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Attendite. God's great benefits to the people of Israel, notwithstanding their ingratitude.

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771Understanding for Asaph. Attend, O my people, to my law: incline your ears to the words of my mouth.eruditionis Asaph ausculta populus meus legem meam inclinate aurem vestram ad verba oris mei
772I will open my mouth in parables: I will utter propositions from the beginning.aperiam in parabula os meum loquar enigmata antiqua
773How great things have we heard and known, and our fathers have told us.quae audivimus et cognovimus et patres nostri narraverunt nobis
774They have not been hidden from their children, in another generation. Declaring the praises of the Lord, and his powers, and his wonders which he hath done.non sunt abscondita a filiis eorum a generatione sequenti narrante laudes Domini et potentiam eius et mirabilia eius quae fecit
775And he set up a testimony in Jacob: and made a law in Israel. How great things he commanded our fathers, that they should make the same known to their children:statuit contestationem Iacob et legem posuit in Israhel quae mandavit patribus nostris ut docerent filios suos
776That another generation might know them. The children that should be born and should rise up, and declare them to their children.ut cognosceret generatio subsequens filii nascituri surgent et narrabunt filiis suis
777That they may put their hope in God and may not forget the works of God: and may seek his commandments.ut ponant in Deo spem suam et non obliviscantur cogitationum eius et mandata eius custodiant
778That they may not become like their fathers, a perverse and exasperating generation. A generation that set not their heart aright: and whose spirit was not faithful to God.ut non sint sicut patres eorum generatio declinans et provocans generatio quae non praeparavit cor suum et non credidit Deo spiritus eius
779The sons of Ephraim who bend and shoot with the bow: they have turned back in the day of battle.filii Efraim intendentes et mittentes arcum terga verterunt in die belli
7710They kept not the covenant of God: and in his law they would not walk.non custodierunt pactum Dei sui et in lege eius noluerunt ingredi
7711And they forgot his benefits, and his wonders that he had shewn them.et obliti sunt commutationum eius et mirabilium eius quae ostendit eis
7712Wonderful things did he do in the sight of their fathers, in the land of Egypt, in the field of Tanis.coram patribus eorum fecit mirabilia in terra Aegypto in regione Taneos
7713He divided the sea and brought them through: and he made the waters to stand as in a vessel.divisit mare et transduxit eos et stare fecit aquas quasi acervum
7714And he conducted them with a cloud by day: and all the night with a light of fire.et duxit eos in nube per diem et tota nocte in lumine ignis
7715He struck the rock in the wilderness: and gave them to drink, as out of the great deep.scidit petram in deserto et potum dedit quasi de abyssis magnis
7716He brought forth water out of the rock: and made streams run down as rivers.et eduxit rivos de petra et elicuit quasi flumina aquas
7717And they added yet more sin against him: they provoked the most High to wrath in the place without water.et addiderunt ultra peccare ei ut provocarent Excelsum in invio
7718And they tempted God in their hearts, by asking meat for their desires.et temptaverunt Deum in cordibus suis petentes cibum animae suae
7719And they spoke ill of God: they said: Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?et loquentes contra Deum dicebant numquid poterit Deus ponere mensam in solitudine
7720Because he struck the rock, and the waters gushed out, and the streams overflowed. Can he also give bread, or provide a table for his people?ecce percussit petram et fluxerunt aquae et torrentes inundaverunt numquid et panem poterit dare aut praeparare carnem populo suo
7721Therefore the Lord heard, and was angry: and a fire was kindled against Jacob, and wrath came up against Israel.ideo audivit Dominus et non distulit et ignis accensus est in Iacob et furor ascendit in Israhel
7722Because they believed not in God: and trusted not in his salvation.quia non crediderunt Deo nec habuerunt fiduciam in salutari eius
