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Moses and Aaron go into Pharao: they turn the rod into a serpent; and the waters of Egypt into blood, which was the first plague. The magicians do the like, and Pharao's heart is hardened.

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71And the Lord said to Moses: Behold, I have appointed thee the god of Pharao; and Aaron, thy brother, shall be thy prophet.dixitque Dominus ad Mosen ecce constitui te Deum Pharaonis Aaron frater tuus erit propheta tuus
72Thou shalt speak to him all that I command thee; and he shall speak to Pharao, that he let the children of Israel go out of his land.tu loqueris omnia quae mando tibi ille loquetur ad Pharaonem ut dimittat filios Israhel de terra sua
73But I shall harden his heart, and shall multiply my signs and wonders in the land of Egypt.sed ego indurabo cor eius et multiplicabo signa et ostenta mea in terra Aegypti
74And he will not hear you: and I will lay my hand upon Egypt, and will bring forth my army and my people, the children of Israel, out of the land of Egypt, by very great judgments.et non audiet vos inmittamque manum meam super Aegyptum et educam exercitum et populum meum filios Israhel de terra Aegypti per iudicia maxima
75And the Egyptians shall know that I am the Lord, who have stretched forth my hand upon Egypt, and have brought forth the children of Israel out of the midst of them.et scient Aegyptii quod ego sim Dominus qui extenderim manum meam super Aegyptum et eduxerim filios Israhel de medio eorum
76And Moses and Aaron did as the Lord had commanded; so did they.fecit itaque Moses et Aaron sicut praeceperat Dominus ita egerunt
77And Moses was eighty years old, and Aaron eighty-three, when they spoke to Pharao.erat autem Moses octoginta annorum et Aaron octoginta trium quando locuti sunt ad Pharaonem
78And the Lord said to Moses and Aaron:dixitque Dominus ad Mosen et Aaron
79When Pharao shall say to you, Shew signs; thou shalt say to Aaron: Take thy rod, and cast it down before Pharao, and it shall be turned into a serpent.cum dixerit vobis Pharao ostendite signa dices ad Aaron tolle virgam tuam et proice eam coram Pharao ac vertatur in colubrum
710So Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharao, and did as the Lord had commanded. And Aaron took the rod before Pharao and his servants, and it was turned into a serpent.ingressi itaque Moses et Aaron ad Pharaonem fecerunt sicut praeceperat Dominus tulitque Aaron virgam coram Pharao et servis eius quae versa est in colubrum
711And Pharao called the wise men and the magicians; and they also by Egyptian enchantments and certain secrets, did in like manner.vocavit autem Pharao sapientes et maleficos et fecerunt etiam ipsi per incantationes aegyptias et arcana quaedam similiter
712And they every one cast down their rods, and they were turned into serpents: but Aaron's rod devoured their rods.proieceruntque singuli virgas suas quae versae sunt in dracones sed devoravit virga Aaron virgas eorum
713And Pharao's heart was hardened, and he did not hearken to them, as the Lord had commanded.induratumque est cor Pharaonis et non audivit eos sicut praeceperat Dominus
714And the Lord said to Moses: Pharao's heart is hardened, he will not let the people go.dixit autem Dominus ad Mosen ingravatum est cor Pharaonis non vult dimittere populum
715Go to him in the morning, behold he will go out to the waters: and thou shalt stand to meet him on the ' bank of the river: and thou shalt take in thy hand the rod that was turned into a serpent.vade ad eum mane ecce egredietur ad aquas et stabis in occursum eius super ripam fluminis et virgam quae conversa est in draconem tolles in manu tua
716And thou shalt say to him: The Lord God of the Hebrews sent me to thee, saying: Let my people go to sacrifice to me in the desert: and hitherto thou wouldst not hear.dicesque ad eum Dominus Deus Hebraeorum misit me ad te dicens dimitte populum meum ut mihi sacrificet in deserto et usque ad praesens audire noluisti
717Thus therefore saith the Lord: In this thou shalt know that I am the Lord: behold I will strike with the rod, that is in my hand, the water of the river, and it shall be turned into blood.haec igitur dicit Dominus in hoc scies quod Dominus sim ecce percutiam virga quae in manu mea est aquam fluminis et vertetur in sanguinem
718And the fishes that are in the river, shall die, and the waters shall be corrupted, and the Egyptians shall be afflicted when they drink the water of the river.pisces quoque qui sunt in fluvio morientur et conputrescent aquae et adfligentur Aegyptii bibentes aquam fluminis
719The Lord also said to Moses: Say to Aaron, Take thy rod; and stretch forth thy hand upon the waters of Egypt, and upon their rivers, and streams and pools, and all the ponds of waters, that they may be turned into blood: and let blood be in all the land of Egypt, both in vessels of wood and of stone.dixit quoque Dominus ad Mosen dic ad Aaron tolle virgam tuam et extende manum tuam super aquas Aegypti et super fluvios eorum et rivos ac paludes et omnes lacus aquarum ut vertantur in sanguinem et sit cruor in omni terra Aegypti tam in ligneis vasis quam in saxeis
720And Moses and Aaron did as the Lord had commanded: and lifting up the rod, he struck the water of the river before Pharao and his servants: and it was turned into blood.feceruntque ita Moses et Aaron sicut praeceperat Dominus et elevans virgam percussit aquam fluminis coram Pharao et servis eius quae versa est in sanguinem
721And the fishes that were in the river died; and the river corrupted, and the Egyptians could not drink the water of the river, and there was blood in all the land of Egypt.et pisces qui erant in flumine mortui sunt conputruitque fluvius et non poterant Aegyptii bibere aquam fluminis et fuit sanguis in tota terra Aegypti
722And the magicians of the Egyptians with their enchantments did in like manner; and Pharao's heart was hardened, neither did he hear them, as the Lord had commanded.feceruntque similiter malefici Aegyptiorum incantationibus suis et induratum est cor Pharaonis nec audivit eos sicut praeceperat Dominus
723And he turned himself away, and went into his house, neither did he set his heart to it this time also.avertitque se et ingressus est domum suam nec adposuit cor etiam hac vice
724And all the Egyptians dug round about the river for water to drink; for they could not drink of the water of the river.foderunt autem omnes Aegyptii per circuitum fluminis aquam ut biberent non enim poterant bibere de aqua fluminis
725And seven days were fully ended, after that the Lord struck the river.impletique sunt septem dies postquam percussit Dominus fluvium
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