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Jethro bringeth to Moses his wife and children. His counsel.

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181And when Jethro the priest of Madian, the kinsman of Moses, had heard all the things that God had done to Moses, and to Israel his people, and that the Lord had brought forth Israel out of Egypt:cumque audisset Iethro sacerdos Madian cognatus Mosi omnia quae fecerat Deus Mosi et Israhel populo suo eo quod eduxisset Dominus Israhel de Aegypto
182He took Sephora, the wife of Moses, whom he had sent back:tulit Sefforam uxorem Mosi quam remiserat
183And her two sons, of whom one was called Gersam: his father saying, I have been a stranger in a foreign country.et duos filios eius quorum unus vocabatur Gersan dicente patre advena fui in terra aliena
184And the other Eliezer: For the God of my father, said he, is my helper, and hath delivered me from the sword of Pharao.alter vero Eliezer Deus enim ait patris mei adiutor meus et eruit me de gladio Pharaonis
185And Jethro, the kinsman of Moses, came with his sons, and his wife to Moses into the desert, where he was camped by the mountain of God.venit ergo Iethro cognatus Mosi et filii eius et uxor ad Mosen in desertum ubi erat castrametatus iuxta montem Dei
186And he sent word to Moses, saying: I Jethro, thy kinsman, come to thee, and thy wife, and thy two sons with her.et mandavit Mosi dicens ego cognatus tuus Iethro venio ad te et uxor tua et duo filii tui cum ea
187And he went out to meet his kinsman, and worshipped and kissed him: and they saluted one another with words of peace. And when he was come into the tent,qui egressus in occursum cognati sui adoravit et osculatus est eum salutaveruntque se mutuo verbis pacificis cumque intrasset tabernaculum
188Moses told his kinsman all that the Lord had done to Pharao, and the Egyptians in favour of Israel: and all the labour which had befallen them in the journey, and that the Lord had delivered them.narravit Moses cognato suo cuncta quae fecerat Deus Pharaoni et Aegyptiis propter Israhel universum laborem qui accidisset eis in itinere quo liberarat eos Dominus
189And Jethro rejoiced for all the good things that the Lord had done to Israel, because he had delivered them out of the hands of the Egyptians.laetatusque est Iethro super omnibus bonis quae fecerat Dominus Israheli eo quod eruisset eum de manu Aegyptiorum
1810And he said: Blessed is the Lord, who hath delivered his people out of the hand of Egypt.et ait benedictus Dominus qui liberavit vos de manu Aegyptiorum et de manu Pharaonis qui eruit populum suum de manu Aegypti
1811Now I know, that the Lord is great above all gods; because they dealt proudly against them.nunc cognovi quia magnus Dominus super omnes deos eo quod superbe egerint contra illos
1812So Jethro, the kinsman of Moses, offered holocausts and sacrifices to God: and Aaron and all the ancients of Israel came, to eat bread with him before God.obtulit ergo Iethro cognatus Mosi holocausta et hostias Deo veneruntque Aaron et omnes senes Israhel ut comederent panem cum eo coram Domino
1813And the next day Moses sat to judge the people, who stood by Moses from morning until night.altero autem die sedit Moses ut iudicaret populum qui adsistebat Mosi de mane usque ad vesperam
1814And when his kinsman had seen all things that he did among the people, he said: What is it that thou dost among the people? Why sittest thou alone, and all the people wait from morning till night?quod cum vidisset cognatus eius omnia scilicet quae agebat in populo ait quid est hoc quod facis in plebe cur solus sedes et omnis populus praestolatur de mane usque ad vesperam
1815And Moses answered him: The people come to me to seek the judgment of God?cui respondit Moses venit ad me populus quaerens sententiam Dei
1816And when any controversy falleth out among them, they come to me to judge between them, and to shew the precepts of God, and his laws.cumque acciderit eis aliqua disceptatio veniunt ad me ut iudicem inter eos et ostendam praecepta Dei et leges eius
1817But he said: The thing thou dost is not good.at ille non bonam inquit rem facis
1818Thou art spent with foolish labour, both thou, and this people that is with thee; the business is above thy strength, thou alone canst not bear it.stulto labore consumeris et tu et populus iste qui tecum est ultra vires tuas est negotium solus illud non poteris sustinere
1819But hear my words and counsels, and God shall be with thee. Be thou to the people in those things that pertain to God, to bring their words to him:sed audi verba mea atque consilia et erit Deus tecum esto tu populo in his quae ad Deum pertinent ut referas quae dicuntur ad eum
1820And to shew the people the ceremonies, and the manner of worshipping; and the way wherein they ought to walk, and the work that they ought to do.ostendasque populo caerimonias et ritum colendi viamque per quam ingredi debeant et opus quod facere
1821And provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, in whom there is truth, and that hate avarice, and appoint of them rulers of thousands, and of hundreds, and of fifties, and of tens,provide autem de omni plebe viros potentes et timentes Deum in quibus sit veritas et qui oderint avaritiam et constitue ex eis tribunos et centuriones et quinquagenarios et decanos
1822Who may judge the people at all times: and when any great matter soever shall fall out, let them refer it to thee, and let them judge the lesser matters only: that so it may be lighter for thee, the burden being shared out unto others.qui iudicent populum omni tempore quicquid autem maius fuerit referant ad te et ipsi minora tantummodo iudicent leviusque tibi sit partito in alios onere
1823If thou dost this, thou shalt fulfil the commandment of God, and shalt be able to bear his precepts: and all this people shall return to their places with peace.si hoc feceris implebis imperium Dei et praecepta eius poteris sustentare et omnis hic populus revertetur cum pace ad loca sua
1824And when Moses heard this, he did all things that he had suggested unto him.quibus auditis Moses fecit omnia quae ille suggesserat
1825And choosing able men out of all Israel, he appointed them rulers of the people, rulers over thousands, and over hundreds, and over fifties, and over tens.et electis viris strenuis de cuncto Israhel constituit eos principes populi tribunos et centuriones et quinquagenarios et decanos
1826And they judged the people at all times: and whatsoever was of greater difficulty they referred to him, and they judged the easier cases only.qui iudicabant plebem omni tempore quicquid autem gravius erat referebant ad eum faciliora tantummodo iudicantes
1827And he let his kinsman depart: and he returned and went into his own country.dimisitque cognatum qui reversus abiit in terram suam
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