderunt fratres eius tunc et ipse ascendit ad diem festum non manifeste sed quasi in occulto
711The Jews therefore sought him on the festival day and said: Where is he?Iudaei ergo quaerebant eum in die festo et dicebant ubi est ille
712And there was much murmuring among the multitude concerning him. For some said: He is a good man. And others said: No, but he seduceth the people.et murmur multus de eo erat in turba; quidam enim dicebant quia bonus est alii autem dicebant non sed seducit turbas
713Yet no man spoke openly of him, for fear of the Jews.nemo tamen palam loquebatur de illo propter metum Iudaeorum
714Now, about the midst of the feast, Jesus went up into the temple and taught.iam autem die festo mediante ascendit Iesus in templum et docebat
715And the Jews wondered, saying: How doth this man know letters, having never learned?et mirabantur Iudaei dicentes quomodo hic litteras scit cum non didicerit
716Jesus answered them and said: My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me.respondit eis Iesus et dixit mea doctrina non est mea sed eius qui misit me
717If any man will do the will of him, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.si quis voluerit voluntatem eius facere cognoscet de doctrina utrum ex Deo sit an ego a me ipso loquar
718He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory: but he that seeketh the glory of him that sent him, he is true and there is no injustice in him.qui a semet ipso loquitur gloriam propriam quaerit qui autem quaerit gloriam eius qui misit illum hic verax est et iniustitia in illo non est
719Did not Moses give you the law, and yet none of you keepeth the law?nonne Moses dedit vobis legem et nemo ex vobis facit legem
720Why seek you to kill me? The multitude answered and said: Thou hast a devil. Who seeketh to kill thee?quid me quaeritis interficere respondit turba et dixit daemonium habes quis te quaerit interficere
721Jesus answered and said to them: One work I have done: and you all wonder.respondit Iesus et dixit eis unum opus feci et omnes miramini
722Therefore, Moses gave you circumcision (not because it is of Moses, but of the fathers): and on the sabbath day you circumcise a man.propterea Moses dedit vobis circumcisionem non quia ex Mose est sed ex patribus et in sabbato circumciditis hominem
723If a man receive circumcision on the sabbath day, that the law of Moses may not be broken: are you angry at me, because I have healed the whole man on the sabbath day?si circumcisionem accipit homo in sabbato ut non solvatur lex Mosi mihi indignamini quia totum hominem sanum feci in sabbato
724Judge not according to the appearance: but judge just judgment.nolite iudicare secundum faciem sed iustum iudicium iudicate
725Some therefore of Jerusalem said: Is not this he whom they seek to kill?dicebant ergo quidam ex Hierosolymis nonne hic est quem quaerunt interficere
726And behold, he speaketh openly: and they say nothing to him. Have the rulers known for a truth that this is the Christ?et ecce palam loquitur et nihil ei dicunt numquid vere cognoverunt principes quia hic est Christus
727But we know this man, whence he is: but when the Christ cometh, no man knoweth, whence he is.sed hunc scimus unde sit Christus autem cum venerit nemo scit unde sit
728Jesus therefore cried out in the temple, teaching and saying: You both know me, and you know whence I am. And I am not come of myself: but he that sent me is true, whom you know not.clamabat ergo docens in templo Iesus et dicens et me scitis et unde sim scitis et a me ipso non veni sed est verus qui misit me quem vos non scitis
729I know him, because I am from him: and he hath sent me.ego scio eum quia ab ipso sum et ipse me misit
730They sought therefore to apprehend him: and no man laid hands on him, because his hour was not yet come.quaerebant ergo eum adprehendere et nemo misit in illum manus quia nondum venerat hora eius
731But of the people many believed in him and said: When the Christ cometh, shall he do more miracles than this man doth?de turba autem multi crediderunt in eum et dicebant Christus cum venerit numquid plura signa faciet quam quae hic facit
732The Pharisees heard the people murmuring these things concerning him: and the rulers and Pharisees sent ministers to apprehend him.audierunt Pharisaei turbam murmurantem de illo haec et miserunt principes et Pharisaei ministros ut adprehenderent eum
733Jesus therefore said to them: Yet a little while I am with you: and then I go to him that sent me.dixit ergo Iesus adhuc modicum tempus vobiscum sum et vado ad eum qui misit me
734You shall seek me and shall not find me: and where I am, thither you cannot come.quaeretis me et non invenietis et ubi sum ego vos non potestis venire
735The Jews therefore said among themselves: Whither will he go, that we shall not find him? Will he go unto the dispersed among the Gentiles and teach the Gentiles?dixerunt ergo Iudaei ad se ipsos quo hic iturus est quia non inveniemus eum numquid in dispersionem gentium iturus est et docturus gentes
736What is this saying that he hath said: You shall seek me and shall not find me? And: Where I am, you cannot come?quis est hic sermo quem dixit quaeretis me et non invenietis et ubi sum ego non potestis venire
737And on the last, and great day of the festivity, Jesus stood and cried, saying: If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink.in novissimo autem die magno festivitatis stabat Iesus et clamabat dicens si quis sitit veniat ad me et bibat
738He that believeth in me, as the scripture saith: Out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.qui credit in me sicut dixit scriptura flumina de ventre eius fluent aquae vivae
739Now this he said of the Spirit which they should receive who believed in him: for as yet the Spirit was not given, because Jesus was not yet glorified.hoc autem dixit de Spiritu quem accepturi erant credentes in eum non enim erat Spiritus quia Iesus nondum fuerat glorificatus
740Of that multitude therefore, when they had heard these words of his, some said: This is the prophet indeed.ex illa ergo turba cum audissent hos sermones eius dicebant hic est vere propheta
741Others said: This is the Christ. But some said: Doth the Christ come out of Galilee?alii dicebant hic est Christus quidam autem dicebant numquid a Galilaea Christus venit
742Doth not the scripture say: That Christ cometh of the seed of David and from Bethlehem the town where David was?nonne scriptura dicit quia ex semine David et Bethleem castello ubi erat David venit Christus
743So there arose a dissension among the people because of him.dissensio itaque facta est in turba propter eum
744And some of them would have apprehended him: but no man laid hands upon him.quidam autem ex ipsis volebant adprehendere eum sed nemo misit super illum manus
745The ministers therefore came to the chief priests and the Pharisees. And they said to them: Why have you not brought him?venerunt ergo ministri ad pontifices et Pharisaeos et dixerunt eis illi quare non adduxistis eum
746The ministers answered: Never did man speak like this man.responderunt ministri numquam sic locutus est homo sicut hic homo
747The Pharisees therefore answered them: Are you also seduced?responderunt ergo eis Pharisaei numquid et vos seducti estis
748Hath any one of the rulers believed in him, or of the Pharisees?numquid aliquis ex principibus credidit in eum aut ex Pharisaeis
749But this multitude, that knoweth not the law, are accursed.sed turba haec quae non novit legem maledicti sunt
750Nicodemus said to them (he that came to him by night, who was one of them):dicit Nicodemus ad eos ille qui venit ad eum nocte qui unus erat ex ipsis
751Doth our law judge any man, unless it first hear him and know what he doth?numquid lex nostra iudicat hominem nisi audierit ab ipso prius et cognoverit quid faciat
752They answered and said to him: Art thou also a Galilean? Search the scriptures, and see that out of Galilee a prophet riseth not.responderunt et dixerunt ei numquid et tu Galilaeus es scrutare et vide quia propheta a Galilaea non surgit
753And every man returned to his own house.et reversi sunt unusquisque in domum suam
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