7723And he had commanded the clouds from above, and had opened the doors of heaven.et praecepit nubibus desuper et portas caeli aperuit
7724And had rained down manna upon them to eat, and had given them the bread of heaven.et pluit super eos man ut comederent et triticum caeli dedit eis
7725Man ate the bread of angels: he sent them provisions in abundance.panem fortium comedit vir cibaria misit eis in saturitatem
7726He removed the south wind from heaven: and by his power brought in the southwest wind.abstulit eurum de caelo et induxit in fortitudine sua africum
7727And he rained upon them flesh as dust: and feathered fowls like as the sand of the sea.et pluit super eos quasi pulverem carnes et quasi harenam maris volatilia pinnata
7728And they fell in the midst of their camp, round about their pavilions.et ceciderunt in medio castrorum eius in circuitu tabernaculorum eius
7729So they did eat, and were filled exceedingly, and he gave them their desire:et comederunt et saturati sunt nimis et desiderium eorum adtulit eis
7730they were not defrauded of that which they craved. As yet their meat was in their mouth:non indiguerunt de cupiditate sua cum adhuc cibus esset in ore eorum
7731And the wrath of God came upon them. And he slew the fat ones amongst them, and brought down the chosen men of Israel.furor ergo Dei ascendit super eos et occidit pingues eorum et electos Israhel incurvavit
7732In all these things they sinned still: and they behaved not for his wondrous works.in omnibus his peccaverunt ultra et non crediderunt mirabilibus eius
7733And their days were consumed in vanity, and their years in haste.et consumpsit in vanitate dies eorum et annos eorum velociter
7734When he slew them, then they sought him: and they returned, and came to him early in the morning.si occidebat eos tunc requirebant eum et convertebantur et diluculo consurgebant ad Deum
7735And they remembered that God was their helper: and the most high God their redeemer.et recordabantur quia Deus fortitudo eorum et Deus excelsus redemptor eorum
7736And they loved him with their mouth: and with their tongue they lied unto him:et lactaverunt eum in ore suo et lingua sua mentiti sunt ei
7737But their heart was not right with him: nor were they counted faithful in his covenant.cor autem eorum non erat firmum cum eo nec permanserunt in pacto eius
7738But he is merciful, and will forgive their sins: and will not destroy them. And many a time did he turn away his anger: and did not kindle all his wrath.ipse vero misericors propitiabitur iniquitati et non disperdet multumque avertit iram suam et non suscitavit totum furorem suum
7739And he remembered that they are flesh: a wind that goeth and returneth not.sed recordatus est quia caro essent spiritus vadens et non revertens
7740How often did they provoke him in the desert: and move him to wrath in the place without water?quotiens provocaverunt eum in deserto adflixerunt eum in solitudine
7741And they turned back and tempted God: and grieved the holy one of Israel.et conversi sunt et temptaverunt Deum et Sanctum Israhel concitaverunt
7742They remembered not his hand, in the day that he redeemed them from the hand of him that afflicted them:non sunt recordati manus eius diei qua redemit eos a tribulante
7743How he wrought his signs in Egypt, and his wonders in the field of Tanis.qui fecit in Aegypto signa sua et ostenta sua in regione Taneos
7744And he turned their rivers into blood, and their showers that they might not drink.qui convertit in sanguine fluvios eorum et rivos eorum ut non biberent
7745He sent amongst them divers sorts of flies, which devoured them: and frogs which destroyed them.qui inmisit eis genus omne muscarum ut comederent eos et ranas ut disperderent eos
7746And he gave up their fruits to the blast, and their labours to the locust.qui dedit brucho germen eorum et laborem eorum lucustae
7747And he destroyed their vineyards with hail, and their mulberry trees with hoarfrost.qui occidit in grandine vineas eorum et sycomoros eorum in frigore
7748And he gave up their cattle to the hail, and their stock to the fire.qui tradidit grandini pascua eorum et iumenta eorum volucribus
