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The sabbath. Offerings for making the tabernacle. Beseleel and Ooliab are called to the work.

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351And all the multitude of the children of Israel being gathered together, he said to them: These are the things which the Lord hath commanded to be done:igitur congregata omni turba filiorum Israhel dixit ad eos haec sunt quae iussit Dominus fieri
352Six days you shall do work; the seventh day shall be holy unto you, the sabbath and the rest of the Lord: he that shall do any work on it, shall be put to death.sex diebus facietis opus septimus dies erit vobis sanctus sabbatum et requies Domini qui fecerit opus in eo occidetur
353You shall kindle no fire in any of your habitations on the sabbath day.non succendetis ignem in omnibus habitaculis vestris per diem sabbati
354And Moses said to all the assembly of the children of Israel: This is the word the Lord hath commanded, saying:et ait Moses ad omnem catervam filiorum Israhel iste est sermo quem praecepit Dominus dicens
355Set aside with you firstfruits to the Lord. Let every one that is willing and hath a ready heart, offer them to the Lord: gold, and silver, and brass,separate apud vos primitias Domino omnis voluntarius et proni animi offerat eas Domino aurum et argentum et aes
356Violet and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine linen, goats' hair,hyacinthum purpuram coccumque bis tinctum et byssum pilos caprarum
357And rams' skins dyed red, and violet coloured skins, setim wood,et pelles arietum rubricatas et ianthinas
358And oil to maintain lights, and to make ointment, and most sweet incense,ligna setthim
359Onyx stones, and precious stones, for the adorning of the ephod and the rational.et oleum ad luminaria concinnanda et ut conficiatur unguentum et thymiama suavissimum
3510Whosoever of you is wise, let him come, and make that which the Lord hath commanded:lapides onychinos et gemmas ad ornatum superumeralis et rationalis
3511To wit, the tabernacle, and the roof thereof, and the cover, the rings, and the board-work with the bars, the pillars and the sockets:quisquis vestrum est sapiens veniat et faciat quod Dominus imperavit
3512The ark and the staves, the propitiatory, and the veil that is drawn before it:tabernaculum scilicet et tectum eius atque operimentum anulos et tabulata cum vectibus paxillos et bases
3513The table with the bars and the vessels, and the loaves of proposition:arcam et vectes propitiatorium et velum quod ante illud oppanditur
3514The candlestick to bear up the lights, the vessels thereof and the lamps, and the oil for the nourishing of fires:mensam cum vectibus et vasis et propositionis panibus
3515The altar of incense, and the bars, and the oil of unction, and the incense of spices: the hanging at the door of the tabernacle:candelabrum ad luminaria sustentanda vasa illius et lucernas et oleum ad nutrimenta ignium
3516The altar of holocaust, and its grate of brass, with the bars and vessels thereof: the laver and its foot:altare thymiamatis et vectes oleum unctionis et thymiama ex aromatibus tentorium ad ostium tabernaculi
3517The curtains of the court, with the pillars and the sockets, the hanging in the doors of the entry.altare holocausti et craticulam eius aeneam cum vectibus et vasis suis labrum et basim eius
3518The pins of the tabernacle, and of the court, with their little cords:cortinas atrii cum columnis et basibus tentorium in foribus vestibuli
3519The vestments that are to be used in the ministry of the sanctuary, the vesture of Aaron the high priest, and of his sons, to do the office of priesthood to me.paxillos tabernaculi et atrii cum funiculis suis
3520And all the multitude of the children of Israel going out from the presence of Moses,vestimenta quorum usus est in ministerio sanctuarii vestes Aaron pontificis ac filiorum eius ut sacerdotio fungantur mihi
3521Offered firstfruits to the Lord with a most ready and devout mind, to make the work of the tabernacle of the testimony. Whatever was necessary to the service and to the holy vestments,egressaque omnis multitudo filiorum Israhel de conspectu Mosi
3522Both men and women gave bracelets and earrings, rings and tablets: every vessel of gold was set aside to be offered to the Lord.obtulit mente promptissima atque devota primitias Domino ad faciendum opus tabernaculi testimonii quicquid in cultum et ad vestes sanctas necessarium erat
3523If any man had violet, and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, fine linen and goats' hair, ramskins dyed red, and violet coloured skins,viri cum mulieribus praebuerunt armillas et inaures anulos et dextralia omne vas aureum in donaria Domini separatum est
3524Metal of silver and brass, they offered it to the Lord, and setim wood for divers uses.si quis habuit hyacinthum purpuram coccumque bis tinctum byssum et pilos caprarum pelles arietum rubricatas et ianthinas
3525The skilful women also gave such things as they had spun, violet, purple, and scarlet, and fine linen,argenti et aeris metalla obtulerunt Domino lignaque setthim in varios usus
3526And goats' hair, giving all of their own accord.sed et mulieres doctae dederunt quae neverant hyacinthum purpuram et vermiculum ac byssum
3527But the princes offered onyx stones, and precious stones, for the ephod and the rational,et pilos caprarum sponte propria cuncta tribuentes
3528And spices and oil for the lights, and for the preparing of ointment, and to make the incense of most sweet savour.principes vero obtulerunt lapides onychinos et gemmas ad superumerale et rationale
3529All, both men and women, with devout mind offered gifts, that the works might be done which the Lord had commanded by the hand of Moses. All the children of Israel dedicated voluntary offerings to the Lord.aromataque et oleum ad luminaria concinnanda et ad praeparandum unguentum ac thymiama odoris suavissimi conponendum
3530And Moses said to the children of Israel: Behold, the Lord hath called by name Beseleel, the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Juda,omnes viri et mulieres mente devota obtulerunt donaria ut fierent opera quae iusserat Dominus per manum Mosi cuncti filii Israhel voluntaria Domino dedicaverunt
3531And hath filled him with the spirit of God, with wisdom and understanding, and knowledge, and all learning,dixitque Moses ad filios Israhel ecce vocavit Dominus ex nomine Beselehel filium Uri filii Hur de tribu Iuda
3532To devise and to work in gold and silver and brass,implevitque eum spiritu Dei sapientiae et intellegentiae et scientiae omni doctrina
3533And in engraving stones, and in carpenters' work. Whatsoever can be devised artificially,ad excogitandum et faciendum opus in auro et argento et aere sculpendisque lapidibus et opere carpentario quicquid fabre adinveniri potest
3534He hath given in his heart: Ooliab also, the son of Achisamech, of the tribe of Dan:dedit in corde eius Hooliab quoque filium Achisamech de tribu Dan
3535Both of them hath he instructed with wisdom, to do carpenters' work, and tapestry, and embroidery in blue and purple, and scarlet twice dyed, and fine linen, and to weave all things, and to invent all new things.ambos erudivit sapientia ut faciant opera abietarii polymitarii ac plumarii de hyacintho et purpura coccoque bis tincto et bysso et texant omnia ac nova quaeque repperiant
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