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The praises of Simon the high priest. The conclusion.

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501Simon the high priest, the son of Onias, who in his life propped up the house, and in his days fortified the temple.Simon Onii filius sacerdos magnus qui in vita sua suffulsit domum et in diebus suis corroboravit
502By him also the height of the temple was founded, the double building and the high walls of the temple.templi etiam altitudo ab ipso fundata est duplex aedificatio excelsa parietis templi
503In his days the wells of water flowed out, and they were filled as the sea above measure.in diebus ipsius remanaverunt putei aquarum et quasi mare adimpleti sunt supra modum
504He took care of his nation, and delivered it from destruction.qui curavit gentem suam et liberavit illam a pernicie
505He prevailed to enlarge the city, and obtained glory in his conversation with the people: and enlarged the entrance of the house and the court.qui praevaluit amplificare civitatem qui adeptus est gloriam in conversatione gentis et ingressum domus et atrii amplificatus est
506He shone in his days as the morning star in the midst of a cloud, and as the moon at the full.quasi stella matutina in medio nebulae et quasi luna plena in diebus suis lucet
507And as the sun when it shineth, so did he shine in the temple of God.et quasi sol refulgens sic ille effulsit in templo Dei
508And as the rainbow giving light in bright clouds, and as the flower of roses in the days of the spring, and as the lilies that are on the brink of the water, and as the sweet smelling frankincense in the time of summer.quasi arcus effulgens in nebulam gloriae et quasi flos rosarum in diebus veris quasi lilia quae sunt in transitu aquae et quasi tus redolens in diebus aestatis
509As a bright fire, and frankincense burning in the fire.quasi ignis effulgens et tus ardens in igni
5010As a massy vessel of gold, adorned with every precious stone.quasi vas auri solidum ornatum omni lapide pretioso
5011As an olive tree budding forth, and a cypress tree rearing itself on high, when he put on the robe of glory, and was clothed with the perfection of power.quasi oliva pullulans et gyrus in altitudinem se tollens in accipiendo ipsum stolam gloriae et vestiri eum consummatione virtutis
5012When he went up to the holy altar, he honoured the vesture of holiness.in ascensu altarii sancti gloriam dedit sanctitatis amictum
5013And when he took the portions out of the hands of the priests, he himself stood by the altar. And about him was the ring of his brethren: and as the cedar planted in mount Libanus,in accipiendo autem partes de manu sacerdotum et ipse stans iuxta aram circa illum corona fratrum quasi plantatio cedri in monte Libano
5014And as branches of palm trees, they stood round about him, and all the sons of Aaron in their glory.sic circa illum steterunt quasi rami in palma et omnes filii Aaron in gloria sua
5015And the oblation of the Lord was in their hands, before all the congregation of Israel: and finishing his service, on the altar, to honour the offering of the most high King,oblatio autem Domini in manibus ipsorum coram omni synagoga Israhel et consummationem fungens in ara amplificare oblationem excelsi Regis
5016He stretched forth his hand to make a libation, and offered of the blood of the grape.porrexit manum suam in libatione et libavit de sanguine uvae
5017He poured out at the foot of the altar a divine odour to the most high Prince.et fudit in fundamenta altarii odorem divinum excelso Principi
5018Then the sons of Aaron shouted, they sounded with beaten trumpets, and made a great noise to be heard for a remembrance before God.tunc exclamaverunt filii Aaron in tubis productilibus sonaverunt et auditam fecerunt magnam vocem in memoriam coram Deo
5019Then all the people together made haste, and fell down to the earth upon their faces, to adore the Lord their God, and to pray to the Almighty God the most High.tunc omnis populus simul properaverunt et ceciderunt in faciem super terram adorare Dominum suum et dare preces Deo omnipotenti excelso
5020And the singers lifted up their voices, and in the great house the sound of sweet melody was increased.et amplificaverunt psallentes in vocibus suis et in magna domo auctus est sonus suavitate plenus
5021And the people in prayer besought the Lord the most High, until the worship of the Lord was perfected, and they had finished their office.et rogavit populus Dominum excelsum in prece usque dum perfectus est honor Domini et munus suum perfecerunt
5022Then coming down, he lifted up his hands over all the congregation of the children of Israel, to give glory to God with his lips, and to glory in his name:tunc descendens extulit manus suas in omnem congregationem filiorum Israhel dare gloriam Deo a labiis suis et in nomine ipsius gloriari
5023And he repeated his prayer, willing to shew the power of God.et iteravit orationem suam volens ostendere virtutem Dei
5024And now pray ye to the God of all, who hath done great things in all the earth, who hath increased our days from our mother's womb, and hath done with us according to his mercy.et nunc orate Dominum omnium qui magna fecit in omni terra qui auxit dies nostros a ventre matris nostrae et fecit nobiscum secundum suam misericordiam
5025May he grant us joyfulness of heart, and that there be peace in our days in Israel for ever:det nobis iucunditatem cordis et fieri pacem in diebus nostris in Israhel per dies sempiternos
5026That Israel may believe that the mercy of God is with us, to deliver us in his days.credere Israhel nobiscum esse misericordiam Dei ut sanet vos in diebus suis
5027There are two nations which my soul abhorreth: and the third is no nation: which I hate:duas gentes odit anima mea tertia autem non est gens quam oderim
5028They that sit on mount Seir, and the Philistines, and the foolish people that dwell in Sichem.qui sedent in monte Seir et Philisthim et stultus populus qui habitat in Sicimis
5029Jesus the son of Sirach, of Jerusalem, hath written in this book the doctrine of wisdom and instruction, who renewed wisdom from his heart.doctrinam sapientiae et disciplinae scripsi in codice isto Iesus filius Sirach Hierosolymita qui renovavit sapientiam de corde suo
5030Blessed is he that is conversant in these good things and he that layeth them up in his heart, shall be wise always.beatus qui in istis versatur bonis qui ponit illa in corde suo sapiens erit semper
5031For if he do them, he shall be strong to do all things: because the light of God guideth his steps.si enim haec fecerit ad omnia valebit quia lux Dei vestigium eius est
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