7749And he sent upon them the wrath of his indignation: indignation and wrath and trouble, which he sent by evil angels.qui misit in eos iram furoris sui indignationem et comminationem et angustiam inmissionem angelorum malorum
7750He made a way for a path to his anger: he spared not their souls from death, and their cattle he shut up in death.munivit semitam furori suo non pepercit morti animae eorum et animantia eorum pesti tradidit
7751And he killed all the firstborn in the land of Egypt: the firstfruits of all their labour in the tabernacles of Cham.et percussit omne primogenitum in Aegypto principium partus in tabernaculis Cham
7752And he took away his own people as sheep: and guided them in the wilderness like a flock.et tulit veluti oves populum suum et minavit eos sicut gregem in deserto
7753And he brought them out in hope and they feared not: and the sea overwhelmed their enemies.et duxit eos cum fiducia et absque timore inimicos autem eorum operuit mare
7754And he brought them into the mountain of his sanctuary: the mountain which his right hand had purchased. And he cast out the Gentiles before them: and by lot divided to them their land by a line of distribution.et adduxit eos ad terminum sanctificatum suum montem istum quem possedit dextera eius et eiecit a facie eorum gentes et possidere eos fecit in funiculo hereditatem
7755And he made the tribes of Israel to dwell in their tabernacles.et conlocavit in tabernaculis eorum tribus Israhel
7756Yet they tempted, and provoked the most high God: and they kept not his testimonies.et temptaverunt et provocaverunt Deum excelsum et testimonia eius non custodierunt
7757And they turned away, and kept not the covenant: even like their fathers they were turned aside as a crooked bow.et aversi sunt et praevaricati sunt ut patres eorum incurvati sunt quasi arcus inutilis
7758They provoked him to anger on their hills: and moved him to jealousy with their graven things.et provocaverunt eum in excelsis suis et in sculptilibus suis ad aemulandum concitaverunt
7759God heard, and despised them, and he reduced Israel exceedingly as it were to nothing.audivit Deus et non distulit et proiecit vehementer Israhel
7760And he put away the tabernacle of Silo, his tabernacle where he dwelt among men.et reliquit tabernaculum Selo tentorium quod conlocavit inter homines
7761And he delivered their strength into captivity: and their beauty into the hands of the enemy.tradidit in captivitatem gloriam suam et decorem suum in manu hostis
7762And he shut up his people under the sword: and he despised his inheritance.et conclusit in gladio populum suum et in hereditate sua non distulit
7763Fire consumed their young men: and their maidens were not lamented.iuvenes eius devoravit ignis et virgines eius nemo luxit
7764Their priests fell by the sword: and their widows did not mourn.sacerdotes eius gladio ceciderunt et viduae eius non sunt fletae
7765And the Lord was awaked as one out of sleep, and like a mighty man that hath been surfeited with wine.et evigilavit quasi dormiens Dominus quasi fortis post crapulam vini
7766And he smote his enemies on the hinder parts: he put them to an everlasting reproach.et percussit hostes suos retrorsum obprobrium sempiternum dedit eos
7767And he rejected the tabernacle of Joseph: and chose not the tribe of Ephraim:et proiecit tabernaculum Ioseph et tribum Efraim non elegit
7768But he chose the tribe of Juda, mount Sion which he loved.sed elegit tribum Iuda montem Sion quem dilexit
7769And he built his sanctuary as of unicorns, in the land which he founded for ever.et aedificavit in similitudinem monoceroton sanctuarium suum quasi terram fundavit illud in saeculum
7770And he chose his servant David, and took him from the flocks of sheep: he brought him from following the ewes great with young,et elegit David servum suum et tulit eum de gregibus ovium sequentem fetas adduxit eum
7771To feed Jacob his servant and Israel his inheritance.ut pasceret Iacob populum eius et Israhel hereditatem eius
7772And he fed them in the innocence of his heart: and conducted them by the skilfulness of his hands.qui pavit eos in simplicitate cordis sui et in prudentia manuum suarum dux eorum fuit
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